Article Overview:   What is a Weapon of Mass Destruction?  Is it a biochemical or a thought of Fear, Intimidation and Complacency?   See if Saddam Hussein himself was a WMD?


Saturday--May 31, 2003—Ground Zero Plus 626
Is Saddam Hussein The Real WMD In Iraq?
Cliff McKenzie
   Editor, New York City Combat Correspondent News

  GROUND ZER0, New York, New York--May 31, 2003-- They call themselves the VIPS--the Veteran Intelligence Professionals For Sanity.   They are a collection of retired former CIA and State Department intelligence officers, currently launching an attack on the U.S. government for stacking the deck against Weapons of Mass Destruction(WMD) in Iraq.  They infer the U.S. twisted the intelligence community's data as primary justification for the war that ousted Saddam Hussein.

VIPS member Ray McGovern (CIA from 1964-1990)

      The group claims that after six weeks of finding no WMD in Iraq ''suggests either that such weapons are simply not there or that those eventually found there will not be in sufficient quantity or capability to support your repeated claim that Iraq posed a grave threat to our country's security.''  In other words, they are calling the U.S. a liar when it comes to justifying the war.
      Claiming more than a hundred years of collective knowledge about intelligence, spokesmen for the group allege the Administration leveraged intelligence data to support the war.   Factions of the intelligence community are making a vainglorious attempt to distance itself from politics.  They are not unlike pure accounting principles, attempting to not be influenced by "corporate headquarters" or pressured to bastardize data.  The VIPS fear losing  integrity as an "independent number crunching" organization.  By attacking the Administration's credibility, they want to avoid being used as a political football in the world arena.
       In a rare response to public pressure over the issue of politicizing intelligence date, CIA Director George Tenet issued a statement denying his agency bent to pressure from the Executive Branch.   Of course, his denial fuels the fires feeding the Beast of Intelligence Terror.

CIA Director George Tenet

      Defying the United Nations Security Council that sought extended time to launch inspectors in Iraq before unilateral action by the United States, the White House pushed forward and led the attack on Iraq, using the WMD threat to the security of the U.S.A. as the standard banner for crumbling Saddam Hussein's regime.
       Now, due to the lack of finding caches of WMD, a growing wave of critics are challenging the Administrations manipulation of intelligence.  This is the same organization that failed to sound alerts prior to Nine Eleven.
       But the attack begs the more important intelligence question--What Is The Worst Weapon Of Mass Destruction Possible?
       Is it anthrax?  Smallpox?  SARS?  Mustard gas?  Is it some horrible mutation of biogerms?
       Or, is it the Beast of Terror Itself?
       The greatest WMD is the cancer of thought.   It's most vile actors are the germs that infiltrates the children's mind with Fear, Intimidation and Complacency.  Its most obvious presence comes in the process of teaching hate.

WMD in the 1930's and 1940's

       A WMD back in the 1930's, for example, was the venomous words spewing from Adolph Hitler's mouth.  His "germs of hate" set afire a nation and turned a nation against any form of humanity that wasn't "like them."   Like a cancer cell, the hatred spread until it consumed the good.  It twisted and corrupted the cells of human kindness and empathy into crusted, perverted shells of bigotry and prejudice that led to the destruction of millions without a blink of an eye.
       The Beast of Terror, the WMD, then as now, was hate.
       Its primary effect on those it touched with its fallout was to blister its victims with Fear, Intimidation and Complacency--the Triads of Terrorism.   Terrorism's WMD twists and corrupts one's thinking into states of Complacency, creating utter hopelessness so that the jackboot of oppression can smash upon the necks of the innocent, killing, maiming and torturing thousands without the world lifting a hand.
        Iraq's leadership was a WMD, far more threatening than any biochemical lab.
        The world's reaction to it was Complacency.
        The United Nations turned its face away from the horror of such leadership.  By default, the U.N. protected Saddam Hussein from assault on the grounds of sovereignty.  The "hands off" attitude by the international community" created a makeshift shield, allowing Iraqi leaders the right to be inhumane to their people simply because 23 years ago they rose to power on the back of the Beast of Terror.
        I found the VIPS attacks on the Administration most insulting, almost as insulting as the United Nations feet dragging over justifying an attack on Saddam Hussein.   There is no worse insult to the rights of humans than the world's indifference to WMD such as Saddam Hussein.
        There could be little doubt the world had bent over backwards to offer Saddam Hussein the privacy of Terrorism within his own borders.   Yet anyone who knew his thirst for power and his drive to extend that power knew he would not hesitate to use any WMD on anyone--including his own people, including his own grandchildren's fathers whom he dragged through the streets of Baghdad for releasing to U.N. weapons inspectors details of his biological warfare stores a decade ago.

The UN and American Intelligence knew for years about Saddam's thirst for WMDs

           American intelligence had known for years about Saddam Hussein's thirst for WMDs.  So had the United Nations.  More so, both knew his skill and ability to use them, as he had on tens of thousands of Kurds.   Would the probability of his use of them again be less or more after he already set the example of killing his own?
         But the cry today is that the Administration "ponied up" the data, abused the intelligence community, and ripped away its credibility as a non-partisan entity.
         Does it mean the father or mother next door has to poison his or her children before being called a "Beast of Terror" worthy of being displaced?   And, following that logic, does it mean the father or mother can take a stick and torture the children with it by beating them and crushing lit cigarettes against their flesh and still not be considered a WMD?
         What is a weapon anyway?
         Isn't a weapon an instrument of Terror, not only against those closest to it, but those who might stand in its way?
         Where are the borders for WMD? 
         Hate and violence against humanity is a WMD, especially if it is issued by a central hand, and that hand seeks to grasp the throats of all within its grasp. 

The VIPS are Crybabies

        What about the $25,000 Saddam Hussein paid suicide bombers?   Were those dollars WMD?  Were they as vile and vicious as a liter of smallpox, or a warhead filled with anthrax?  Did the reward for hatred of others and the indiscriminate killing of innocents qualify as WMD?
         I think the VIPS are crybabies.

       Here they go trying to wash clean their own slate of Complacency.  For years, Saddam Hussein manufactured WMD and planned to build nuclear capability.   He wanted to destroy the world and rise out of the ashes as its leader.
         Terrorism is, unto itself, a WMD.

Kim Jong Il is a WMD

         Kim Jong Il is a WMD.
         So are all those who promote the Beast of Terror's wrath--the parents who feed upon creation of Fear, Intimidation and Complacency in the lives of their children.    We have large universal Terrorists in this world, and little tiny ones.  But the commonality of them all is their application of WMD.
          To try and say that the United States is wrong because we haven't yet found WMD that qualify for some bizarre definition of them is a giant act of Complacency.   It is reverse Terrorism.
          Saddam Hussein was the great WMD. 

Saddam Hussein was the great WMD

         We should not forget that.
          Neither should we forget that our Complacency to act before we did against Iraq was a WMD, for each day we waited cost the lives of countless Iraqis, and worse, feathered the beds of other Terrorists who saw the world reluctant to attack and destroy the Beast of Terror.
          Now, at least, the intelligence community is awake.
          It wasn't manipulated by the Administration, it was admonished.  And its VIPS don't like the fact they failed.   They failed to remind the world that the worst WMD is the human mind that creates cancer in the children of the world and the use of the human tongue--teaching Fear, Intimidation and Complacency.
          But Vigilance rules today.   Vigilance sees the WMD as what they are--cancers of the human nature.  America cut them out.    The intelligence community should be proud, not reactive.


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