Castrating Terrorism
Should Terrorism be castrated?   We think so.  If you have the right tools.   Learn how castration robs the Beast of Terror of his power to inflict Fear, Intimidation and Complacency.   Learn how to protect yourself and your society from Terrorism's passion to make you cower in Fear, Intimidation and Complacency.  


Tuesday--November 19
, 2002—Ground Zero Plus 433
Castrating Terrorism
Cliff McKenzie
   Editor, New York City Combat Correspondent News


GROUND ZERO, New York City, Nov. 19 -- There is a solution to Terrorism--castrate it.
        Historically, castration mellows the Beast.  It robs the body of the power to seek power.  It turns the warrior into the eunuch.   It turns violence into mush.

Zonka Macho Male

       Anyone who has ever had a male dog "fixed" knows what I mean.   I had one.  He was a neighborhood "rapist."  A great male Husky-Malamute mix, Zonka would climb ten foot fences if he smelled a female in heat and throw himself against the owner's garage door howling mightily to warn anyone and anything to move aside...and quickly.   When his sensitive nose picked up 'her' scent,  he would howl endlessly, mournfully, frantically his eyes glazed and his groin set on smashing through walls to seek the "call of the wild."

        For his safety and the safety of the neighborhood, we had him neutered.   It was the only way to control the "terror" of the Beast.
        Recalcitrant animals are often castrated to control "anti-social" behavior.   The process is used in husbandry to limit the number of bulls or stallions in a herd.    In Rock Creek Montana they even hold an annual "Testicle Festival" where "Rocky Mountain Oysters" are a delicacy, a euphemism for eating animal testicles.  Fall is festival time across Montana. One of Montana's autumn celebrations that has turned more than a few heads (and made for some great stories) is the annual Testicle Festival at the Rock Creek Lodge outside of Clinton.

       Rod Lincoln is the creator of this famous Montana event.  "Every place should have it's signature event and this is ours," says Lincoln. The Testicle Festival has grown from 300 folks over a decade ago to over 8,200 guests from across the country. Lincoln serves more than 4,500 pounds of carefully prepared, beer-marinated, secret recipe breaded, deep-fried bull testicles.

     "Why" is one of the basic questions generated by this affair. Lincoln says it is the "waste not, want not" tradition of Montana and, besides, many of the world's cultures consider testicles a delicacy. For the health conscious, he adds that "they're 70 percent or more protein, and, obviously, they're boneless."

Enjoying Testicle Delicacies

      Castration is also used to manage aberrant behavior.  Sex offenders can be surgically or chemically castrated in a number of states. Chemical castration involves injecting the drug Depo-Provera.  When  administered, recidivism rates fall to 5%.
        Opponents argue such drastic actions are cruel and unusual punishment, but victims counter that being attacked by a sexual Terrorist is far more cruel than hobbling them by reducing their testosterone.
       From a male point of view, nothing makes me shudder more than the thought of being castrated.  It seems a much more poignant punishment than simple death, for it robs one of the thirst for power.
       Terrorism is all about power.  It is power over the vulnerable, the innocent.
       Sexual crimes are generally all about power and have little to do with sex.
      Terrorism is all about power.
      Terror--the sum of ones Fears, Intimidations and Complacencies--is brought to the surface by a sense of powerless.   It strikes at the heart of the vulnerable, the unprepared and drives away their Courage, Conviction and ability to take the Right Action.

Testosterone Tomcats

      Power itself comes from a need to dominate, and in males, the chemical that fuels the fires of domination is testosterone.

  While there isn't any scientific evidence that I can refer to at the moment, I would imagine that the testosterone levels in Terrorists are very high, at least when they are about to act out their Terrorism.   It would require a high-powered drug to intoxicate one's humanity in such a twisted way as to assume that killing innocent women, children and men would somehow elevate one's status as a "warrior."
        Whatever twists the thinking of a sexual predator who attacks the innocent and weak must also be somewhat parallel in a Terrorist.   Power over others at their expense seems to flow to the brain from the groin.

        It makes far more sense to me to rally some hard-core Montana ranchers who have castrated thousands of bulls to serve on the disarmament weapons team than a bunch of engineers.   If these Montana cattlemen took with them their castration gear, and were to slip into Saddam Hussein's palace and castrate him  his staff and the Republican Guard, we might not need to go to war.  The morning after, Hussein might run around Iraq stuffing daisies in the barrels of his troops' rifles and open the country to free elections, encouraging his replacement be a woman.
       In a real way, disarming Hussein is a form of castration.  It renders him tactically impotent.
       Hussein is a bull, there is no doubt about that.
       He rules his "herd" with a vengeance.  He snorts at the world, and paws wildly at the sand, challenging all who near his "territory" that he will charge and fight to the death.  But once he is castrated, he just eats grass and looks at you with dumb eyes.

Bull of Terror

       In the same light, it is important we look at our Beast of Terror within as a bull.   He has a mind of his own.   He seeks power at everyone's expense.   Unleashed, the Bull of Terror will roar through our lives, making everyone wrong and us right.   Terrorists blind themselves to the possibility of anyone else being right.  It is the curse of power.  Power blinds.   It corrupts.
       Both men and women can abuse power.   A mother or father can say things to a child that demean him or her,  hurt and emotionally starve him or her.   One of the most common power phrases used to injure a child's feelings is: "Don't bother me now."   The child thinks he or she is a "bother," and retreats within himself or herself.   The child then seeks to find power to compensate for the loss of it with his or her parents, and either becomes a bully or retaliates, or, in some cases, becomes a wallflower, hiding from the line of fire, stuffing all his or her emotions as deep as possible.
       Then there are abusive parents who use violence on a child and term it "punishment."  The child learns that "power" is the key.   It is well documented that a child who is physically abused tends to physically abuse others.   And a child who grows up watching his mother being beaten by his father tends to be a wife or woman beater either using physical or verbal abuse.
        Saddam Hussein and Osama bin Laden and all the power brokers of Terrorism have some twist in their character that drives them to enjoy inflicting pain on the vulnerable.   They might hide behind religious fundamentalism, just as abusive parents hide behind the right of parenthood, but the core issue is a driving need for power fueled by some inner resource.

       Chemically, castration can stop the flow of Terror Fuel that makes them seek destructive behavior over others.   Psychologically, the habit of inflicting pain and suffering on the weak and vulnerable is another story.

Castrated Cleric

        All firemen know that the first step in fighting a fire is douse it with water or foam.   The fire's core must be shut down so it will not continue to blaze.
        Castration is only a tertiary step in the neutralization of Terror.   The next step is the psychology of it.
        That's where Vigilance comes in.

        Vigilance is the building of anti-sera in the system designed to counter the testosterone of Terrorism.   By building one's sense of Courage, Conviction and Right Actions, the rampage of Fear, Intimidation and Complacency is slowed and sometimes totally stopped.
        A parent who teaches a child the Principles of Vigilance is essentially castrating the Terrorist within the child.   Vigilance is about denying the Beast access to a source of unlimited power--bullyism.
       Bullies rule the world with clubs and threats.   They seek to drive the wedge of Fear, Intimidation and Complacency in their victims so they will not stand up against the bully.   Their goal is to castrate the Sentinel of Vigilance who provides the sources of Courage, Conviction and Right Actions.

        Most children and adults have little knowledge of how to use their Courage, Conviction and Right Actions effectively.   They haven't been trained to combat Terrorism at the Emotional or Physical levels, so when it attacks them, they crumble, helpless, powerless.  That's when the Bull of Terrorism leaps on them and gouges them with his horns.
       But each individual can castrate Terrorism.

       He or she can learn to practice the Principles of Terrorism.  As one becomes more skilled at turning Fear into Courage, and expanding Conviction over Intimidation, and taking Right Actions rather than feeling powerless and Complacent, the grip tightens on the castration tool, and squeezes tighter around Terrorism's testicles.   If one keeps the pressure strong, eventually Terrorism's testicles fall off, starved of blood, unable to gain the nourishment Fear, Intimidation and Complacency provide.
       It's time to castrate Terrorism.
       The tool to use is the Pledge of Vigilance.

       The process is building up your Courage, Conviction and Right Actions to pinch off the Beast of Terror's Testicles that try to make you Fearful, Intimidated, and Complacent.
        You can have your own Testicle Festival.
        You can be free of Terrorism by snipping off its power.
        You can start today.   Take the Pledge of Vigilance.  It's the first step toward castrating the Beast of Terror.


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