Article Overview:   Bloodshed splatters the Road to Peace.   Can the Beast of Terror be tamed?  Or must he be killed?  What about American politicians trying to criminalize the Administration?  Are they the Hamas of American politics?  Are they our suicide bombers?


Thursday--June 12, 2003—Ground Zero Plus 638
Roadmap to Peace Splattered By Beast of Terror Bloodshed
Cliff McKenzie
   Editor, New York City Combat Correspondent News

  GROUND ZER0, New York, New York--June 12, 2003-- For those who think the Beast of Terror sleeps, awaken!
     He's alive and killing again.
     His roadmap is splattered with human blood--innocent women and children included.
     The Beast of Terror thrives on three simple staples--Fear, Intimidation and Complacency.  These are his Triads of Terrorism.

Hamas:  Islamic Resistance Movement

     He waits until people's hopes rise that "peace" is in wings, and, when the backslapping and hugging reaches a crescendo, he drives his fangs into the viscera of the world, ripping and shaking the entrails across the camera lenses of the world's media, just to remind them that Terrorism never sleeps.  It just waits patiently to foil those who think it can be erased.

Suicide bomber blew up bus in Israel

The recent attacks in Israel, and counterattacks by Israel against the militant Islamic group Hamas, resulted in 27 deaths and hundreds of injured.
     As far as the Hamas' Beast of Terror is concerned, there will be no peace in the Mideast as long as Israel exists.   There are many others who quietly endorse the militant actions of the revolutionary Islamic group that sent a suicide bomber to blow up a crowded bus.
     On FOX News, the Beast of Terror was reported on the move in Iran.  According to a report this morning, leaders of Iran visited North Korea three times this year, and recently refused the U.N. weapons inspectors access to one of their facilities being geared up to produce nuclear energy.
      Shades of Iraq?
      At the same time, the United States is launching an investigation to ferret out if the United States falsified intelligence information to promote Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) in Iraq.   The Administration claimed justification for the unilateral attack on Iraq was the threat of WMD.   Politically, the investigation is seeking to bleed the veracity of the Republicans in the public's view by shattering the Administration's credibility, and hopefully weakening its ability to lead the nation.    All this, of course, is about the up-and-coming elections and garnering votes.
        Hamas takes a much less civilized approach to broaching the political bridge.   It uses suicide bombers and violence rather than political investigations--but the goal of the two warring factions is the same:  divide and conquer.

Hamas Terrorist ready to die for cause

      Politics uses Terrorism just as Hamas does.   If enough Fear, Intimidation and Complacency can be injected into a candidate or political party to weaken its image in the voters' eyes, then victory has been achieved.
        Instead of the United States banding together across political lines to support the War on Terrorism--especially the impending threats of Iran and North Korea--division and derision is being launched.   Political suicide bombers are strapping on credibility explosives and attacking President Bush and the hard-liners who took it upon themselves to root out Saddam Hussein and establish a free state in Iraq.
       One might think that the United States would shed politics to complete the task of chasing down and quashing the Beast of Terror.   But, that's not the current approach.    Key leaders of the opposing party are shooting at the Administration, fueling the fires among all those in the Mideast and around the world who would love to see Americans turn on themselves, tear and rip at one another in the political battle-bot ring until they were rendered unable to rally enough support to take on an Iran or North Korea.
       The more the intelligence community is attacked, the more the next set of data that is used to justify an attack or forceful confrontation with a Terrorist Nation is watered down.   This dilution ultimately poisons the strength of America to serve as a policeman, a Sentinel of Vigilance against the rampages of the Beast of Terror.

Apache Helicopter in attack mode

       In a microcosmic way, Israel's immediate attack on Hamas with an Apache helicopter rocket attack on Hamas leaders in Gaza City in retaliation for the bus bombing, serves as an example to the world that Terrorism's only language it understands is bloodshed.
       Until the Terrorists are either killed or jailed, their thirst for blood cannot be quieted.
       Anyone who has ever tried to tame a rabid dog or animal knows the only way to insure it doesn't bite someone is to shoot it, or, lock it up so it can't come into contact with anyone else.
       Sentinels of Vigilance never take their hands off the hilt of their swords.   They realize that the Beast of Terror is always doing push-ups, waiting to pop out of the field of Complacency, waiting for someone to relax his or her grip on Terrorism's throat.
       In the Mideast, Hamas is the untamed Beast.   
       In Asia, North Korea follows the same path.
       Iran's refusal to let U.N. inspectors look at their nuclear reactor suggests it is flexing its muscles, defying the U.N. and the world to challenge them.
       At the same time, American politics is trying to hogtie President Bush, the world's singular Sentinel of Vigilance willing to challenge Terrorism on an international level.    The more the American political system tries to muffled and handicap American response to world Terrorism, the more the Beast of Terror flexes his muscles, thumps his chest, and sharpens his fangs.
        The Roadmap to Peace is not just a blueprint for the resolution between Israel and Palestine.   It is a strategy of anti-Terrorism  that applies to North Korea and Iran, plus any other nation or dictator or tyrant who thinks he or she can do whatever to build WMD and flout them in the face of a world weary of trying to tame the Beast.

Beast of Terror Willing To Destroy All In Its Path

     America's willingness to launch wars in Afghanistan and Iraq are symbols of the Sentinel of Vigilance's willingness to fight Terrorism. 
        It is a blueprint that other nations can view, showing the world that it only takes a few to stand up to the bully to bring the bully to its knees.
        But, at the same time, the drafting and execution of such a plan brings out the Beast of Terror in others.    Our Hamas here in America are those who seek to profit by weakening America.   They are the politicians and left-centered media who attack the Administration and try to "criminalize" acts of Vigilance against despots and tyrants, who, without any question in fact, have created WMD and used them.
        There is some insanity within American politicians that Saddam Hussein did not have WMD, or, that even if they haven't yet been found, wouldn't have systems to manufacture or hide them so that he could use them again.
        Yet, they will use all their power to discredit the Administration, to weaken America's anti-Terrorism might, to turn the Administration into the "evil empire" it set out to destroy.
        These suicide bombers of credibility forget that their attacks splatter blood on the road to peace.   That their acts are not unlike the Hamas.

Feeding the Beast of Terror

        They are feeding the Beast of Terror.
        One day, however, the Beast will not only take the food they feed them, but bite off their hands in the process.  Unfortunately, our children will lose. 
        If they were true Sentinels of Vigilance, they would be rallying behind President Bush, and demanding actions that benefited the Children's Children's Children, which would include the continued assault on the Beast of Terror.  Instead, they are only concerned about reelection, not the safety of the children.
        My suggestion to tame their madness:  make them take the Pledge of Vigilance and live by its Principles.   If they did, they would be more concerned with North Korea and Iran than in destroying the Sentinel of Vigilance armor of President Bush.


June 11--Global Fat Tax Bulges Beast of Terror's Belly

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