Article Overview:  The Five Percenters get credit for killing cops and issuing Terrorism upon the world.   Do we ignore this violent group of American Terrorists, or do we become Sentinels of Vigilance to combat them?


Tuesday--August 26, 2003—Ground Zero Plus 713
The Five Percent Nation Of Cop Killers Need Vigilance
Cliff McKenzie
   Editor, New York City Combat Correspondent News

GROUND ZER0, New York, N.Y.--Aug. 26, 2003-- The Five Percent Nation has a couple of dogmas worthy of note.  One, is killing cops.  Two, is hating white people.

The Five Percenters were founded in 1965 by Clarence Smith (Allah)

     Founded in 1965 in New York City by Clarence Smith, a former Nation of Islam member, the group of black extremists believe that the black man is God and that only five percent of the population is righteous.
      They profess that blacks are the original people of Earth and founded all civilization, and that whites have deceived the world, causing it to honor and worship false gods and idols.
       Recently, a New York judge termed the Five Percenters a "religious group."  The decision removes members of the extremist group from isolation, where radical extremists are controlled, and offers them the ability to commune with one another.  To some, this means to plot more violence.

Hip-Hop music is the primary delivery source for the Five Percenters' message

    The primary source for the Five Percenters message delivery is through hip-hop music.   Lyrics that include violence against whites and sanctioning killing police officers weave their way through the messages, aimed mostly at discontent young black youth.  Contemporary rap artists like Busta Rhymes, Rakim, Big Daddy Kane and Lakin Shabazz have used the Five Percent flag on album covers using lyrics influenced by its doctrine.
     Prison officials in most states isolate the gang members, refusing to accept pleas they issue that they are a "religious group" and seek to be recognized as such so they can collect together and share information.
       New York is one of the only states to recognize them as a religious faction, even though the Governor of the state is being pressured to overturn the judge's ruling by Department of Correction officials who consider the decision a grave mistake.
       From a Vigilance viewpoint, the Five Percenters represent a contorted pretzel of Vigilance.

The logo of the Five Percenters

       Their logo is a number 7 superimposed over a five-pointed star and crescent image superimposed on the image of the sun.   The star, they claim, symbolizes knowledge and children.   The crescent moon, wisdom and black women.   Number 7, the seventh letter of the alphabet, "G," allegedly stands for God.   Seven also is considered the mathematical terminology for the Creator of the universe.   The white background symbolizes the deceptions and lies practiced by white people.   The sun represents truth and light.   The points around the sun are the symbol of the universe.
      The one positive element about the group is its recognition of the children.   As a group, it sees the children as the future of the world, but that world is limited to only Five Percent of the population, and further limited to only black children.
     As a Sentinel of Vigilance, children are the key to all decisions by adults.  But limiting the children to one color, one race, one creed is the great fallacy, the great divide that separates the potential of the Five Percenters. 

James Muhammad, one of the DC snipers, was a Five Percenter

   Five Percent is dominated by young adherents.  Part of the religion's allure there is no leader and the group's meetings, called parliaments, generally occur in public places.  James Muhammad, one of the DC snipers, was a member.
      Then, there is the issue of violence.   Promoting violence does not increase the evolution of children, but instead washes their future in blood, hate and combat.
      The Five Percenters may seem to some as just a fringe group of extreme hate-mongers, rap gangsters who pride themselves in killing cops and infiltrating the white world with hip hop rap that mesmerizes the young and seduces them as well as those older to accept their message in nefarious ways.
      What they do represent is a dedication to the future, even though that future is perverted in nature by its goal to serve violence upon all who don't believe or appear as they do in color or creed.
       My concern as a Sentinel of Vigilance is that their message has firmament.   It is structured to appeal to the disenfranchised.    And, it has clout.
       In New York, at least one judge has offered the gangsters sanctuary.   By deeming them a religious group, the judge opens the door to the group's authenticity and its ability to commune with one another rather than be isolated as other states do Five Percenters.
       The concerned Parents of Vigilance, Citizens and Loved Ones of Vigilance, can look at the Five Percenters and ask:  "What if we just ignore them?  Will they go away?"
       The judge in New York doesn't think so.
       The judge's decision gives credibility to the group, in part because of its structure--its logo and its purpose.

American law protects religious freedom but can the law be the grease that oils the chute of violence?

         American law protects religious freedom, even though some may argue that in Alabama where the Ten Commandments are being attacked for resting in the lobby of that state's Supreme Court.   Such freedom, however, can be the grease that oils the chute of violence, emptying upon society Terrorism from within the ranks.
        To combat factions such as the Five Percenters, all of us need to look at the Pledge of Vigilance and ask ourselves if we are willing to stand up for what we believe as the Five Percenters are willing to do?
        Complacency, the turning of one's head to issues of great importance, rules most of us.  We often don't feel the need to gather and form a union against forces we consider fringe elements.    We think the majority is far more powerful than the minority, and yet find ourselves constantly complaining about how the minority rules the majority.
         Terrorism is by far the minority of normal life in any land, in any nation.   Yet, it dominates us all.   The few manage the masses.   
         The Five Percenters understand this.
         So did Hitler.   He used a small percentage of thugs to rule his country.

The Five Percenters understand how Terrorism works

         Saddam Hussein followed the same path.    The few, the violent, the angry, the hateful, the spiteful, can often drive Fear, Intimidation and Complacency into the hearts of the unsuspecting, the unprepared.
         That's why each of us needs to become a Sentinel of Vigilance.   If we sign the Pledge of Vigilance, we combat and counter the many groups of minority Terrorists who threaten to upset the safety of us all.
         Regardless of our race, color, creed or religious convictions, we can all become Sentinels of Vigilance not for ourselves, but for our Children's Children's Children.

The Pledge of Vigilance issues a Terror Alert to the Five Percenters

        The Five Percenters recognize the future of their organization rests with their children, and the mothers of them.  It is embossed in their logo structure.    But what do we, as a unified group of the majority, do to counter such structure?  What counter-Terrorism do we apply to quell the threats of Fear, Intimidation and Complacency?
        The Pledge of Vigilance offers such a counter-balance.   It provides Courage, Conviction and Right Actions for all the Children's Children's Children to block the Triad of Terrorism--Fear, Intimidation and Complacency.
         Join the 95 Percenters.
         Take the Pledge of Vigilance.
         Perhaps if you do, the Five Percenters will follow.


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