Who are the most wanted Terrorists of 2003?  What do they look like?  How tall are they?  What age?  What books do they like to read? How many children do they have?  What do their kids think of them?  Their mothers?  Their fathers?  What will their children think when we kill them?  And, what about Terrorist #1?  How come he isn't on the list?  How come he isn't listed?  Find out in this amazing story of hunting down the many to get the one.


Thursday--January 2, 2003—Ground Zero Plus 477
Here They Are--
The Most Wanted Terrorists Minus One--The Big One!

Cliff McKenzie
   Editor, New York City Combat Correspondent News

GROUND ZERO, New York City, Jan. 2-- Here they are!   The Most Wanted Terrorists of 2003, straight from the FBI.   But, the list is Minus One Terrorist.   The display below is like a "Where's Waldo" book.    Look hard and see if you can find the one that is "missing."
        Listed below is the official "Most Wanted Terrorist" list from the FBI you can use as your "Where's Waldo" puzzle.   It promotes the most vile of Terrorist venom, the heads of the Terrorist hydra, the cancer cells of Terrorism.  Of course, there's one big one missing.   The anonymous one as far as the FBI "Most Wanted" list is concerned.  Have you guessed who that one is yet?   Hang on, we'll get to that.   But first, there're some big questions that need to be asked.
         When we hunt the "Most Wanted" down and capture or kill them, will we slice off Terrorism's head, or tail, or foot, or blind its eye, or chop off its fingers, or extract its liver?    Will we exorcise Terrorism from our land, from our lives, and free our children when we have  all their heads in our hands?  Will the capture, containment or execution of the creatures listed below end the threat of Fear, Intimidation and Complacency that fuels Terrorism's fires?
        We would think so.  We would hope so.   But will it?  Take a careful look at them.   Read their profiles.  But then don't just stop with them.  There's more.  There's the mission one!  Figured out who it is yet?

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The alleged terrorists on this list have been indicted by sitting Federal Grand Juries in various jurisdictions in the United States for the crimes reflected on their wanted posters. Evidence was gathered and presented to the Grand Juries, which led to their being charged. The indictments currently listed on the posters allow them to be arrested and brought to justice. Future indictments may be handed down as various investigations proceed in connection to other terrorist incidents, for example, the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001.

It is also important to note that these individuals will remain wanted in connection with their alleged crimes until such time as the charges are dropped or when credible physical evidence is obtained, which proves with 100% accuracy, that they are deceased.





       Besides the twenty-two "Most Wanted Terrorists" listed above, there're more faces and names we need to emboss in our TerrorHunter minds.
        They include the five guys the FBI has been flashing pictures of since Christmas Eve.   The five are "wanted for questioning," but the FBI denies they are Terrorists.   Hmmmmm.  What's going on?   But, just so you know, the great Missing One is not included in the "Where's Waldo Christmas Eve Five.
        Take a look at these guys.  The Five Most Wanted For Questioning Not Terrorists guys.

     The FBI says they aren't "Terrorists."   They are just wanted for "questioning," says the FBI, but without any comments regarding in reference to what? 
      I guess I'm a bit confused about the reason for promoting the Not Terrorists Five to the world.
      Then last night, as I was about to go to bed, the news stated one of the pictures was of the wrong guy.   I felt I was in a Marx Brothers movie, trying to decide who was on First Base.  I began to laugh.
       Here is the FBI's quote about the Five Not-So-Wanted-For-Anything-Specific Wanted:

         Hello?  What is this?
         Not only are we looking for five guys who all look like one of the 44,000 cab drivers in New York City, but we're really spending energy on fingering someone who's not wanted for anything.   Man, it just didn't make any sense............until I gave the issue more thought.
         Yes, I cogitated, the FBI threw out these pictures on Christmas Eve to divert attention away from North Korea, and to heat up the justification for attacking Iraq.   I thought about an enemy missile approaching a U.S. aircraft.  The pilot goes into evasive tactics, banking and diving the plane to foil the heat-seeking missile on its tail.  Then it releases all these pieces of foil and scatters them, trying to fool the missile into following one of the false trails.
        Of course, I thought.  The FBI was trying to get our attention off the Most Wanted List so we wouldn't wonder why the Number One Terrorist wasn't listed on it.   It was a ploy, a diversion to make us all think that a Terrorist would pop up under our Christmas Tree on Christmas Morning, or jump out of the great ball dropping at Times Square and yell "Gotcha!"
         It just didn't make any sense.
         But then, so much doesn't make sense when you are hunting Terrorism.  The Beast of Terror loves confusion.
         So, okay.   The answer.  Who is the most wanted of all but missing from the FBI's Most Wanted List?
         I'll give you one more chance.
         His initials are S.H.
         Get it? Got it?  Good!
         Of course, Saddam Hussein!
         That's it, folks.
         All of a sudden it made total sense to me.


Game for FBI and parents and children of the world: "Where's Saddam Hussein"

          We are about to launch a great war against Iraq, troops are converging on the scene, battle stations are being manned, bombs and bullets are being polished as we prepare to launch a full out effort to seek and destroy the Most Wanted Terrorist in the world--Saddam Hussein.
          But wait!   His picture isn't on the FBI list!
          Now, that does make you wonder.
          Above are listed the official Most Wanted Terrorists in the world according to the FBI, but one is missing--President. Hussein.   Dah, how come?
         The war on Iraq specifically geared to destroy Saddam Hussein is estimated conservatively to cost America about $60 billion dollars, plus countless lives that aren't included in that cost factor.   That's about $210 per person in America.   We're going to throw all our money, our power and our purpose to destroy a guy who isn't even on the FBI Most Wanted Terrorist list?
          That is most confusing.
          If the 22 guys listed by the FBI, plus the five ringers just thrown in at the last minute, represent the core of Terrorism, how come we haven't spent $60 billion to get them first?   It seems our priorities are off.
          Now, there's North Korea.   It's flagrantly building new nuclear bombs.   And it's not on the Most Wanted Terrorist list.  In fact, we've shelved the North Koreans as the Least Most Wanted Terrorists in favor of Iraq.
          The guy with the gun pointed at our back is favored over the guy who is threatening to build a gun to point at our head.  
          Then there's the five Not So Wanted Non-Terrorists we need to think about.

Ferris Wheel at Toys R Us

         And, the 22 Most Wanted Terrorists we have forgotten about.
          I truly don't mean to confuse anyone, least of all myself.
          I'm just thinking of my grandson asking me:  "Why, G-Pa, are we going to war with Iraq?"
          I'm sure the six-year-old will ask that question once the body bags start to fill up.  Kids always want to know who's killing whom and why.
            Yesterday, my wife and I took the kids up to Toys 'R Us to spend New Years afternoon riding the Ferris wheel and looking at all the toys on sale.   We also planned on taking them to Candyland located inside the store, a magical Willy Wonka display of candy that makes one's sweet tooth ache.
           On the way to the "N" Train we passed a dead pigeon.  It was lying on the sidewalk, its neck all twisted, the rain pelting its feathers, its pigeon feet curled in repose.
          "Oh," jumped Sarah, four, "a dead pigeon."

          "How come it died, G-Pa?  How come it died?"
          Hundreds of people passed by the dead bird.   It was a bad omen.  
          "It's in pigeon heaven," I said.  "It's flying around having fun in pigeon heaven," I quickly answered, not quite sure what to say.
           I thought about my answer.   When we kill Saddam, will I tell her and her brother Saddam is flying around Terrorist Heaven?   I wasn't sure.

Buying treats at CandyLand at Toys R Us

     But then, I realized I really couldn't go that far.  Saddam was not officially listed on the Most Wanted Terrorist list by the FBI.  Legally, he wasn't a "dead or alive" target.  
     All day I tried to get the dead pigeon analogy worked out.  I figured the U.S. was about to attack Iraq because they threw out the five Not So Wanted Terrorists on New Years Eve.    I figured that was a silent signal to all we were about to launch the attack, kind of like the French resistance playing Beethoven's Fifth Symphony as a signal of Victory during World War II.   The opening--dah, dah, dah, dum--is Morse Code for the letter "V," a way of telling the world "We will be victorious!"

            So, I'm going to spend the rest of this week working out an answer to why the most wanted Terrorist of current time, Saddam Hussein, is not on the Most Wanted FBI list.   I'm going to work out an answer for my grandson when he asks:  "How come we're killing people in Iraq?"
           I know for sure how to answer the question about a dead pigeon, I just wish I had one for a dead Terrorist who didn't make the list..


Jan 1--Laughing In The Face Of Terrorism's Cancer

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