Article Overview:   What do you tell a child about Vigilance on Halloween?   Tonight is the night we become the Beast of Terror and unmask his power by becoming what he is--Fear, Intimidation and Complacency.   But, it is also a time to reinforce the power of Vigilance--and to use this evening as a time to teach a child how to face Fear with Courage, Intimidation with Conviction, and Complacency with Right Action.  


Friday--October 31, 2003—Ground Zero Plus 779
Unmasking The Beast Of Halloween Terror
Cliff McKenzie
   Editor, New York City Combat Correspondent News

GROUND ZER0, New York, N.Y.--Oct. 31, 2003--One night of the year, Terrorism's Fear, Intimidation and Complacency is given a public outing by parents and children.   It's called Halloween.

On Halloween Fear, Intimidation and Complacency is given a public outing by parents and children

      For 364 days of the year in the United States and other nations who celebrate the event, Fear, Intimidation and Complacency often skulk in the shadows of people's lives, leaping out unexpectedly to scare and frighten the population--to induce bone-rattling offense against the security of lives, and, often, to maim and bloody people so they cower at the thought of shadows in the night, or shy from faces carved into masks of horror.
      But on this night--Halloween--the children and parents of nearly 300,000 million who reside in America, and all those other millions who adhere to Halloween around the globe, shed their reservations about the Beast of Terror and don his skin.
      Fearless, society becomes the Beast of Terror.

....the Beast of Terror

Society becomes Fearless and...

         Normally quiet, reserved people put on horror masks and shift gears in their usually dormant personalities to release within them the Beast of Terror--rushing about to find "victims" to scare, hoping they will startle and frighten others by the bizarre and sometimes blood-soaked facade of costumes that range from Walt Disney to Freddy Kruger's scared, gnarled face with fiery eyes glowing with the coals of Hell itself.
       It is a time when the Beast of Terror is neutralized by those whom the Beast tries to make slaves of his will.
       Halloween is a time when we get to know the Beast better.  We look it in the face.  We unmask its humanity.   We realize that Fear, Intimidation and Complacency is nothing more than veneer, a thin and empty covering over our psyche that can either be stripped quickly or allowed to seep into the cracks of our souls and haunt us the remaining 364 days of the year.
      Tonight is a great opportunity for Parents of Vigilance to unmask the Beast of Terror.  It is a time when a Parent, Grandparent or Loved One of Vigilance can have a conversation with a child such as the following:

Dialog Between Parent of Vigilance (POV) and Child Of Vigilance (COV)
About the True Meaning Of Halloween.

POV--"Tonight, you get a chance to really scare everyone."
COV--"Yes.  I will scare everybody.  Boo!   Boo!"
POV--"You know that being scared and scaring is about pretending you are scared."
COV--"I can pretend really good.   Boo!  Boo!   Are you scared?"
POV--"Oh, yes.   But, I want you remember that when you are scared of something, it's just how you look at things.   If you see scary things in life like you see them on Halloween, you'll never really be scared for long."
COV--"What does that mean?"
POV--"It mean, like when you're sleeping in bed and you think there's a monster in the closet it's your imagination playing tricks on you.   If you want to unmask the monster, all you have to do is turn on the light.  And pooof, the monster is gone.  Or, call for Mommy or Daddy and we'll turn the light on.   See, the goblins of the mind try to make you think you are afraid.  When you turn on the light, when you unmask your imagination, you see things clearly.  You aren't scared any more."
COV--"Like, if someone really scares me and I cry...and then they take off their mask...and I laugh...because they really aren't a monster..."
POV--" that.  But sometimes in life we think the monsters rule.   We think all the world is after us.  And we try and hide from it.  Or we shut ourselves in our rooms and lock the door.   The monsters of life like to make us quiver and shake like Jell-O.   They like to make us hide from ourselves--and sometimes, they like to make us cry..."
COV--"So, if I think of monsters as people with masks...I can unmask them in my that what you mean?  Take the mask off them by turning on the light in my brain..."
POV--"That's it...if you feel afraid of anything...take a deep breath and tell yourself to turn on your mind's light...switch...all of a sudden you see just a person behind the mask...there is no real monster...maybe they are trying to be a monster...but they are just a person trying to bully you.  You know how bullies are...they like to make you afraid...well, they are just people.  They are like the scariest of all costumes...but when you take off their masks...they are just people."
COV--"Sometimes I'm afraid of some people.  They look mean.   You mean they are wearing masks?"
POV--"Kind of.   Some people are mean and want to hurt other people.  But that's because they believe they are monsters.  They really aren't.  They only become monsters when we believe they are.   We have to stand up to bullies.  We have to unmask them.  If we don't, then the bullies rule.   Vigilance is about unmasking bullies.  Tonight, the scariest person you see in a costume is only pretending.    Lots of mean and scary people are pretending to be the Beast of Terror.  They like to make you feel Fear, or make you feel small and helpless.  They like you to feel like you can't do anything but run and hide from them."
COV--"So, tonight, I should not be afraid of being afraid?"
POV--"That's right.  Tonight, underneath your costume, you can be  Sentinel of Vigilance.  You can unmask all the scary, frightening people you see in your mind.  You can turn the Light of Vigilance on all the boogeymen and boogeywomen you see."
COV--"And, you'll be there with me in case we see a real scary person who isn't pretending, right?"
POV--"I'll be there.  I'll be right next to you...whispering in your ear--"Courage...Conviction...Right Actions...."
COV--"That means--Don't Be Afraid--?"
POV--"That's right--I'll remind you that the Beast of Terror wears a mask...and all you have to do is unmask the Beast in your mind...and never forget that no one can really scare you for long unless you let them..."
COV--"Wait...there's one thing I want to take with me tonight.  I want to put it in my pocket to help me when I get scared..."
POV--"What's that?"
COV--"The Pledge of Vigilance you read every morning...just in case I get too scared...I'll squeeze it for strength..."
POV--"Let's go have a fun time...and unmask the Beast of Terror..."
COV--"Yeah...let's go and scare him...."


Oct. 30--The Threat Matrix of Terrorism vs. Vigilance

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