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Tuesday.. January 22, 2002—Ground Zero Plus 131

The Price Of Respect--A Big Mac?
Cliff McKenzie
Editor, New York City Combat Correspondent News


       I walk throughout the city of New York.   I hunt down flags.  I take pictures of them flapping in the wind.
       I see the flags as our Sentinels of Vigilance.   They remind us not to forget.
       All the major franchises and chains seem to fly them.
       A few days after the attack on September 11, Starbucks sent flags to all their stores and they still hang proudly in their windows.
       Oddly, I never saw one hanging or flying from a McDonalds in New York City.
       The above picture was taken in Helena, Montana.   The flagpole has been up long before September 11.  The pole signals logo recognition for the "Golden Arches" sign. It does not, by itself, signal recognition of Nine Eleven.
       I wondered why McDonald's didn't find it important to fly flags in all their store windows as a sign of its support..
       At first, I thought it might just be me--but one day on a a bus heading to Chelsea Pier, another man was grumping about no flags at McDonalds.
      I felt better.  But I felt sad.
      How could the largest and most successful fast food franchise ignore saluting the fallen of September 1?.
     Did they forget the price of freedom is more than a Big Mac?


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