Article Overview:   At 7:39 a.m. New York City saluted the 201 victims of the Madrid train Terrorist attack that occurred 911 days after the World Trade Terrorist attack.   The question posed by the deaths of 201 Spanish citizens is "Why Did They Die?"   Was it for a reason, or were they just senseless victims?  Find out.


Thursday, March 18, 2004—Ground Zero Plus 918
7:39a.m.--Salute  To The Spanish Sentinels Of Vigilance

Cliff McKenzie

     GROUND ZER0, New York, N.Y.--Mar. 18, 2004 -- At 7:39 a.m., New York City saluted the Sentinels of Vigilance who died in the Terrorist attack that killed 201 in Madrid, Spain, and wounded thousands on March 11, exactly 911 days following the attack on the World Trade Center.

Wreck at Madrid train station

       At 7:39 a.m., New York City's 8 million population recognized a Moment of Silence.
      For those of us who believe in the Sentinels of Vigilance, we saluted not the death of the "Madrid Terror Victims" but rather the birth of the "Spanish Sentinels Of Vigilance."
      Those who died in the Madrid Terror attack will join the ranks of other Sentinels of Vigilance throughout time to stand guard over the protection of the Children's Children's Children.   

I watched the Sentinels of Vigilance rise up from Ground Zero

      When I was at Ground Zero on September 11, 2001 when the Terrorists attacked the World Trade Center, I watched the spirits of the nearly 3,000 dead rise up and hover in a circle over Ground Zero, vowing to do daily battle with the Beast of Terror.
        I knew the same was true at the Pentagon and in Pennsylvania, where Terrorists attacked other parts of America in an attempt to spread Fear, Intimidation and Complacency--the tools of Terrorism.
        There have been other Terrorist attacks since 911 in other parts of the world, from Bali to Moscow.    Now, Madrid joins the ranks.    Two-hundred and one deaths and thousands wounded in synchronized attacks on a number of commuter trains.     The purpose of the attacks:  to intimidate nations to drop the support of America's War on Terrorism; to punish those who align themselves as Sentinels of Vigilance; to prove the bully is to be feared more than the sheriff.
        Terrorism is a senseless act of violence against the innocent to make a point that Fear, Intimidation and Complacency are stronger potions than their Vigilant counterparts, Courage, Conviction and Right Actions that benefit the Children's Children's Children.
         A number of nations such as Spain elected to support America's War on Terrorism for one major reason:  to protect the Children's Children's Children.
          As with England, the popular vote was to "not get involved."   National leaders however, looked into the future and saw the threat of Terrorism growing by degrees of Intimidation and pounds of Complacency and elected to stand up to Terrorism.

Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero has been voted in as Spain's new leader

      Terrorism lashed back by killing the people.    In Spain, the attack was credited for the voting out of the party that backed America's efforts to fight Terrorism and was replaced by a government calling for the withdrawal of Spanish troops.   A victory for the Beast of Terror.
          But what about the 201 dead?
          For what did they die?
       The argument that their deaths were senseless goes without saying.   To argue that America is the faulty party is finger pointing.    But what about the possibility that those who died that day, just as those who died at the World Trade Center, gave their lives for the future generations?
         What if the 201 Spanish citizens realized in their moment of death they were to alert the living of the dangers of Fear, Intimidation and Complacency and that if each parent passed on the Principles of Vigilance to their children--Courage, Conviction and Right Actions for future generations--that Terrorism would never gain a toehold in their land, or any land, for acts of violence against the innocent would not drive people into fetal, helpless shapes of Jell-0, but rather coil them into action-figures ready to leap upon the Beast of Terror with Swords and Shields of Vigilance and drive the Beasts from the land?

I see the Spanish Sentinels driving away the Beasts of Terror

            I opt for the more glorious view of our Spanish Sentinels.  I see them brandishing their Swords and Shields, driving away the Beasts of Terror who now attack the children through their parents' complacencies.
           The children know that Terrorism will return again and again and again like all bullies return.  Children know there is no retreat from the gnarled hand of Terrorism.   It will hunt down the most innocent and inflict whatever pain or torture it wills upon it unless it is stopped.
          At this point, the greatest guardians against Terrorism are the Symbols of Vigilance, the spirits of those who died senseless deaths for sensible reasons.   The most sensible reason for dying at the hands of Terrorism is to serve as a reminder that Terrorism must be stopped.   We cannot turn our heads or divert our eyes or change our allegiance in hopes we will be safe from its shadow.
          Terrorism will seek us all out in the end, for its ravenous appetite feeds off our Fear, Intimidation and Complacency, not our national flags or political affiliations.   Like any monster, it will ruthlessly attack any and all who cower in its wake.

The Spanish Sentinels  are protecting their children from Terrorism

          Despite the belief by some that the deaths in Spain are a "tragedy" caused by a "worthless" support of America's War on Terrorism, the truth is that Terrorism is waging war on the world.
          Only the blind will believe Terrorism is not walking the path leading to their door.
           When I saluted the Spanish this morning, I saw they had wide eyes, scanning the horizon, reminding the world that Terrorism is stalking their children, and to be wary of trying to run and hide from its wrath.
         I heard them say in Spanish, "Semper Vigilantes, Take the Pledge of Vigilance Today!"


Mar 17--St. Patrick--Humorous Terror Hunter

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