Article Overview:    What is a Quiet Day?   For me, it is about shooing away the Beast of Terror and making room for the sun to shine its Hope through the darkness.


Thursday, March 11, 2004—Ground Zero Plus 911
Quieting The Soul

Cliff McKenzie

     GROUND ZER0, New York, N.Y.--Mar. 11, 2004 -- In a world of constant cacophony, there comes a time to quiet the soul, to put one's thoughts and feelings into neutral and shut down the desire to shove the accelerator to the floor or to slam one's foot on the brakes.

Scanning the paper is like reading a report on human warts

      I was scanning the headlines throughout the world this morning, as I normally do.   Everything seemed like a blur.   In Spain, hundreds were killed in a act of Political Terrorism.
       In America, two former political bulldogs were holding hands and vowing to gang up on their opponent.
       In New York, school administrators were resigning because of scandals involving the hiring of spouses, and the Center For Disease Control was concerned over a 60 percent increase in syphilis among gay men.

I know there is much "good news" in the world

          The news, I think, is a daily report on the degree of the world's "pox," a macroscopic view of human warts. 
           That's why I decided to take a deep breath this morning.
           I stopped scanning the news.
          I inhaled the morning air, without the sour acidic taste of human waste that parades itself as news.
          I'm not much of a meditation person.  But this morning I did.   I tried to clear my mind of the world's news.
          I know there is much "good news" out there.   There are happy children and happy people living happy lives and overcoming obstacles without bitterness or sadness or a sense of prosecution.

The day offers Visions of Vigilance ...

            I tried to think of those things, the things not blazed on the headlines of papers or television.   I tried to think of a flower opening to the warm kiss of the sun, or the smile of a child awakening to see his or her mother's face smiling down.

...if I look for them

     There are many beautiful things in this world.  The sunrise itself is one of the great miracles of the day as it ignites the dark, spearing rays of life into the dawn, resurrecting hope that today might be the best of days.
           I took a few Vigilant, quiet moments this morning to reflect upon the day's beauty, upon its wondrous gifts that await opening.  
            I vowed to not let the Beast of Terror blind me to the Vision of Vigilance the day offered.

Mar 10--Peering Into The Eye Of God! Or, the Beast Of Terror!

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