Article Overview:    When you look into the Hubble telescope, you can see the beginning of the universe.   But was it the beginning of Terrorism or Vigilance?   Where should we look today for the answers to our future?


Wednesday, March 10, 2004—Ground Zero Plus 910
Peering Into The Eye Of God? Or, The Beast Of Terror?

Cliff McKenzie

     GROUND ZER0, New York, N.Y.--Mar. 10, 2004 -- Astronomers claim the Hubble telescope has just taken pictures of the Eye Of God--that is, the beginning of the universe give or take 300 million years or so.

History of the Universe from the Hubble Telescope Scientists

      The question is:  Are they looking at the Creational Eye of God or the Creational Eye of the Beast of Terror?
       According to scientific Big Bang Theory, around fifteen billion years ago nothing existed.   Well, nothing that we consider "existence."   There was, allegedly, no matter.  Matter was compressed in infinite degrees of perfection until it burst.
        Or, better put, the world went BANG!
        According to the scientists, out of the quiet nothingness came existence.   Matter shot through space like shrapnel from a mortar, spewing planets here and suns there, some spinning faster than others, each unique in its own way.
         The celestial stage was set.
         Enter stage right, The Universe.  It is hissing and burning, gestating as it struggles to stretch and yawn itself into shape and form.
         Part of the shaping was Earth.  About five billion years ago the earth was formed as part of this expanding universe.  
        Earth is now the home to the Baltimore-based astronomy team that unveiled last week what it calls the Hubble Ultra Deep Field image.  It reveals a "close up" of the emergence of stars in the universe formed in the first half billion years following the Big Bang.

        Astronomers at the Space Telescope Science Institute of the Johns Hopkins University claim the pictures (available at ) are a bird's eye view of "creation."
         The Hubble opens to exploration the period of time from 300 million to 700 million years of age, when, theorists suggest, the first galaxies were burning themselves out of the murk that descended when the fires of the Big Bang cooled. Dr. Massimo Stiavelli, of the institute, called those years a crucial period in the early life, "a teething for the universe." He added, "Hubble takes us to within a stone's throw of the Big Bang itself."

Hubble telescope looking for the eye of God

        Following this scientific explanation, one could assume that the Hubble is looking at the Eye of God.  If one believes that some "force" or some "higher power" orchestrated the design of all things for some purpose, then the "moment of creation" must represent the Eye of God--or the Eye of Creation.
           To some, there is a great irony about wanting to know the source of all creation, to nail it down to some specific time frame.   By determining the beginning of something implies that one can extrapolate its end point.    When you have created the "mortality" of something, it loses its "immortal" nature; it is stripped of its mystical spirituality.
          And, I'm not so sure that the creation point the Hubble team seeks to establish is the Eye of God.  It could be the Eye of the Beast of Terror.

Aldous Huxley's quote provoked a great many questions

           I saw a quote the other day that stated:  "Maybe this world is another planet's hell."
           I looked at the proclamation from the well-known writer and philosopher, Aldous Huxley.   It provoked a great deal of questions.
          Why do humans constantly battle between "good" and "bad," "right" and "wrong," "just" and "unjust," "moral" and "immoral?"
            Life is a giant test, a challenge that pits our negative forces against our positive ones.    Our literature, art, history and societal evolution is all about "right" versus "wrong," the triumph of "good" over "evil."  
           If one were to look at the pages of our history and ask:  "How far have we come from the days when we bashed each other's head with clubs, the distance wouldn't be much.    We may have improved the delivery system of the "club" but the brutality by which we swing it hasn't changed.
          And, I'm not just referring to the War in Iraq or the countless conflicts raging in nations.    The wife or husband who takes a hammer to the other's head, or the girl walking down the street who is kidnapped, raped, beaten and killed is just as much a part of the same caveman violence as the "smart bomb" slipping off target and smashing into a school instead of a bunker.
            With all our religion and social justice efforts, have we really improved our Terrorism by reducing it, or have we simply civilized the way we deliver it?
            The question poses countless other questions. 
           Let's postulate that prior to "creation" under the Big Bang Theory we were "perfect,"--neither positive nor negative, not anti-matter or matter-- then following the explosion we became "imperfect."   That is, we became "matter," a combination of the positive and negative forces that must push and pull at each other's elements  to create tension and gravity necessary to hold things in relative shape.

Did the Moment of Creation birth the Eye of God or the Eye of the Beast?

         Matter, after all,  is the presence of the imperfect for it requires the unequal vibrations of positive and negative forces, the proton and neutron.   Take away gravity and we explode.    A human being sucked into space without a pressurized suit will explode/implode.  Nothing will not hold him or her together, only something will.  Nothing then, is perfection.   Something is imperfection.   Out of Nothing came Something.  The birth of the Universe!
           So that forces the question: Did the Moment of Creation birth the Eye of God or the Eye of the Beast?  Which one do we see when we look back at the dawn of time?
           Is Earth Purgatory, the place where we try and "get it right" before being shipped up or down for more training until we do get it "right?"  Or, is it simply the third rock from the sun?  Just another mass of atoms compressed and spinning at 1,000 miles an hour at 23.5 degrees tilt to its axis.
           I wonder about those astronomers looking back through time to within 300 million years of "creation"--I wonder what goes through their minds.   Do they hope to see the faint image of "God" or the "Devil" impressed into some celestial shroud, offering some signal as to why we as human beings have struggled to evolve and have only lengthened our life so that we might die in greater numbers at the hands of our own destruction, our own brutal application of the same primal, feral motivations that existed when we were "created?"  Or, do they simply want to shout:  "There is no God!  No Devil!  No Sentinel of Vigilance!  No Beast of Terror!  There is only the Beginning.  And, The End!  That's all folks!"
            I suppose the scientists don't care that five billion years later human beings are poised to wipe out one another with biochemical and nuclear technology.  The evolution of humanity is not relevant to the Moment of Planetary Creation.   The fact humans  rule one another with clubs four billion years after the first life form appeared from the molten lava called earth, is a mere stitch in time.  
          But, science seeks to date "creation," and by dating "creation," it implies it seeks to establish a "reason" for existence.  
             Skeptically, one might think Earth was the Beast of Terror's playground, and that he created it so he could tease and torture the souls of all of us struggling to overcome his power, but never being able to because we are "imperfect," and by the nature of our imperfection, we can never achieve a constant state of Vigilance, a state of perfect justice, or perfect peace, or perfect happiness.

Is Terrorism the Big Bang of human nature?

    But, Terrorism can be perfect.    It's ugliness is always the same.  It is perfectly horrible, perfectly senseless.   It is the Big Bang of human nature, the ripping, shredding, tearing apart of all good, of all potential, wasting it in blood and anguish.
          Those who have witnessed Terrorism or been its victim know of its perfection.   Once Terrorized, the power of that event does not leave.  It cannot be mitigated.  It haunts, as though embossed on the soul like a wart that cannot be removed, a reminder that humanity is base and vile at its lowest common denominator, selfish and cruel in its thirst to achieve power over others and gloat over its exercise.
          I refer not to just the Hitlers or Osama bin Ladens or Saddam Husseins of the world, but also to the abusive parent who strikes a child with hand or object, or lashes at the child with stiletto tongue, slashing the child's self worth with invectives such as: "I wish you weren't'll never amount to anything..."

Did Terrorism come into existence when Cain smashed Able's brains out?

         Human cruelty is not reserved just for tyrants and butchers of history.   The boss who abuses workers, makes fun of them, pits them against one another, makes them cower for fear of losing their jobs is just as much a tyrant as the child abuser who molests his or her children.
          The Hubble may have peered back in time at the origins of the universe, but what good does the effort to define the "dawn of existence" have to do with the lack of any progress over that time?  
          Looking into the Eye of God or the Eye of the Beast is not relevant to the history of our non-evolution.   The real telescope needs to track the origins of Terrorism.  When did it come into existence?
          Was it when Eve ate the apple?   When Cain smashed Able's brains out?   When the first caveman or cavewoman clubbed someone else for a piece of meat?  
          And when was Vigilance born?   Did it appear when the first trial was held to punish the wrongdoers who clubbed others?    Did it come when the citizens got together and told the bully to stop bullying them or they would club him to death?   Did it come when someone stopped someone from doing something "wrong?"   Did it come about when some cave person knelt and begged the stars for the power of peace over war, for happiness over sadness, for Courage over Fear, for Conviction to trump Intimidation, for Right Actions that benefit the Children's Children's Children to be greater than the Complacency of being powerless over the unknown?

At ground zero I wondered how far I had come from the jungles of Vietnam

     At the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001, as I looked up at the people leaping from the burning buildings, and then stood shoved against a wall as hoards of people rushed up the street, pushing and shoving others out of the way to save themselves as the buildings fell around us--I wondered how far I had come from the jungles of Vietnam where we burnt villages and shot and killed anything that moved in what were termed "free fire zones."
         I wondered about the mother who drove her car into a pond with her children inside and watched them drown.   I wondered about priests molesting children of their flock, and the parents of them who said nothing and let their mute Voices cause the destruction of other innocent children.
        I looked in the mirror at myself, at all the "crimes" I have committed and been tried and convicted by myself and others who hold me in contempt for my actions or lack of them, and wondered how I could possibly sit in judgment of anyone or anything.  Further, I wondered what human being could.   
        Even the Pope, I'm sure, has committed countless crimes against humanity.
        So have we progressed?   Has the universe progressed?

The Hubble telescopic hand reaching toward the moment of "creation" dumbfounds me

 This Hubble telescopic hand reaching toward the moment of "creation" has dumbfounded me.   We human beings cannot figure out how to not beat ourselves and our offspring to death with modern war clubs and modern emotional and physical violence against one another, so how can the recognition of beginning of time, or the birth of our universe, have any value to anyone?
         It might only if we call that moment the Birth of Terrorism.
         Creation of Terrorism is not subject to debate.  It exists today in the same exact form as it did at the dawn of time.  There has been not one molecule taken out of the equation.  Fear, Intimidation and Complacency comprise the Atoms of Terrorism.
         What has changed is not the gravity of Terrorism, its thirst to control and manage the universe, but the desire of people to harness Terrorism, as we harness the power of destruction for useful purposes.
         Vigilance is about harnessing the power of Terrorism.   It is about taking the power of Fear and bending it into Courage, and redirecting the flow of Intimidation so it passes through the fermentation process to become Conviction, and to distill the waste and sewage of Complacency so that the purity of its by-product will be Right Actions that benefit the Children's Children's Children.

Can we look at Ground Zero as The Creation Point of Vigilance?

        If we look at Ground Zero as The Creation Point, perhaps it would do us better than trying to reach back through space and time to find the origins of the Big Bang.
          September 11, 2001, is as good a time as any to launch the Vigilance Theory, the one that says the evolution of the universe begins when Vigilance is given at least One Percent more energy in the pursuit of perfection than Terrorism is given in its mission to dominate human imperfection.
            If there is a Creation Point in the universe, it is that point where each individual human being elects to take the Vow of Vigilance and live under the Principles of Vigilance.  It is when the belief that TerrorThoughts can be controlled and managed with VigilantThoughts that the universe begins.
             It is when each individual singularly and collectively agrees that Courage, Conviction and Right Actions are more valuable stars to examine than the dimming red lights of Fear, Intimidation and Complacency.
              Look into the Vigilance telescope.   Look at yourself.   See in your eyes, and the eyes of the children, the future of the universe.

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