January 1, 2002—Tuesday—Ground Zero Plus 112

The Vigilance Resolutions
Cliff McKenzie
Editor, New York City Combat Correspondent News

1.      I vow to be vigilant against Terrorism both from without and within.

2.      I recognize that I am the primary Sentinel of Vigilance who must stand up against Terrorism’s “fear,” “intimidation,” and “complacency.”

3.      I am responsible for converting “fear” into “courage,” “intimidation,” into “conviction,” and “complacency,” into “action.”

4.      I recognize that Terrorism includes both physical and emotional attacks.

5.      To ward off the physical attacks, I keep a wary eye on the safety of my self, my family, and the children in my life.    I do not expect the “government” to singularly resolve the problem of physical Terrorism, and therefore keep myself ready and alert to its dangers.

6.      To ward off the emotional attacks, I remind myself that Terrorism is my fear of others, my feeling of being intimidated by others, or my complacency to act against what might appear as overwhelming odds.    When these feelings of fear, intimidation or complacency come to me, I resolve to think of those heroes of Nine Eleven who braved great dangers to save others, and to all those who died that day to remind me that courage, conviction and action are the critical tools to fighting off Emotional Terrorism.

7.      I resolve also to help my family and children fight Terrorism’s Emotional Attacks.  I will act as a Sentinel of Vigilance with them—promoting courage, conviction and action when they sense fear, intimidation and complacency.   I will remind them that Terrorism is about making us feel “less than,” and to fight it we must stand up and not fear its bogeymen.

8.      I resolve to keep a reminder in my home about Nine Eleven—a symbol of vigilance—so that when times become challenging or troubles abound, I can take a deep breath and call upon the Sentinels of Vigilance from Nine Eleven to aid me in overcoming my doubts and fears and apprehensions.

9.      I vow to promote myself as a Citizen of Vigilance—one who respects the values of Freedom and recognizes that I cannot afford to abdicate my responsibility for internal or external security to any single body—but, instead, must assume guardianship over my home, my family and friends.   This is the duty of Freedom—that I and all others who live under it, are bound to protect its principles at the doorstep of our homes, in the neighborhoods in which we live, and the communities through which we interact.

10.  Finally, I vow to Never Forget to Remember Nine Eleven or the message it sent to me and the world—that Vigilance, and only Vigilance can destroy Terrorism.

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