Article Overview:   Ducking and weaving around the gauntlet of Terrorism seems to be the order of the day for many people around the world.  In Spain, the Popular party was voted out of office after the Madrid bombing, in part by the people who blamed the Terrorist attack on Spain's support of the War On Terrorism.   But, can we duck, weave and hide from Terrorism's wrath?   Is it the best message to broadcast to our children?


Monday, March 15, 2004—Ground Zero Plus 915
How To Duck & Weave & Hide From Terrorism

Cliff McKenzie

     GROUND ZER0, New York, N.Y.--Mar. 15, 2004 -- How do you tell your grandkids it's okay to hide from the Beast of Terror?

Spain's Socialist Party celebrating its win

      Three out of four of Spain's eligible 35 million voters turned out the other day to vote for "ducking" and "hiding" from the Beast of Terror.
       The voters blamed Spain's Popular Party for aligning itself with the United States in the War on Terrorism, and considered the recent Terrorist attack on a Madrid subway that killed more than 200 and wounded thousands a direct result of Spain's affiliation with the U.S. in Iraq.  Spain has more than 1,300 troops fighting in Iraq.
       The following quote from a New York Times story on the election that upset the Popular Party and put a Socialist in the leadership role, sums up the feelings of the citizens in Spain: 

A 26-year-old window frame maker, who identified himself only as David, said he had changed his vote from Popular Party to Socialist because of the bombings and the war in Iraq. "Maybe the Socialists will get our troops out of Iraq, and Al Qaeda will forget about Spain, so we will be less frightened," he said. "A bit of us died in the train."


Winston Churchill understood the Beast of Terror

        The bottom line of the angst in Spain is that if the country had not been involved in the battle against Terrorism, the Terrorist would not have attacked them.    The frightening part of the quote above is:  "...and Al Qaeda will forget about Spain, so we will be less frightened."

           The quote brings up the big question:  Can we, Citizens of the World, not be activist against the Beast of Terror?    Can we duck and weave and hope the Beast will avoid us if we don't stand up to him? 

         Winston Churchill said:  "Appeasement is feeding an alligator in hopes it will eat you last."   Can we, or the citizens of Spain, or those of Europe, appease Terrorism so they avoid attacks?   Or, will the Beast of Terror turn on them on a whim, just for the "fun" or "horror" of it?
           The issue in Spain is the same issue here in America and around the world--Who will stand up to Terrorism?  Who is willing to take the risk of putting Terrorism on the run?   

The other candidate is waving the flag of Vigilance

One candidate is suggesting we should retreat from the Global War on Terrorism

   America is in a political battle over the War on Terrorism.   One candidate is attacking the moral basis of the war on Iraq, and, suggesting we should "retreat" from the Global War On Terrorism and focus on domestic issues.    The other candidate, the incumbent, is waving the flag of Vigilance, telling the world we should never stand down until the enemy is defeated.
             Europe is shuddering.   The Terrorism that they assumed would pass over their homes is casting its shadow on them.   The Germans are worried.  French military forces are bristling.    Russia has its hands full with its own battle with internal Terrorists, but keeps a low profile.
            I wonder about the children.    What do we tell the children?

 "Who is keeping the Beast of Terror locked in the closet?"

           When the children ask:  "Who is watching out for us when we sleep?  Who is keeping the Beast of Terror locked in the closet?"   What do we answer?
           The easy answer is:  "It's not my job."

In Avila, home of Saint Teresa of Avila, the community voted for the Popular party

           The people in Spain voted out the Popular, conservative party--the people who stood against Terrorism with their lives, and voted for the Socialists who vowed to pull the troops out unless the United Nations put in a unified force.  (Ironically, in Avila, the home of one of the most famous of all saints, Ste. Teresa of Avila, the communityvoted conservatively, for the Popular party, as though the memory of St. Teresa reminded them to stand up for what is right no matter what the price.)
             Does the power of Terrorism include Intimidation?
             I think so.  The Triad of Terrorism as I see them are Fear, Intimidation and Complacency.   The three are most evident by Spain's recent vote.     People are afraid of more Terror attacks.  They are Intimidated by the deaths of their innocent, and the threat to others in their country.  And, they prefer to "duck" and "hide" and hope Terrorism will ignore them because they are Complacent, or try to be.
            But how long can one hope the bully will not attack?
            And, what role modeling does that offer to the children?   Let's turn our heads?  Let's not get involved.

Use the Pledge to help you be a Role Model  for Vigilance

           At the least, I believe the Pledge of Vigilance is a strong role modeling tool that every parent, grandparent and loved one of children can use to defend them against the Bully of Terrorism.
         But, if one is worried that the Beast of Terror will look on every refrigerator for a Pledge of Vigilance and attack that house and family, then no one will sign it, vow to it, or practice its Principles.
           They will just wait for the Beast to come and eat them--right after the Beast has eaten their children and grandchildren.
           Don't wait.
           Don't duck.
           Don't weave.
           Take the Pledge today.


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