Article Overview:   There are many different Fences of Vigilance, but they all have one goal:  to protect the children from the Beast of Terror.   Israel is building a fence to keep out Terrorists.  The Catholic Church is waging war on homosexual marriages.  But what is the average parent doing to keep the Beast of Terror  from crawling into bed with his or her children?


Thursday--July 31, 2003—Ground Zero Plus 687
The Fences Of Vigilance--Do They Keep Out Terrorism?
Cliff McKenzie
   Editor, New York City Combat Correspondent News

  GROUND ZER0, New York, N.Y.--July 31, 2003--  The Fences of Vigilance are being built around the world.  Their goal:  to restrain the Beast of Terror.   To keep him on the "other side."   To protect the "innocent" from harm.

Fences of Vigilance around the world attempt to protect the innocent

      A Vigilance Fence can by physical, mental, emotional or spiritual.   In Israel, a physical Vigilance Fence is being erected.  It's primary purpose according to Israeli leaders is to stop the flow of Terrorism, specifically suicide bombers.   It's a kind of reverse Berlin Wall, designed to keep out rather than  in,  people who threaten the security of the state.  Currently, thousands of Palestinians slip into Israel undetected.  Among them are the suicide bombers, those bitten by the Beast of Terror bent on spewing the venom of Fear, Intimidation and Complacency on those whom they consider their enemy.
      Not everyone is in favor of the high-security fence being built between the Palestinians and Israeli people.   Critics call it a border, a castle wall, something to be stormed, battered, crashed.
      But to 80 percent of the Israel people who favor the security fence, it is a signal of safety, of Vigilance, an act of protection to keep the innocent from being ruthlessly bombed.  

Israeli soldiers find two unused pipe bombs

     If nothing else, the fence is a sign of Vigilance.  It is an announcement to Terrorism that a line has been drawn in the sand and Sentinels of Vigilance are posted.
     Sometimes it is necessary for such signs to be made public.   
     Personally, I believe the Pledge of Vigilance posted on a person's refrigerator, is a Fence of Vigilance.  It is a reminder to all who enter the home that the occupants are making a stand against the Beast, and a reminder to the occupants to not forget their primary mission in life is to protect the Children's Children's Children by protecting the current children from Fear, Intimidation and Complacency.
      But Israel is not on the only one building Vigilance Fences.

The Vatican published a 900 page Lexicon on "Ambiguous and Colloquial Terms about Family Life and Ethical Questions" fortifying its Vigilance Fence

      The Vatican has launched a global campaign against gay marriages.
      With an increasing acceptance of same-sex marriages in Europe and North America, the Vatican's orthodoxy watchdog, the Congregation for the Doctrine of Faith, issued a 12-page set of guidelines against homosexual marriages today.  It calls such unions "gravely immoral" and urges non-Catholics to join an offensive to quash nations and states from recognizing same-sex marriage.
      Under the approval of Pope John Paul II, the document includes this statement:  ``There are absolutely no grounds for considering homosexual unions to be in any way similar or even remotely analogous to God's plan for marriage and family.  Marriage is holy, while homosexual acts go against the natural moral law.''
       The Vatican is worried about U.S. legislation that is mounting support to legalize same-sex marriages in America.   The Vatican document, ``Considerations Regarding Proposals to Give Legal Recognition to Unions Between Homosexual Persons,'' sets out a battle plan for politicians when confronted with laws or proposed legislation giving homosexual couples the same rights as married heterosexuals.
       The document also strongly opposes adoptions by gay couples, citing that a child is placed in a potentially harmful situation:  ``Allowing children to be adopted by persons living in such unions would actually mean doing violence to these children, in the sense that their condition of dependency would be used to place them in an environment that is not conducive to their full human development,'' the document stated.
        While the Vatican views homosexuality as Terrorizing moral law, opponents claim that homosexuals have the same rights as heterosexuals.   The battle on the homosexual side unfortunately doesn't focus on what is right for the children, or the Children's Children's Children.  Instead, it spins about the rights of the homosexual.   The Church's argument is that Vigilance Fence against homosexual marriages is ultimately designed to protect children and the sanctuary of heterosexuality.
        Political and moral Vigilance Fences are not new.   Throughout history, groups and nations have sought to protect themselves from "invaders" who seek to disrupt the status quo of their society, their beliefs, their doctrines.
        Today, the great threat to all Vigilance Fences is the Weapons of Mass Destruction.  Iran has ballistic missiles with the capacity to hit targets 1,300 kilometers away, and is seeking to arm them with nuclear warheads.   Iran wants to join nations such as North Korea, Pakistan and India who now have nuclear capacity.   They want the power to destroy any invader, or, to threaten anyone who challenges their authority.  Such Vigilant Fences can be swiftly turned into Terror Fences, used to inflict tyranny, oppression and destruction.
        Instability in nations such as Pakistan or North Korea can turn control of Weapons of Mass Destruction over to those who have no consideration for the future generations, and only seek to fill their own power kegs as full as possible.

The most important Vigilance Fence is the one a parent creates around his or her children

         But of all the various types, the most important Vigilance Fence is the one a parent creates around his or her children.
         Nothing impacts a child's future as a potential Sentinel of Vigilance than learning how to manage Fear with Courage, or how to overcome Intimidation with Conviction, and how to overpower Complacency with the duty to protect the Children's Children's Children.
        The only way this "fence" can be constructed around a child is if a parent, loved one or guardian takes on the responsibility to build such a fence around the child.
        This means the adult, the parent, the loved one or guardian must take on the role of becoming a Sentinel of Vigilance.  He or she must be willing to face his or her Beast of Terror and apply the Principles of Vigilance within before he or she can issue them to their ward.

A parent must sit with a child to learn how the Beast Terrorizes his or her child

         It means sitting with a child and learning the Fears, the Intimidations and Complacencies that keep a child manacled to the power of the Beast of Terror.  To achieve this, the Sentinel of Vigilance must be willing to face his or her own Fears, Intimidations and Complacencies, and to tell a child what they are.
         Children respect the truth and avert the lie.
         An adult who is honest with a child, one who is willing to show the same degrees of vulnerability, can break through the Self-Protection Fence a child creates to protect his or her emotional security.   Children keep their Terror secret, as we all tend to do unless we have someone who helps us uncork its bile and makes us willing to air it.
         Parents who learn to access the inner sanctum of a child's secrets can only find that path when they are willing to let the child access their inner sanctum.    Once trust is established, then the parent can work with the child on building the Courage to overpower the Fear, on the Conviction to quash the Intimidation, and the Right Actions necessary to thwart the dark clouds of Complacency.

Teach your child Vigilant fence-building techniques to keep out the Beast of Terror

       To build such a Fence of Vigilance a parent, guardian or loved one needs only shut his or her eyes and listen to the hissing of the Beast of Terror as it stalks the child.    No parent would allow his or her child to stand inside a pen with a wild, hungry, rabid animal.   Given a choice, the parent or guardian would make sure there was a strong fence, if not a thick wall, separating the two.
          But when a child goes to bed at night frightened of the boogey man, or worrying whether he or she is loved, or wishing his or her mom or dad would come in and give him or her a big love and hug, then the child is in the same pen with the Beast.
          The same is true of the parent or guardian.  When an adult looks in the mirror and sees a "loser," a "failure," or someone "not smart enough," "worthy enough," "good enough," then the Beast of Terror has the parent in his grips.   One cannot protect the child from the Beast one carries on his or her shoulder.
          To adequately protect others, we must create our own Fence of Vigilance, and separate ourselves from our Beast so it cannot gnaw on our self worth as we struggle to build our children's self worth.
          That's what Fences of Vigilance are all about.

Build your Fence of Vigilance today and protect the Children's Children's Children

       They are simple fences that can be constructed at any time, by simply taking the Pledge of Vigilance and then daily recommitting one's self to the Principles of Vigilance.  When attacked by Fear, Intimidation or Complacency, one needs only to exercise One Percent more Courage than Fear, One Percent more Conviction than Intimidation, and One Percent more Right Actions than Complacency.
         Then, the Fence of Vigilance is erected.
         Through the same diligent process, the fence will grow strong and then stronger.
         Then, the Beast of Terror will get tired of beating his head against the fence and stomp off to find those who have no Fence of Vigilance.
         Build your Fence of Vigilance today.
         Make your first posthole the Pledge of Vigilance.


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