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July 24, 2002—Ground Zero Plus 315

The Galaxy Is A WIMP--Waiting For Us To Evolve Into Stars Of Vigilance

Cliff McKenzie
Editor, New York City Combat Correspondent News

       GROUND ZERO, New York City, July 24--While the world seems at war with itself, science is unifying its outlook on the existence of a peaceful universe.

       For centuries, science has conducted what may be likened to a "religious war," with one camp holding the world was launched under a "Big Bang" theory and another camp holding it was always in existence, in what is called the "Steady State."   One theory held it would one day collapse, implode--the Terrorist view--and the other held it was forever expanding, evolving, becoming eternal.
        The two camps weren't unlike the Israeli-Palestinian battle, cosmic warriors fighting over who was right about the the "ownership" of the earth's destiny, unbending, both using data to support the "right of ownership."
        However, the warring cosmic camps have found common ground.   There seems to be agreement, based on scientific data, that the cosmos is expanding at an accelerated rate, and, hopefully, keeping everything else in balance as it does.
        Credit for the "unification" of diverse opinions on whether the Big Bang or Steady State theory is a black and white issue goes to Dr. William Percival at the University of Edinburgh. The model he has created blends data from both warring camps and arrives at a conclusion that unifies both diverse opinions.

        The conclusion, if such is possible when dealing with the theory of the universe, suggests an evolution of the cosmos, a constant push-pull of forces that drive its growth, is much like a child seeking to expand his or body and mind.  The quest never ends.
        Ironically, the "genes" of cosmic evolution are called WIMPs, for "weakly interactive massive particles."   They form "cold dark matter."   As our planet passes through the Milky Way, for example,  the particles shoot through our bodies, rarely leaving a trace, "like moonlight through a window," notes New York Times science writer Dennis Overbye, whose July 23 story, In The Beginning..., gives a powerful layman's look at the unification issue.   These WIMPs, banding together, shape the cosmos, scientists say.
       In other words, WIMPs rule the universe.
       But what about the world--terra firma--earth?   Is it time for WIMPs to take control?

               bubble nebula
             galaxy cluster

      Paradoxically, earth is ruled by the few, not the many.   Our planet, some 5 billion years old, is the host for the Big Bang theory.   That is, without a "leader" we are helpless.   Our systems will crumble. 
       Historically, those in power look upon their people as "sheep," not responsible for their behavior, needing some leader, some guidance, some ruler to protect and preserve their existence.   
       But the WIMP theory knocks at the door to "assumed power," and once again delivers the responsibility for the evolution of human beings, as it does with the cosmos, to small particles, hardly detectable, but when grouped together,  they combine to create the "mass"  upon which the cosmos and human evolution is secured.
       What is right for the Middle East cannot be determined by the "few" administrating policy for the many.   What is right for American security cannot be dictated by Homeland Security or the Administration.   What is right for the world cannot be changed by kissing the Pope's ring.
       Only when the WIMPs of the world unite, can change occur.  "Weakly interactive massive particles," when unified under one common cause create a power strong enough to expand the cosmos.

           The Hubble Space Telescope

         While I am not a scientist, I am a parent and a grandparent.   I can see the cosmos of human behavior through the Hubble telescope of human history.   I see the world changing, evolving, but only when the people, the WIMPs, gain control of their destiny and stop relinquishing it to the "powers who be."
         Such is the nature of the Pledge of Vigilance.    It is a tool to help unify the WIMPs--the weakly interactive massive particles--who, once banded together,  can evolve the nature of the human condition away from Terrorism and toward Vigilance at an accelerated rate.

                  galaxy M100

        If the galaxy is expanding, then we humans should expand also by some formulation, by some equation that measures our evolution.  Einstein offered the core formulation for the expansion of the universe, and how it operates in his Theory of Relativity, E=MC (squared).

  galaxy ngc 4214

         Vigilance, I believe, is a matter of formulation also.   Like the universe, it involves the push of Terrorism against the pull of Vigilance.   It requires us to examine the particles of gravitational force between the two--"negative forces" being Terrorism and "positive forces"  being Vigilance.   To evolve, to accelerate forward,  we need only have at least one percent, or some fragment thereof, greater positive than negative forces restraining us.
                                             The Vigilance Formula:
(Courage - Fear) + (Conviction - Intimidation) + (Action - Complacency) = Vigilance!
          The Vigilance Formula  assumes that one is fighting the forces of Terrorism by recognizing their existence.   All that is necessary to combat Terrorism is to see it, as the Hubble allowed us to see far beyond our blindness.    One who does not recognize or admit to the battle between Terrorism and Vigilance allows the forces of nature to be in control, and, does not protect against their gravity or the Black Holes of Terrorism that threaten to suck the world into states of Fear, Intimidation and Complacency.   But one who does recognize Terrorism's threat and Vigilance's counteractive forces, nullifys Terrorism.

       Seeing the responsibility to fight Vigilance is like seeing the WIMPs, those invisible energy forces that go unnoticed in the cosmos until they collect and unify their forces, evolving our heavens beyond the beyond.
        Our evolution is not off schedule.   The universe, cosmologists claim, was born 13.89 billion years ago, plus or minus a billion.  According to Dr. Percival, only 4.8 percent of it is made of ordinary matter, just as the earth is composed of less than 30 percent of land and the remainder is water.


        Of the remaining nearly 95% of the universe, scientists claim matter of all types, known and unknown, luminous and dark, accounts for just 27.5%, just about equal to the land on earth surrounded by all the water.
         Like the water that laps at our shores, 72.5% of the universe comprises mysterious dark energy.
         I'd like to believe this is Vigilant Energy.   It is the pull that keeps the push restrained.  It is the force that opens the eyelids and allows one to see the need for Courage, Conviction and Right Action--the cosmic forces that turn WIMPs into universal planets.

        If we, as Citizens of Vigilance, Parents of Vigilance, Grandparents of Vigilance, Loved Ones of Vigilance, wish to see our human world evolve, we must band together as the WIMPs in the universe do, and evolve.
        Taking the Pledge of Vigilance is one more step toward securing the universe for our children, not only deep in the cosmos, but here on earth, where Terrorism is our Black Hole.
        Create a star.   Take the Pledge of Vigilance today.




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