Article Overview:    What is the future for American Security?   Will we become One Nation Under A Central Security Agency?   Are there other options we, the Citizens of Vigilance, can take to insure our protection?


Friday, April 16, 2004—Ground Zero Plus 947
"One Nation Under A Central Vigilance Agency..."

Cliff McKenzie

 GROUND ZER0, New York, N.Y.--April 16, 2004 --  "One Nation Under A Central Vigilance Agency..." that's the mantra of the White House as the 9-11 Commission rips and shreds the current intelligence community for being unable to provide instant data that could possibly stop or thwart Terrorist attacks.

Currently the FBI and CIA are separate, competing intelligence sources

       Currently, the different agencies such as the FBI and CIA are separate, competing intelligence sources that often refuse to share information.   Intelligence has been competitive in the U.S. information-gathering structure for numerous reasons.   Each agency pursues different ways to gather data, and, because of the individual nature of each, they tend to collect more than a single agency might.
        General Motors and General Electric use the same competing principles in the business world.   They pit their heads of divisions against one another, making one brand of car under their GM or GE banner attempt to outsell and outmarket other their other brands.   The more "internal" competition, the stronger their forces are to fight any enemy without.
       Both dominate their economic worlds.
       Now, the question is whether America should put the government's 15 different intelligence agencies and their budgets under the control and management of one powerful national director of intelligence.
       Currently, the government spends about $40 billion a year on intelligence.  The power of a central intelligence authority would authorize the spending and execution of all those funds.   To many, this endangers the current system of autonomy and flexibility each agency has to pursue different missions, such as the separation between the FBI for managing domestic intelligence versus the CIA for maintaining foreign intelligence.
       There is little question that we need to centralize intelligence under one roof.    But, the mission and title of this powerful czar or czarina would be slightly different from what is being currently proposed.
       This would be the National Director of Vigilance, part of the Global Vigilance Offense System (GVOS), or National Vigilance Offense System (NVOS).  It's primary goal is to enlist each family and head of household of the more than 100 million households in America to enlist them as Parents, Grandparents, Citizens or Loved Ones of Vigilance.

Terrorism of crime is fought at the local, state and national levels

       The goal of this NVOS or GVOS system would be to reinforce all 15 intelligence agencies with the support of every citizen in the battle against Terrorism, for Terrorism is what all agencies battle.
        The police departments at the local, state and national levels all fight the Terrorism of crime against the innocent, whether it be white-collar CEO's ripping off the savings of thousands or a mugger with a gun or knife taking a wallet or purse.   Crime is Terror.    When teachers fear the students in school will take their guns and knives and carve or shoot them if they discipline the student, then Terror exists.

Domestic Terror is a great concern for our National Security

        Domestic Terror, in the home where a parent abuses a child with either physical or emotional force, is as much a concern for our National Security as when, where and why Al-Qaeda is going to attack our country because the cost of a child being abused is often far greater than the cost of physical threats.   The twisting of an innocent mind by an adult who has a duty to protect the child from harm, is far uglier than a mad man or mad woman seeking political or religious revenge or martyrdom.
         These kinds of "internal crimes" far outdistance any foreign threat, for they are insidious cancers that we, as a nation, can carve out only when we gather around a common cause, and link our resources as Parents of Vigilance and Citizens of Vigilance to stop the Beast of Terror from evolving within us, or our children, or our Children's Children's Children.

It is time for us to consolidate our intelligence community under the Vigilance banner

       The government is symbolic of the people.   The urge for America to consolidate its intelligence community is a message to all of us as citizens that it is also time for us to gather our differences and pool our resources under one anti-Terrorism banner--the Pledge of Vigilance.
         Start now.  Become a Charter Member of the National Vigilance Offense System--take the Pledge today.

April 14--World President Of Vigilance

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