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Saturday -- April 13, 2002—Ground Zero Plus 214

Extinguishing The Shafts Of Vigilance
Cliff McKenzie
Editor, New York City Combat Correspondent News

        GROUND ZERO, New York City, April 13--Tonight the shafts of Vigilance go dark.
         Part of me is sad.
         The lights, two blue beacons that have been speared their way to the underbelly of Heaven each night from Ground Zero as a tribute to the victims and heroes of Nine Eleven will be turned off after tonight.
         It's a money thing.
         The price of Vigilance has its limits.
         On March 11th, the six-month anniversary of the Terrorist attack, 88 searchlights were turned on by Valerie Webb, 12, daughter of Port Authority police officer Nathaniel Webb who is one of many hundred still missing and presumed dead.
         The nightly memorial is called the Tribute Of Lights.  It has been shining into the celestial night from dusk until 11 p.m. each night since March 11th.   But tonight is the last night.
         Funding for the tribute has been exhausted.
         The sky will go dark again.
         I wonder about the impact of Complacency.  Will Vigilance go dark also?
         When the sky goes dark, how many will forget to remember?
         When I walk around the city at night, I look up and have such a good feeling.  I know someone is looking out for my children and grandchildren--the Sentinels of Vigilance are awake, alert, keeping an eye on all those who might attempt to threaten our security.
         I will be sad when the lights die.
         I will wonder what the price of Vigilance is--obviously more than the City of New York can afford.
       Semper Vigilantes.


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