Article Overview:   What do you give your daughter on her birthday who has everything she ever wanted?   A "thank you" and a "salute."


Saturday, March 20, 2004—Ground Zero Plus 920
Birthday Of The Children's Children's Children

Cliff McKenzie

     GROUND ZER0, New York, N.Y.--Mar. 20, 2004 -- Each day thousands of new children are born.    These are the children of the future, the progeny of the Children's Children's Children.
     The current world population is
6,355,321,181 and growing.   Daily, more than 150,000 new babies are born throughout the world.

Monthly World population figures:

07/01/03    6,302,486,693 
08/01/03    6,308,703,241 
09/01/03    6,314,919,789 
10/01/03    6,320,935,803 
11/01/03    6,327,152,352 
12/01/03    6,333,168,366 
01/01/04    6,339,384,914 
02/01/04    6,345,601,463 
03/01/04    6,351,416,943 
04/01/04    6,357,633,491 
05/01/04    6,363,649,506 
06/01/04    6,369,866,054 
07/01/04    6,375,882,069 

These numbers reflect the births of the Children's Children's Children

       Thirty-three years ago on this date, one of those children of the future born was our second daughter.
        She is a Sentinel of Vigilance.

She works with young people and warns them against the Beast of Drug Terror

       She packs two 9mm Glocks and hunts down drug Terrorists for a federal law enforcement agency.    Her specialty today is working with young people and warning them about how the Beast of Drug Terror can slip into their lives and mangle their minds, their hopes and dreams in a similar way that a Terrorist suicide bomber might appear on their doorstep some night and pull the explosive cord, shattering the brain full of holes.
         We often think the War on Terrorism is about the battlefields of Iraq, or the mangled bodies of innocent passengers on a Madrid train, or the collapse of our World Trade Center.

The War on Terrorism is being waged in classrooms

     True Terrorism is anything that threatens the future security of our Children's Children's Children, from the lack of health care, to ineffective education programs, to a society filled with drug and emotional abuse of our most precious assets--the children.
       I am proud my daughter stands up to the Beast of Terror.  Daily she puts her life on the line, going face to face with the Beast's servants who treasure the drugs that pollute minds and the money it generates more than any moral or ethical boundaries that tell them they are Terrorists, infecting the bloodstream of their country as surely as if they were slipping poison into the main water supply.  

I am proud my daughter stands up to the Beast of Terror

      Thirty-three years ago our daughter was born.   She didn't have a gun strapped on her hip, and her goal at that moment wasn't to hunt down the "bad guys" or spread a net of information to the young people that drugs destroy the mind and spirit as well as the body.
        She was born of Hope and Dreams, as all children.    My wife and I wished upon her the best of life's offerings, as all parents seek for their children.
        Her choice was to be a TerrorHunter.   She tracks her Beast of Terror down with teams of other TerrorHunters, plowing the road clear of threats to the Children's Children's Children, for the ultimate victim of drugs is the child who suffers from the the implosion of society when drugs whirl around the child's life, robbing him or her of a mother, a father, a chance for a happy, joyous home.
         I thought about my daughter's birthday present this morning and realized the greatest gift I could give her was a Thank You for dedicating her life to the pursuit of the Beast of Drug Terror.

The greatest birthday gift I can offer is a Salute and a Thank You to both

       She recently married a man who retired from a similar profession and is now completing his teaching degree.    He will infiltrate the classrooms and share with the children in school the fruits of knowledge, and feed them hopes and belief in the future no matter what the trials of the present may be.
        They are a team now, my daughter and her husband.    They both are Sentinels of Vigilance, fighting Terrorism in their own particular ways.   One seeks to drive Beast of Ignorance away, the other to enlighten and inform as well as hunt and capture the Beast of Drugs.
         What do you give people who give their lives for others?
         Besides a Thank You, I suppose the greatest gift I can offer is a Sentinel of Vigilance Salute, and a reminder that all the Children's Children's Children thank them for their honorable service.

Mar 19--The Crippled One-Year War On Terrorism Birthday

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