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GROUND ZERO, NEW YORK, NYEach morning at around 4 a.m., Cliff McKenzie launches an endless task of hunting, exposing and neutralizing what he calls the “Beast of Terror.”   A former U.S. Marine Corps Combat Correspondent--and one of the first to land in Vietnam--he’s well aware of Terrorism’s brutal impact on human beings, societies, and the global balance of nations.

Upon returning from Vietnam with more than 100 combat missions under his belt, he focused his efforts on building businesses throughout the world.  As the first Senior Vice President of Marketing for Century 21 International Real Estate, he helped spearhead worldwide franchising in the 1970’s.   Century 21 was the largest and fastest growing professional services franchise in the world. In less than eight years it created more than 7,500 franchises, collectively selling more than $50 billion in gross product sales per year.  The company served as a model for other business format franchise systems.

After the company sold for $220 million, McKenzie helped a number of companies expand into new markets both in the United States and abroad. He helped introduce franchising into Japan and the Far East.

 On September 11, 2001, he was at the World Trade Center and witnessed the horror of burning buildings and hundreds of people leaping to their death.   “When the structures collapsed,” he recalled, “I was sure we were all dead.”  

 He survived the disaster, but not without an epiphany.  In the midst of the ashes, stunned and shocked by the events, he vowed to use his writing and marketing skills to rip out the roots of Terrorism.

“Post Nine Eleven, I launched the VigilanceVoice at   I made a vow to the thousands of people who died that day--whom I call Sentinels of Vigilance--to become a TerrorHunter.  I vowed to spend the rest of my life uncovering, discovering and obliterating the sources of Terrorism.”

 Convinced Terrorism is a disease of the mind--a malformation of human thought that employs Fear, Intimidation and Complacency as weapons to dominate individuals, nations and societies-- McKenzie designed a simple and effective method to attack the Beast of Terrorism.

He calls it the Pledge of Vigilance.  It helps users indentify “TerrorThoughts,” and neutralize them before they grow into what he calls “TerrorActions.”

The Pledge of Vigilance, he says, is a vow individuals, parents, communities, companies, CEOs, towns, cities and even nations can take to ferret out the “Seeds of Terrorism” before they take root.

“The Triad of Terrorism is Fear, Intimidation and Complacency,” he says.  “It must be countered with Courage, Conviction and Right Actions that benefit the Children’s Children’s Children.” 

To accomplish the task of Terror-Thought-Management, TTM as he calls it, McKenzie designed Shields and Swords of Vigilance.   He created the Plus One Percent Thinking System, a means by which one can audit and check random thoughts so that Fear, Intimidation and Complacency do not strangle an individual into inaction, or drive a company, society or nation into a state of stress and shock over Terrorism’s threats.

He also strategically positioned the goal of all TerrorHunting to benefit not the present state of society, but its future.  “When you make decisions against the benchmark of what’s right for the Children’s Children’s Children, you’re automatically thinking out over a hundred years.   You’re thinking about the impact this decision, or this action has on your children, grandchildren and great grandchildren.  That’s fathomable.  Every person can, when trained and motivated, see the reality of their decisions through the eyes of their progeny.   That makes individuals, companies and institutions sharp focus decisions.  It also helps everyone justify ‘what’s right for the children’ rather than simply ‘what’s right for me, my company, my state, my nation.’ 

       McKenzie has published more than 1.5 million words on how to battle the Beast of Terror since September 11, 2001.    For nearly 600 days, he has carved into the “belly of the Beast” and exposed it entrails in a variety of stories and themes.  In each and every case he comes to the same conclusion—that Terrorism must be abated by Vigilance, and a constant state of readiness must be effected or Terrorism will rise out of the ashes of Complacency.

 “The great danger for individuals, companies, institutions, societies and nations now that the Iraq War is over, is the belief that Terrorism has somehow been dethroned.    Nothing could be farther from the truth,” he says.   “Terrorism never dies, for when one Beast of Terror is buried, another is born.  It has been that way since the dawn of time, and will continue that way until the last ray of sun shines.  We are entering a new era in human history, one that hasn’t yet been named and labeled, but were we to look forward a few hundred years and then glance back,  I am convinced we are on the cusp of the Era of Vigilance—a time in which the world is being forced to instill a universal thinking process that leads to Vigilant not Terroristic actions.   And, the process begins at the grass roots level, from the business communities upward.”

 McKenzie’s experience in franchising gives him a powerful vision into the chemistry of world communities.   “Most societies are formed in populations of 30,000,” he said.   “There are about 10,000 households with about one business per 30 households.   The community is like a wheel, the hub of which are the businesses that feed the spokes.  The Communities of Vigilance will change the world, will take it upon themselves to guard against the Beast of Terror, not governments, not United Nations, not august bodies of statesmen and stateswomen issuing edicts downward.  It will be the people who refuse to be swallowed by Terrorism who will change the face of the world from a frown to a smile.”

That’s why McKenzie believes it is imperative that all businesses learn the Language of Vigilance.  “When a CEO of a small or large company starts to talk in terms of Vigilance of Profits, Vigilance of Expenses, Vigilance of Overhead, Vigilance of Efficiency, Vigilance of Waste, Vigilance of Management—then the world will begin to shift from a wobbly axis to one that is straight and effortless.  There is common focus between the janitor and CEO, between the mailroom clerk and marketing director, between the sales force and the accounting department,” McKenzie said.   “Vigilance is a laser, a guidance system that makes a hundred eyes one eye, a thousand hands one hand.  It unifies.   And, since Terrorism’s big goal is to confuse and befuddle, and irritate and ultimately spew a group or society into Complacency, against Vigilance, it doesn’t have a chance.”

McKenzie is available to help train executives within companies, and institutional managers on both the Language of Vigilance and Formulas of Vigilance.   He has a variety of what he calls “Terror-Hunting-Programs,” (THPs), geared to help the different management and labor levels understand and apply the Principles of Vigilance.    He also will help coordinate Strategic Planning Sessions for both short- and long-term goals, helping employ the Vigilance Formula to insure clear focus by all levels within a company or institution.

He also conducts seminars on a half- or full-day basis, orienting staff, executives and sales teams on the General Principles of Vigilance.    He is available to tailor specific marketing plans to include Vigilance Management Systems and Vigilance Marketing Systems, or to review them and make comments.

To contact Cliff McKenzie, you can email him through the VigilanceVoice website at, or, call 917-446-4001.    Please note you are interested in TerrorHunting information, and he will respond as quickly as possible.

McKenzie also does phone consultations with CEOs and executive leadership staff on issues of concern.  

Finally, he urges everyone to view his website,, and take the Pledge Of Vigilance. 


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