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"No To Drugs, G-Ma"
Be A Parent Of No-Drug Vigilance

Synopsis: The greatest form of Terrorism is that of a predator stalking a child. Drug abuse is such a Terrorist, for left unprotected, a child is vulnerable to the dark and insidious powers of drugs and alcohol. G-Ma Lori takes her grandchildren to the Drug Enforcement Museum at One Times Square to tour the world of drugs--the sober side. Matt, 8, and Sara, 6, get a first-hand look at the often cruel and heartless appetite of drugs to ruin lives. Join her on a journey of how to explain to those you love why "Just Say No" is an act of Vigilance.

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        The Sophia Wisdoms are written by G-MA Lori, specifically for parents, grandparents and loved ones of children.   G-MA Lori was a witness with her granddaughter, Sarah, 3, when the Terrorists attacked the World Trade Center and destroyed the Twin Towers.   Children of any age assimilate Terrorism in ways adults often misunderstand, or don't understand. 

The Sophia Wisdoms are written by G-Ma Lori pictured here with one of her grandchildren

          G-MA Lori's stories open themselves to understanding the child's thinking, and how to relate various themes to them to assist the child--in his or her language of innocence--to comprehend the meaning of how to live without "fear," "intimidation," and "complacency. 
         She also shows the children how to build the counter-parts to these three Terrorism booby traps--by teaching the how to replace "fear" with "courage, "intimidation" with "conviction," and "complacency" with "action."   
        Many of the stories offer provoking questions for parents and guardians to ask themselves.  This helps the reader to get the most from the story, and to apply those principles the reader feels valid.   Below are listed synopsis of each story, and a link to that particular story.  

Wisdom 1  A Fairy Tale For Children--Guardians Of The Towers      Synopsis:  A three year old witnessed the destruction of the Twin Towers.  She is calmed by a simple fairy tale told by her grandma.  In the story the little girl is learns the ‘Queen’s Dragons’ will protect her and other children by helping them and their grownups learn to be ‘Semper Vigilantes’—Always Vigilant!  Together, they drive the bad dragons of Terror out of the Land of Peace and Beauty.  Go To Sophia 1 Wisdom

Wisdom 2 Watch Out--The Dinosaurs Are Coming!  Synopsis--How do you tell your children, grandchildren, or any child, why their favorite playground was destroyed by Terrorists, and turn it into a lesson of Vigilance for the future?   In this story, G-Ma Lori finds a way to use the imagination of the children to stem a tide of violence caused by the Terrorist attack, and to make them aware of  fighting Fear with Faith in those who watch over them.  Go To Sophia 2 Wisdom

 Wisdom 3  Don't Be Afraid Of Halloween!  Synopsis--Telling a child to not be afraid on Halloween is a tricky one, even for G-Ma Lori.   In this story, the children are concerned about what they heard at school about other children being afraid to celebrate the children's night of Halloween.  G-Ma Lori shares her magical story with them to erase their fears.   Go To Sophia 3 Wisdom

Wisdom Keep The Candles Of Vigilance Always Lit  Synopsis--What happens when a child keeps believing in praying for the lost souls and the candles of Vigilance go out?  In this story Sarah is dismayed her favorite shrine disappears, but then revived when she finds another to honor.   Go To Sophia 4 Wisdom

Wisdom 5  Destructasaurus:  A lesson in violence management by the children.  Synopsis--G-Ma faces a dilemma--"what to do when the children want to build Twin Towers and destroy them?"  Her instincts are to step in and stop the "play," but the lesson she learns teaches her children know the difference between "good" and "evil."  Go To Sophia 5 Wisdom

Wisdom 6  Wash Your Hands, Please!  Synopsis:  What does a three- and five-year-old know about anthrax, or its terrorism? Perhaps more than we think.   In this story, G-Ma Lori faces some tough questions about “bugs” that threaten her grandchildren, and how to defend against them in a positive way.   Can terrorism be neutralized with courage, conviction and action?   G-Ma Lori finds a way to use children’s imagination to understand how to be cautious and protective without the residuals of fear and intimidation.   She employs the Angels of Vigilance to help her assuage the fears of her grandchildren.     Go To Sophia 6 Wisdom

Wisdom 7 The Thanksgiving Empty Chairs  Synopsis:   On Thanksgiving Day, many chairs at the table will be empty of the physical body, but full of the spirit of those who lost their lives on September 11.   But what about the countless millions of children who have no parents, or whose mother or father doesn't show up to celebrate Thanksgiving?   In this touching but telling story, GMa Lori shares with Matt and Sarah the meaning of Thanksgiving, and calls upon the Parents Of Vigilance to fill the empty chairs of those who are gone, or those who are still here but who have forgotten to remember their children.  Go To Sophia 7 Wisdom

Wisdom 8 Letters to Santa 2001  Synopsis:   Writing a 'Letter to Santa' is an important and fun tradition for the children of the world and their parents or guardians.  However, this year it is threatened by the United States Postal Service.  The fear of 'Antrax' has delayed (or destroyed) the 'Letters to Santa drop box'.  The Postal Service has a special web site and there are many other sites where children can impersonally try to contact Santa.  G-Ma Lori tells the readers about the letters written by her grandchildren and what was involved in mailing them to the North Pole.  One more time children are face to face with terrorism and are in need of you Parents of Vigilance to help solve this battle for tradition. Go To Sophia 8 Wisdom

Wisdom 9 THE COMFORT OF TRADITIONS IN THE FACE OF TERRORISM  Synopsis:  G-Ma Lori faces some tough challenges in this story.   How does she "erase" the memory of September 11 and the disastrous events from Matt's and Sarah's minds as they prepare for Christmas.   She elects to talk about Christmas Traditions--how others celebrate.   But the effort doesn't work.   A cat and a Christmas Tree keep the threat of Terrorism alive.  Go To Sophia 9 Wisdom

Wisdom 10  THE SELFLESS CHRISTMAS STOCKING  Synopsis: In a world riddled with Terrorism and its threats of “fear,” “intimidation” and “complacency,” what is the best way to explain the “Spirit Of Christmas” to two little children?   In this story, G-Ma Lori elects to use a “selfless Christmas stocking” as her guide to understanding.  It is a story passed down to her from another generation, one that she hopes will be passed down again and again so that “courage,” “conviction,” and “action” will replace Terrorism’s piece of “black coal” for her grandchildren, and all the children of any religion or spiritual belief.  Go To Sophia 10 Wisdom

Wisdom 11  THE LESSON OF A NEW YEAR'S RESOLUTION  Synopsis: G-Ma is reminded by her little ones to 'never forget to remember' she is a Grandparent of Vigilance and teaches them how to make a resolution for the new year that they can start at anytime, or restart if they forget.  She is again reminded how easy it is be become complacent. Go To SOPHIA 11 Wisdom

Wisdom 12 --THE FAMILY HOUR  Synopsis: Reminds readers that Complacency can strike at any time even in the most vigilant and caring people.  G-Ma Lori dropped her shield of complacency as she found herself caught up in the excitement of the filming of a TV show in front of her grandchildren's apartment.  Her grandson is unscathed by the events, however, her younger granddaughter, sensing her G-Ma's dismay when the action begins, is afraid. G-Ma Lori is sorely reminded she must be on 'vigilance alert' for the well being of her little charges. Go To Sophia 12 Wisdom

Wisdom 13 A  TERRORLESS  VALENTINE'S DAY         Synopsis:  Little ones can be terrorized by not receiving as many Valentines as other kids in their school class or neighborhood party.  G-Ma shares with her grandchildren the terror she experienced when she dropped her bag of valentines in the creek after being hit by a rock thrown by a bully who knew he wouldn't receive any cards and struck out in the way he knew best.  She shared she learned Valentine's Day is a time to be friends with everyone and not to forget the children who lost loved ones in the Terrorist caused  crash. Go To Sophia 13 Wisdom

Wisdom 14  The Shamrock of Vigilance.  Synopsis: G-Ma's little leprechauns remind her she too for the first time will  not be terrorized by St. Patrick's Day and be able to celebrate St. Patrick's Day as well as  help Matt and Sarah be proud of their Irish heritage.  She shares Irish folklore with them and promises herself she will hold up a shamrock of vigilance this year and those that follow..  Go To Sophia 14 Wisdom    

Wisdom 15   Here Comes Peter Cottontail      Synopsis:  Matt and Sarah discuss their Christian celebration of Easter and learn how other religions celebrate.  G-Ma reminds us of the importance of Vigilance and throws the rotten eggs of Terrorism out of her Easter Basket.  Go To Sophia 15 Wisdom

Wisdom 16 Girls Can Be Goatsuckers Too!   Synopsis:  G-Ma is worried.  She learns that Title IX, guaranteeing equal rights in school sports between boys and girls is under attack.   Her own past was filled with the Terror of Discrimination where she was unable, because of her sex, to play sports.  She wants to insure Matt and Sophia understand their rights, and explains to them the importance of Vigilance & Equality.  Go To Sophia 16 Wisdom

Wisdom 17 You Can Be A Superhero Too!   Synopsis:  With the focus on Superheroes, who does a child look to for protection, for his or her role model of Vigilance?  In this timely story, G-Ma Lori shares the excitement of imagination with her grandchildren, but, as a Grandmother of Vigilance, she is cautious to include the difference between "make believe" super-heroes and "real" superheroes--the kind who run into burning buildings to save women and children, the kind who don't make the covers of comics, but each day provide a child with all the protections that make believe superheroes pretend to offer.   Go To Sophia 17 Wisdom

Wisdom 18  Pigeon Paranoia  Synopsis:  Are pigeons friends or foes?  G-Ma learns a big lesson in "pigeon prejudice."   Attacked by pigeon droppings, G-Ma turns to the web to find out how to stop the Terrorist attacks on her head and window sill.   Grandchildren Matt and Sarah also suffer from "pigeon prejudice," disliking the 40 million pesky birds that wait in trees throughout New York City to drop their "bombs" on G-Ma's head, eyes and glasses.   But when G-Ma starts to learn about pigeons, she finds a fascinating story of Vigilance--one that turns the Terrorism of pigeons into unfolding pages of Courage, Conviction and Right Action.   She shares her knowledge with Matt and Sarah and teaches them that "pigeon prejudice" is about ignorance, and provides a lesson for herself and the kids on how to respect the Pigeons of Vigilance.     Go To Sophia 18 Wisdom   

Wisdom 19  Three's Not a Crowd in the Garden of Vigilance       Synopsis:  Sibling rivalry can create Terrorism or produce the seeds of Vigilance.   In this story, G-Ma Lori takes the reader on a journey through the challenges on a new baby displacing the "old baby."  What happens when 3-year-old Sarah finds out she has a new brother instead of a sister, and "he" has taken command of the "baby-in-the-house" position?   Parenting is about balancing the fairness between all children, making each special, and treating new additions to the family as one more "Angel of Vigilance."   But, it requires Courage, Conviction and Right Actions.   G-Ma's history of growing up as the "only girl" in a "boys" world was full of Terror of not "fitting in."   She shares with Sarah the joy of her new baby brother, and helps her make the transition to "Three Is Not  A Crowd."  Go To Sophia 19 Wisdom

Wisdom 20 Waters of Life and Death   Synopsis:  When G-Ma Lori's mother dies, and sadness settles in over her loss, Sarah and Matt come to her comfort.  They become Children of Vigilance, reminding G-Ma Lori that there is life after death, a beautiful life of memories and guardianship over them, that is expressed in their intuitive imaginations that keep their great grandmother, GaGa, alive as a Sentinel of Vigilance, always there with them in spirit. Go To Sophia 20 Wisdom

Wisdom 21 The True Meaning of Christmas  Synopsis:  As Christmas approaches we face the constant issue of how to teach a child the difference between materialism and spiritualism.    In this story, Sarah wants to know who is in charge of Christmas--Santa or Jesus?    G-Ma faces some big challenges trying to tell her, only to find out that Sarah knows the truest meaning of Christmas.   Enjoy this wonderful story about how children teach adults--the meaning of Christmas. Go To Sophia 21 Wisdom

Wisdom 22  Emotional Band-Aids   Synopsis:  Helping a child not to feel sad when she or he doesn't meet the 'standards' of her or his peers and is excluded is difficult to do.  G-Ma Lori uses stories from her rejections and disappointments as a child to emotionally bandage her granddaughter Sarah.  She also turns to the Rescue Heroes and Sarah's brother Matt to help her.  She discovers Sarah knows inside beauty is more important than pretty dresses and has herself been a 'Rescue Hero' to a playmate and put a band-aid on her pain.  Go  To  Sophia 22 Wisdom   

 Wisdom 23 Toys of Vigilance  Synopsis:  In a world filled with news of war and violence, where killing and death come into the living rooms of millions of Americans, how do you manage the issue of violence and non-violence with a child?   What filters or censors do you install?  What guidelines do you use to distinguish positive from negative aggressive behavior.   In this G-Ma story, find out how Matt and Sarah create their own heroes, and how they use their imaginations to counter the impact of a world trying to mesmerize them into thinking violence means death and destruction.   Parents of Vigilance know there are ways to manage violence.  Learn how you can too.   Go  To  Sophia 23 Wisdom  

Wisdom 24   The Fix-it Gals  Synopsis: When a five-year-old faces a Terrorist on the street, what does she do?  She calls for "Fix-It GMa," Sentinel of Fix-It Vigilance.  Five-year-old Sarah is threatened by a sharp piece of metal on a New York City sidewalk, extruding from the railing of an apartment.   To protect her and other children, G-Ma Lori comes to the rescue with her Pliers of Vigilance, twisting the sharp Terror Shard into submissiveness, freeing the land once more for the Children's Children's Children.  What lesson does this provide?  It reminds Sarah, and all little girls, that being a "Fix-It Gal" is an act of Vigilance, something that provides her with Courage, Conviction and the ability to take the Right Actions.    Are you a Fix-It Gal?   Can you turn adversity into advantage?  Or, are you a victim of  "Can't Fix-It Terrorism?"   Find out why you should be a Fix-It Gal, and teach others how to be the same. Go To Sophia 24 Wisdom  

Wisdom 25  Water-Proofing The Children's Children's Children from The Beast Of Terror Synopsis:  Terrorism takes many forms, but one of the most insidious for a parent is the Terrorism created by water.   Young children can drown in a small amount of water.   A phone call while a child is bathing can create a tragic event if a child is left unattended.   Swimming pools are as dangerous as a suicide bomber climbing aboard a bus, or Osama bin Laden strolling in the Rose Garden at the White House.   Vigilance can "water proof" the dangers created by the "Beast of Water Terror."  G-Ma Lori offers Parents, Grandparents and Loved One's of Vigilance an incisive look at how to be Vigilant in the Water-Proofing of the Children's Children's Children. Go To Sophia 25 Wisdom

Wisdom 26  " Rule 62" or  Vigilant Activities    Synopsis: Lori offers readers a powerful but simple tool to bridge the gap between child and adult.  It's called "Rule 62."   And it thrives when a parent or loved one engages in Vigilant Activities--those actions that build a child's Courage over Fear, Conviction ahead of Intimidation, and ability to take Right Actions over the ease of Complacency.    Join G-Ma Lori on another quest to build the Bridge of Love between herself and her grandchildren.    
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Wisdom 27  Please, No Barbie Dolls!    The world’s most popular doll is Barbie.  She now is sold in more than 150 countries and generates more than $2 billion in sales.   But is she just a doll with a voluptuous figure, or much more than that?   Currently, the world thinks of America as being a bunch of GI-Joe dolls, but how many realize we are really a nation of Barbie dolls?   If you haven’t looked at the strength of Barbie’s character, or her positive force in shaping the confidence and independence of young women around the globe, maybe you should join me in a deep look into Barbie’s impact on my granddaughter and on the young women of the world.  Go To Sophia 27 Wisdom

Wisdom 28  Can You Teach Children To Be Patriotic?   Synopsis:  Patriotism is many things to many people--but to a child, it is about love. It is the art of loving the soil, the land, and the legacy of one's country's finest points. How do you instill into a child patriotism when you, as an adult, may have different views of what it means? How do you protect a child from starting life with a slant on patriotism that may harm his or her belief system later on? In essence, how do you be a Parent or Grandparent of Vigilance regarding patriotism, so that a child feels safe and secure in the arms of his or her country's history and its potential? Here's G-Ma Lori's way of imparting patriotism to her grandchildren.

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Wisdom 29  "No Drugs, G-Ma" Be A Parent Of No-Drug Vigilance Synopsis:The greatest form of Terrorism is that of a predator stalking a child. Drug abuse is such a Terrorist, for left unprotected, a child is vulnerable to the dark and insidious powers of drugs and alcohol. G-Ma Lori takes her grandchildren to the Drug Enforcement Museum at One Times Square to tour the world of drugs--the sober side. Matt, 8, and Sara, 6, get a first-hand look at the often cruel and heartless appetite of drugs to ruin lives. Join her on a journey of how to explain to those you love why "Just Say No" is an act of Vigilance.

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What The Sophia Wisdoms Are All About

        Within the Sophia Wisdoms is a forum for women to speak about our innermost feelings, our fears, our hopes, our pains, our joys, our dignities,  and best of all,  how our life experiences may help other women overcome the Fear and Complacency that Terrorism feeds upon. 

        There are two kinds of Terror we deal with—that which Bin Laden creates—the Fear from “without,” where our children’s safety is at risk, and our family’s welfare and security is threatened by attack—and the Fear from “within,” the emotional Fears that women hold within, afraid to face, that often destroy their Happiness and Joy.   We offer the Sophia Page for all women today and those of  generations to come.

          We Sophias live in big cities such as New York City, and small towns in rural areas like Fayette, Ohio.   Sophias come from all walks of life. Many of us are wives, some married, some divorced.  Many of us are single.  Many are mothers, daughters, grandmothers; teachers, students, business and professionals either working or homemakers— all guardians of the home-front.  

No matter what walk of life we come from, or what religious conviction we hold, or whether we are heavy or skinny, tall or short, wrinkled or smooth-skinned--we are all strong, beautiful women.  We are the ones who are charged to protect the home.  We guard the frontiers of freedom while our progeny  - our men, our sons, our daughters, our nieces, nephews, our grandchildren - go off  fight the enemy--and leave us to wait, to hope, to pray they will return safely. 

 For centuries it has been our duty to stand tall and proud, dignified in the face of Fear.  It has been our responsibility to protect our children from emotional as well as physical harm; to stand as a shield against those who might steal their innocence.   From such battles over countless centuries, we have derived an incredible wisdom--a wisdom earned from the great pains of motherhood, sisterhood, niece-hood, aunt-hood—a wisdom derived from the pain of seeing our children killed, our men crippled, our land raped, our innocence plundered.  

In the face of such challenges to our stature, we stand tall - as Scarlet did in Gone With The Wind, when she walked out into the burned, ragged rubble of Tara, her home, and said "Tomorrow is another day.”   That’s what this page and these stories  are about.  G-Ma Lori's stories are stories not just of her and her grandchildren.  The stories are all of the Wisdoms of all Sophias written in the belief that the future will be better than the present for the Children's Children's Children.

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