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Dec. 24--Monday--Christmas Eve Message: 
The True Gift Of The Magi--Peace In The Heart Of Terrorism

           Once upon a time the world was at peace.
           Then, pride, anger, lust, envy, greed, gluttony and sloth appeared.   It caused some human beings to want to hurt others--to destroy their "precious peace."  It sank its fangs of intimidation into their tranquility; it forced them into the dark corners of fear; it drove them to a state of helplessness where they became complacent--believing they were powerless over protecting themselves, their families, their children.
           At 8:46, September 11, 2001, that feeling of helplessness, powerlessness, intimidation, fear, complacency, all changed.
           A handful of Terrorists rammed airplanes into the heart of America and the world.   They thought they had the power of "fear," the sword of "intimidation," and the ability to make a nation and its people cower in complacency.
          But like the Phoenix Bird that flew into the fire, America and the citizens of the world rose out of the Terrorists' ashes renewed, reborn.
          Courage rose from the marrow of the citizens to stand boldly against the Terrorists' intended fear.    Conviction laced the words and created shields of strength around the hearts of those who saw the "evil faces" of mankind's worst profile trying to slaughter the peace of a people.   Action marched in the wake of complacency, its thundering footsteps shuddering the earth all the way to the dark, dingy caves from which the Terrorists made their nests of destruction.

           Christmas Eve, while Christian in its roots, is universal in its intent.   It seeks to remind all that there is a God, a Higher Power, an Allah, a Buddha, a Great Spirit, a Mohammed, who, without reservation or hesitation, seeks the world to live in peace.
          While Christians believe the Messiah was born in the form of Baby Jesus, the symbol of the birth of "peace" and "unity" in human and divine form does not fly in the face of other religions, or spiritual beliefs.   Jesus, as a symbol, represents the "good" within us all versus the "bad" that was represented by the Terrorists.
         It reminds us that those who seek to destroy the "good" of human beings will be defeated by the "faith" we have in our unity as one--our belief in the common good.
         I believe that Christmas Eve is a time when we need to see not only the birth of Jesus as a symbol of the renewal of human hope, but also as a time to see the Sentinels of Vigilance reborn.
        All those who died in the tragedy of September 11th will, in my mind, be born as Sentinels of Peace, just as Jesus was born.   But, they will carry a sword in one hand and a wreath of peace in the other.    Their mission is to remind us to be wary of "fear," "intimidation" and "complacency."   And, they have their eyes, thousands of them, focused on the horizon, aware that the "evil ones" among us will always be.   And while we seek to have the peace that Jesus' symbol represents, we also secure that peace with Sentinels of Vigilance who protect the "Prince of Peace" from those who might try to destroy the good of all.
        Around Jesus' manger, I see thousands of "victims" of Nine Eleven.  They are the Gifts of the Magi.   They stand guard so that the Prince of Peace, and all the children, may walk safely on this earth.
         Semper Vigilantes--Always Vigilant

     Cliff McKenzie,
     Editor, New York City Combat Correspondent News

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