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Saturday.. January 19, 2002—Ground Zero Plus 130

Fresh Kills Landfall
Cliff McKenzie
Editor, New York City Combat Correspondent News

           Staten Island, New York--I am sitting in Helena, Montana, watching a PBS program on a place called Fresh Kills Landfall, a garbage pit in Staten Island where the debris from the World Trade Center is brought and police and FBI sift through the destruction for clues.  
            They are looking for the "black box" and any identification of the remains of those killed in the September 11 Terrorist attack.

           I watch as the chief of detectives for NYPD opens drawers full of watches from bodies, some still ticking.   There is a glass box full of money, recovered from the site.   Pieces of art from offices, and drawers of jewelry are crowded with remnants of the thousands who died that day.
          "We look for any identification on the items.  If we can match them with a person, we return them to the family members."
          As I watched the interviews with the workers who volunteer to dig through the rubble, I think of the name of the site:  Fresh Kill Landfall.   It seems so inappropriate, and yet so true.  
         The stench of the dead and the noxious perfume of destruction clings to everything.  
          My daughter, a federal special agent, volunteered to dig through the rubble in the aftermath.    She wore heavy clothing and masks to reduce the pungent odor.
         Fresh Kills Landfall.
         I hope there won't be another.         

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