Article Overview:    Today is a day we can resurrect ourselves from Beasts of Terror to Sentinels of Vigilance.


Sunday, April 11, 2004—Ground Zero Plus 942
Easter At Ground Zero Plus 942 Days Of Vigilance

Cliff McKenzie

 GROUND ZER0, New York, N.Y.--April 11, 2004 --  There have been 942 days of Vigilance since the Terrorist attack of September 11, 2001.   Each day since that horrible hallmark in history, inked with the blood of nearly 3,000, Vigilance has thrust its chest out against the Beast of Terror, challenging the Beast to a duel as ancient as Time itself--"Good" vs. "Bad," "Right" vs. "Wrong," "Darkness" vs. "Light."

        Easter and Passover are times when the Judeo-Christian world look at different forms of Resurrection.
        One is through atonement and the other through reconciliation.  Both are about soul-searching and reaffirmation of certain religious principles designed to quash the uncivilized "Beast Within" and to free the "Sentinel of Spiritual Power" that seeks peace and prosperity rather than war and bloodshed for all.
       Easter is about the renewal of the soul, the rising of it from the quagmire of Fear, Intimidation and Complacency, the freeing it of the bondage of the Beast of Terror who, some might claim, takes the form of the "Devil" or other "evil spirits" who wish to twist and pervert a person's actions toward the destruction rather than evolution of all future generations.
       Some two-thousand years ago, Christian beliefs underscore that one person died for all people.  His name was Jesus.    He was crucified on a cross, suffered and was tortured, and, even though He stumbled and cried out:  "Why hast thou forsaken me?" He still stuck to his belief that He was the Light in the Darkness, that He was the Solution if only others would see that and accept it.
      Not everyone in the world believes this story.   One third of the six billion people on earth do, and two-thirds believe in other forms of religious dogma.
      But, there is one great lesson in the Easter story of Jesus that has prevailed over some 2,000 years that applies today more strongly than any other message He might have wanted to leave for review.
      That is that he ultimately died for the Children's Children's Children.    That in the final analysis of his impact on the world, he stands as an icon of the shepherd tending the flock of the young lambs, willing to go to any lengths to protect the children from all forms of harm, especially harm issued from the Beast of Terror.

Jesus symbolizes a Parent of Vigilance

      The images of Jesus as a shepherd to the children are countless.    He is depicted often with many children around Him, looking at Him with love and adoration, and He, admiring them with the same deep love as any caring Father or parent might.
       He symbolizes a Parent of Vigilance.
       In many ways, Christ's crucifixion is a symbol of his struggle to ward off the Beast of Terror.    His journey through scourging and carrying the cross represents the struggle any Parent of Vigilance has to fight Fear, Intimidation and Complacency in favor of Courage, Conviction and Right Actions that benefit the Children's Children's Children.
        The Triad of Terrorism--Fear, Intimidation, Complacency--is a heavy burden.  Each asks the parent of a child, or the relative of one, to be selfish.   Each asks the individual to think of himself or herself first, to deny the quest of the child for love and caring that is overwhelming at times, for children are sponges, soaking up all that is around them.

A parent tongue-lashing a child is as cruel.....

        An irritated parent or guardian concerned about his or her job, or worrying about money, pride, ego, or simply wanting to have "quiet time" can snap at a child and tongue lash the child as cruelly as the Roman guards who beat Jesus with whips.   Emotional brutality to children happens sometimes by simply ignoring them, or barking at them, and, of course, magnifies its horror when the parent or guardian hits or threatens to hit or otherwise physically abuses the child so that the child runs and seeks the solace of a dark closet, or hides under the bed, or crawls into a cave of Fear, Intimidation and Complacency waiting for the Beast to come and rip him or her to pieces in the dark of the night. the soldiers whipping Jesus

        Some children are crucified daily.
       Jesus is symbolic to many of the Sentinel of Vigilance who rose up to protect the children.
        However, I don't believe he was the only one who did this.
       My kind of Jesus rose up to remind us all that we can rise up.   Each of us can be resurrected into Sentinels of Vigilance by letting our Beast of Terror's die within.
       We can fight the Beast of Terror with the Principles of Vigilance, and rise above the flaws of our human nature with one goal in mind, to better serve the Children's Children's Children.

This Easter I see 3,000 people from Ground Zero rising up

      This Easter, I see 3,000 people from Ground Zero rising up.   They are all reminders that we can resurrect our lives each day and move from being a "victim" to being a Sentinel of Vigilance.
       Rise up.   Resurrect yourself.   Become a Sentinel of Vigilance.  Take the Pledge of Vigilance today, for the sake of the Children's Children's Children.


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