Article Overview:  Photos and pictures illustrating the balance between Vigilance and Terrorism.


Saturday--February 15, 2003—Ground Zero Plus 521
 Stumbling Into Winter's
Snowy Terrorism

Cliff McKenzie
   Editor, New York City Combat Correspondent News

GROUND ZERO, New York City, Feb. 15--We took off today to spend a weekend in Maryland.  We ended up walking into a Snowstorm of Terrorism where we learned the art of Vigilance.
       Over the next few days, I will report to you various aspects of being trapped in one of the worst snowstorms in East Coast history--and how 16 people found Courage, Conviction and Right Actions a way to combat Fear, Intimidation and Complacency when Mother Nature cut off all escape routes to civilization.  Below are my comments on various sets of pictures taken each day.  These are from Day One!

       We arrived to a fable.  We were told American Bald Eagles landed on a tree overlooking the Elk River.   I was a bit skeptical, but kept an open mind.   The first morning we awoke to the sound of the word--"Eagle!  Eagle!"
        I rushed down to see whether it was indeed an eagle or just a bird that looked like one.  To my surprise, it was an eagle.  It was bold and beautiful, standing Vigilant on a naked branch.
       I thought of America's stand against Terrorism.   I thought of the lonely eagle on the branch.   Then I thought that eagle's aren't lonely at all.  They are strong in their individuality.  They are bold in their resolve, fearing not the storms of dissent that try to ruffle their feathers.
       Few nations in the world have the Courage, Conviction and take the Right Actions to stand up against Bully Terrorism.   I thought of the young children we were safeguarding for the weekend, in the snow.  I thought of the Eagle of Vigilance spreading its great wings over them, standing as their Sentinel of Vigilance.   I thought about nations that would rather stick their heads in the sand, and wondered how they might feel about their national bird being an ostrich.   I was glad the eagle blessed us with its presence.  I was glad because I knew Terrorism was being watched, and that our grandchildren and children would be safe.

Vigilant Bald Eagle guards house and grounds           Evening snow softly sweeps across the serene landscape

      The Ursuline retreat house is a 90-year-old farmhouse sitting on a pristine finger of land overlooking the Elk River.  The Ursuline nuns are primarily a teaching order that arrived in North America in 1639 from France, but have branched out over recent years into other areas of social service. 

       The retreat house is used by groups and the nuns to enjoy the beauty and spirituality of nature.  Below, the children commune with books and drawings, engaging themselves in the security of family.   I thought of how Vigilant their parents, grandparents, uncles and aunts were regarding their future.   They guard them from the Beast of Terror, surrounding them in a Village of Vigilant caring that reinforces in them the duty and responsibility of parents and loved ones to keep the Beast of Terror at bay.   I felt proud to be part of a group who cared more about their children's future than they did about their own present.  


  Country house proved more than hospitable for the  sixteen of us    Oldest cousin reading                                                                                               

      Darkness can bring nightmares or await the Dawn of Hope.   The road leading from the house reminded me of a path from the Light of Vigilance into the Darkness of Terrorism.   Without the Light of Vigilance the Beast of Terror rules the shadows and roosts in the branches of gnarled tree limbs, eager to leap on the Fear, Intimidation and Complacency that resides in us all.  But if we are Vigilant, we shine the light through the darkness, illuminating Courage, Conviction and Right Actions for the future of the Children's Children's Children.  Then, the next morning, the sun rises.  Dawn appears.  And the Beast of Terror skulks his way back into the dark caves, waiting, hoping the Sentinels of Vigilance will sleep and forget their duty to protect.   But in our case, he would have a long, long, long wait.

          Mother Nature's sun sets as we sleep unaware of the might and power she  demonstrates  in the days to follow








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