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Thursday-- May 2, 2002—Ground Zero Plus 233

The Sweet Smell Of Commie Pinkos
Cliff McKenzie
Editor, New York City Combat Correspondent News

        GROUND ZERO, New York City, May 2--Oh where or where have the Commie Pinkos gone?   I wish they were still here!
      As Archie Bunker would say, “those were the days!”
     Back during the Cold War all we had to do was worry about mutual annihilation.  Nuclear bullyism between the United States and Russia resulted in a stalemate with lots of cat-and-mouse maneuvers, but when it came down to a real showdown such as the Cuban Crisis, each side slipped the finger off  the nuclear trigger.  No one wanted Armageddon.
     Things aren’t as sweet today under the threat of Terrorism as they were when Winston Churchill dubbed the ideological block between the East and West as the “Iron Curtain,” during a speech given on March 5, 1946 at Westminster College in Fulton, Missouri. (link to Churchill's speech)
      The Cold War presented  a clear and present enemy, defined by physical locations and surrounded by geography and composed of citizens of a recognized state—ordinary people who wanted to live life without the threat of war.    The Russians were tired of war, after suffering casualties of dead and wounded in both World War I and II of a staggering 38 million.   America was also more than bloodied  with casualties and deaths from both wars, with over 320,000 killed or wounded in World War I, and more than 1.2 million in World War II.    Both sides lost a population larger than the state of California.
      The Arm’s Race proved only one thing—that modern nuclear war was suicide for both sides, and perhaps the world. The race ended with the destruction of the Berlin Wall on November 9, 1989.
      Then came the birth of Terrorism.
       Like a silent spider stalking its unwary prey, Terrorism slid down a silken strand of airspace on September 11 and smashed the fly’s sense of comfort and security that war was passe.   The fly, America's resolve to not wage war, was caught in the Terrorist’s web of Complacency.   It struggled wildly as plane after plane exploded into the heart of America’s serenity, signaling the advent of an enemy far worse than any imagined during the Cold War.  
        Terrorism, rather than obliterate humanity, threatened instead to instill Fear, Intimidation and Complacency on the doorsteps of every citizen.  Its goal was insidious--to produce the omnipresent fear of being being bitten to death by ducks.
        The fly didn’t know what to do.   A foreign enemy had assaulted its homeland soil--the first such attack since the War of 1812.   Now, American citizens were being singled out, one by one, indiscriminately targeted to show how the smallest kernel of antediluvian madness could infect the most advanced people on earth.
         May Day was designed to celebrate the freedom of the oppressed classes, to jubilantly extol the virtues of Communism and socialism en route to a  more perfect world in which everyone lived in harmony because there were no class distinctions, no rich and poor—a nirvana of equality.
        The Berlin Wall’s collapse signaled the failure of a “perfect state” under central control.   The world sighed a deep breath of relief.    Perhaps, the world thought, harmony was at long last within reach.   After the collapse of the Berlin Wall, the only problem left it seemed, was to figure out how to destroy and reduce the weapons of war, to shrink the massive stockpiles of nuclear and bio-chemical arms each side amassed to bully one another into deadlock
         An unexpected hand reached in to help.  Terrorism took charge of the disposal.  
         The spider web Terrorism had been weaving, spun itself around these “weapons of destruction.”  Engineers and technicians who built and maintained the weapons have sought new employment with shadowy figures of the sand, leaders of revolution who shift their headquarters with the winds and boast of their glories in caves.
        “Oh, sweet Commie Pinkos, where have you gone?”
        It was so much easier during the Cold War to find and hold the enemy in sight.  Back then, the tension between the two great superpowers of Russia and the United States held everyone else in check.   When communism collapsed, it freed the mad dogs of Terrorism to roam the world in search of bringing their agenda to the forefront of the world’s mind.  It was time for the Tortoise to beat the Hare.
        So far, the Hare has lost the race.
        America and the civilized, industrial world that seek peace and harmony, now shudder when a balloon explodes, wondering if the next promised Terrorist attack is being launched.
        Let me share an example of its pervasiveness.  My granddaughter and grandson were on the bus the other day returning from rock climbing class at Chelsea Pier in New York City with their grandmother.   Matthew, the soon-to-be six-year-old rock climber, had a balloon given to him by his instructor.   Sarah, his three-soon-to-be-four-year-old sister, was playing with it on the crowded bus when it suddenly exploded with a loud bang.
       The bus driver swerved.  Passengers ducked.  Faces paled.  Eyes widened with fear.
      “It’s only a balloon,” my wife yelled.  “Just a balloon that popped!  That’s all. It’s O.K.”
      Another incident of a more threatening nature occurred a few days ago.  A boiler in the basement of a building on 19th and Sixth Avenue exploded.   A number of people were injured from debris and flying glass, and hearts stopped as fear of another inevitable attack by Terrorists surged through the city.   Sirens wailed, and the eerie feeling of insecurity seemed to rise from the ashes of the World Trade Center, recalling memories not so deeply buried of the living, daily danger of Terrorism.
       This May Day was not a tribute to the working class' struggle for equal rights, but was really Terrorism Day.
       It was a day when those who wished for  Equality among all, couldn’t afford not to look behind them for a bomb, or worry about some object falling from the sky to destroy them randomly.  It was a day when people ducked on a bus in the heart of New York City over a popping balloon.
       Terrorism Day, sadly, is not merely a single day out of a year.  It can't be marked on a calendar or separated from all the other days of the year.   Unfortunately, it is every day.      
      As the present-time clock ticks, there are those fragments of madness planning the destruction of order in a vainglorious attempt to claim their independence from the evolution of society.   These people teach their children to be willing to strap bombs around their bellies and kill themselves to further their cause, at the expense of the innocent, the helpless whom they consider their "enemy."
      To combat Terrorism Day, we need to employ Vigilance Day, and honor it daily not annually..
      Since Terrorism’s primary object is to instill Fear, Intimidation and Complacency into a society of order and peace, the counterbalance to them must be to instill a stronger vein of  Courage, Conviction and Action in all who live in Terrorism's shadow.
      This teaching begins at home.
      In the Terrorism War, we must learn to teach our children how to not be afraid of life under the threat of death.   To effectively neutralize Terrorism, we must seek to reconstitute our wills, our characters, so that a shadow in the night, or a popping balloon won’t drive us to our bellies shaking and shuddering in fear of the unknown, the unexpected.
     One such powerful offensive weapon at our disposal is the Pledge of Vigilance. When we take it, we vow to attack not only Physical but also Emotional Terrorism both in ourselves and our loved ones.  We use Vigilance to fight the virus of Terrorism feeding upon our Fears.  
      The Cold War was won when both sides had equal power.   The War on Terrorism will only be won when the degree of Vigilance in each of us equals the degree of Terrorism in our enemies.  When Terrorists realize we fight Fear with Courage, quash Intimidation with Conviction, and rather than hide our heads in the sand of Complacency we are willing to stand up and take Action--then and only then will we have neutralized the threat of Terrorism.  If we aren't afraid, we can't be bullied.
      We can fight Terrorism today by taking the Pledge of Vigilance.  It is a step toward the destruction of Terrorism, one that must come from each and every parent, not from the government.
       When enough of us vow to the Principles of Vigilance, and act upon them to teach our children how to face the bullies of the world with Courage, Conviction and Action, then the Terrorism Wall will crumble just as swiftly as did the Berlin Wall.

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