Article Overview:   Millions of unsuspecting Americans are being assaulted daily by the Cockroaches of Terrorism and doing nothing about it.    Like a computer virus, Terrorism will infiltrate great numbers of people with the intent to destroy their will and purpose, and render them as inept as a computer crashed by a deadly virus.   Find out what kind of anti-viral defense is within reach.


Friday, March 26, 2004—Ground Zero Plus 926
Cockroaches Of Terrorism Attack Americans Daily

Cliff McKenzie

 GROUND ZER0, New York, N.Y.--Mar. 26, 2004 -- Each day thousands of Terrorist attacks go unnoticed and mostly unreported in the United States.
       The victims are almost always innocent, most picked by random, and the end result of the Terrorist attack is to create Fear, Intimidation and Complacency in the target, to render the person under attack powerless and to elevate the "power" of the Terrorist.

Random cyber attacks elevate the power of the Terrorist

      These attacks are known as "cyber" attacks.    They range from people snooping into others private correspondence to full-fledged injection of viruses that either cripple or crash whole hard drives.
       Some of the worst of these Terrorist attacks are national and international in nature.   They are published to alert the world that there is nothing anyone can do but wait for the holocaust to occur.
       Currently Dan Dumitru Ciobanu, a Romanian, is accused of making "Blaster.F", a mild copy of one of last summer's harshest Internet worms.  The Blaster worm from last year wreaked havoc on businesses and colleges.  Its author has not yet been found.
       The 24-year-old Romanian faces up to 15 years in jail, twice the time Romania allots for the crime of rape, if he is convicted of cyber Terrorism.
       The degree of the threat has caused companies to seek "hacking insurance," to protect them from losing vital informational assets to cyber Terrorism.
       But the individual is just as much at the mercy of cyber Terrorism as anyone.  Once linked to the internet, the arteries and veins of information flow links one to the world of both "good" and "bad."
        In a way, the internet is the example of the world, filled with degrees of Terrorism and degrees of Vigilance.   
        The Terrorism is always sitting at the door, waiting, like the cockroach, for the lights of Vigilance to grow dim so it can scuttle into the house and ravage at will.    Anti-virus programs in computers are like Sentinels of Vigilance, they protect the door from the Cockroaches of Terror.

A good anti-virus program screens incoming data

        A good anti-virus program, for example, will sniff and scan incoming data and throw up red alerts to stop it from entering your computer.    It is similar to Sentinels of Vigilance fighting off Fear with Courage, Intimidation with Conviction, and Complacency with Right Actions for the Children's Children's Children.
         A parallel would be you're taking the Pledge of Vigilance each day--reading it or reciting it to remind yourself the necessity to be alert for Terror Thoughts that might afflict you or your loved ones that day, and how to deal with them.
        One of the most common Terror Thoughts we get is Intimidation.    It is like a computer virus that wraps itself around our brain thoughts, gumming up the synapses in our brain cells, clogging our thinking so that we begin to think we are less than, or not as good as, or worthy as others.
        We need to run our Vigilance Anti-Virus Program (VAVP).   The quicker we can cleanse our thoughts of feelings or delusions that we are not as good as, or as worthy as, the sooner we can stand up and face Terrorism with the same boldness it attacks us.    Remember, the bully runs when you challenge him or her, but, if our heads are hung low and our shoulders sloped and we feel the weight of the world driving us into the ruts of life, we can serve no higher purpose than becoming food for the Cockroaches of Terrorism.

We don't want to be food for Cockroaches of Terrorism

        The VAVP will clean the gum and repair the broken links in our synapses.   We will become more Vigilant.  Our Vigilant Computers will spark with energy.
        Think about Vigilance not as some idealistic belief beyond your grasp, but as an anti-virus program.    Think about your computer as nothing more than a reflection of your mind, and, the key to its smooth operation is protecting it against harm--computer virus harm.
        Then think of your children.   Who and what is their VAVP?    Each child needs a virus filter, someone to guide them through the booby traps of Terrorism--those feelings of Fear, Intimidation and Complacency that we all suffer from in different degrees.   
        If you are a Parent or Loved One of Vigilance, you know you can serve as a virus filter.   You can provide the Tools of Vigilance to overpower the Weapons of Terrorism.  You can help a child or loved one fight off the virus of Fear with Courage, to overpower Intimidation with Conviction, and to turn the futility of Complacency into the energy of Right Actions for future generations.

Install your own Vigilance anti-virus program

       But it all starts with your installation of your anti-virus program.
        Do you have one?   If not, you are vulnerable to the Virus of Terrorism, just as your computer would be if it didn't have a protection system.
        Install the Pledge of Vigilance into your mind and thoughts.    Let the Vigilance Anti-Virus Program be your insurance that the Cockroaches of Terrorism will not find it easy to crawl into your ears and digest your highest values--Courage, Conviction and Right Actions.


Mar 25--One Nation Under ????--The Sentinels of Allegiance

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