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-- June 23, 2002—Ground Zero Plus 284

A New Life--A Life Of Vigilance!
Cliff McKenzie
Editor, New York City Combat Correspondent News

GROUND ZERO, New York City, June 23--My wife and I became Grandparents of Vigilance last night.  Our older daughter gave birth to a healthy boy, conceived in the aftermath of Nine Eleven...brought into the world by the Hands of Vigilance.

       He came quietly...struggling for life.   The umbilicus was twice wrapped around his neck at birth, as though Terrorism was trying to strangle the Hope of Vigilance as he entered this world of trouble and toil.    But it was only a symbol of Fear, Intimidation and Complacency.   He survived the struggle with bravado, rising above the clutches of Terror's hands, guarded by the Sentinels of Vigilance whose spirits stand omniscient above Ground Zero, battling those who might threaten the Children of Vigilance.

       At my daughter's side was her sister, the federal agent.   She stood Vigilant as her nephew struggled to freedom with the help of the midwife.   On the other side of my daughter was her husband, Vigilantly soothing the Fears and Intimidations that rushed through both my daughters' minds.  
      Then the Child of New Hope let out his first cry--the Cry of Vigilance...released from the grips of the to know that his destiny, his legacy was to become a Soldier of Vigilance, to never forget to be wary of the Fear, Intimidation and Complacency that lurks even in the womb.
     He was two weeks overdue, but his late arrival was on time.
    We brought our two grandchildren to the Elizabeth Seaton Childbirth Center to see their new-born brother.   Matt, nearly six, and Sarah, nearly four, jumped excitedly when we received the phone call that they had a new brother.
      Matt, the first born, stood quietly and said--"I'm so happy I could cry with joy."
      Sarah clutched her brother, squeezing him.
      We all hugged one another and then jumped in a taxi to be whisked to the birthing center to see the new Child of Vigilance.
      I offer this poem for all the Children of Vigilance born after Nine Eleven--symbols that we must all renew our vows to fight Terrorism Within and Without.


     Oh, Child of Vigilance, conceived in a world of Terror
     Enter this word free of Fear, Intimidation & Complacency.
     You came from the ashes of destruction,
      Life in the face of Death.

      Let your presence forever remind us
      Terrorism is but a shadow of darkness
      Suffocating the joy of Vigilance
      Your Mission:  To bring Light to the Caves of Darkness.

      You were born with the Shield Of Vigilance
       Its Courage, Conviction and Right protects you.
       You are the Child of Hope...
       The Child of the Sentinels of Vigilance.

                                     by:  Cliff McKenzie 06/23/02


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