Article Overview:   The French President would like America's President to stop promoting the War on Terrorism.   At the G-8 conference, President Chirac has invited 12 underdeveloped nations to shift the emphasis off Terrorism.  But isn't Economic Terrorism just the fertilizer for Physical and Political Terrorism?  Isn't the War on Terrorism truly a War on Poverty, on Ignorance, on Complacency?   Find out in this fascinating article.


Sunday--June 1, 2003—Ground Zero Plus 627
France Urges U.S. To Back Off Terrorism Agenda: Ploy or Plan?
Cliff McKenzie
   Editor, New York City Combat Correspondent News

  GROUND ZER0, New York, New York--June 1, 2003-- The Beast of Terror takes on many forms.  One of the most historic is to switch agendas, to try and erase the presence of Terrorism and gild it with other labels.

       French President Jacques Chirac is jockeying international leaders in Evian, France, at the Group of 8, to refocus their agendas from Terrorism to helping less developed countries such as Africa get back on their economic feet.
       The eight nations attending the conference include the U.S., Britain, Canada, Germany, Italy, France, Japan and Russia.
       Chirac has invited 12 developing nations to the meeting to add additional pressure to switch the agenda from Terrorism to economic reconstruction.  The dozen nations attending include ones from Africa, Latin America, the Middle East and Asia.
       At issue is the world economy.
       The most powerful economic nations in the world, excluding China, are banding together to address global economic issues.   Currently, there is a fear the world economy is heading for a depression.   A major concern is Africa whose share of global trade dropped from 3.3 percent in 1980 to 1.6 percent in 2000.

The President of Vigilance (Bush) meets with the President of Complacency (Chirac)

       The agenda for the Group of 8 includes terrorism, arms proliferation and regional troubles, which include the threats of nuclear development by North Korea and Iran, as well as the ongoing tension between Israel and Palestine.
       The goal of the G-8, is to stabilize the world economy.   Critics of the G-8 fear that globalization of the world economy invites power to oppress, creating a "rich" and "poor" world society.   Protestors are gathered around the G-8 to demonstrate against the potential "marginalization" of smaller nations by more powerful, corporate driven ones.
       Perhaps nothing feeds Terrorism more than poverty.
       Poverty creates pain and suffering for citizens.   It fertilizes leaders who use Terrorism's great leverage--Fear, Intimidation and Complacency--to rise to power on the basis they have solutions to the "oppression of poverty," and then pocket the nation's riches in Swiss bank accounts.    One only has to recall the billions of dollars found by U.S. troops stuffed in metal boxes by Saddam Hussein's regime to recall the flow of funds from nations ruled by despots.
       In North Korea, Kim Jong Il is noted for living a lavish playboy life as his people boil grass for food.
       Nations that have acquired economic might have done so not by the use of oppression and tyranny, but by providing their people constitutions of individual rights to achieve.   Such nations have employed the Principles of Vigilance rather than Terrorism.

G-8 has fueled the might for the Children's Children's Children

       Instead of promoting Fear, Intimidation and Complacency, the great economic nations of the world have fueled the might of Courage, Conviction and Right Actions for the Children's Children's Children.

Globalization seeks to raise the standard of living for all

         Globalization of the world economy, as proposed by the G-8, is ultimately a mission to globalize Vigilance.  World economic security promotes investing in the future generations.  It foresees that Terrorism breeds in the pools of poverty, just as mosquitoes breed in stagnant water.  It seeks to raise the standard of living for all, by injecting the freedom to create new markets that will buy and use goods and services.

Globalization of the world economy is a mission to globalize Vigilance

      The only way any nation can buy and use goods and services is if that nation has the economic power to be a consumer.   
       Anti-globalists would have the world think of major corporations and rich nations as the Beast of Terror, seeking to exploit the poor, the underdeveloped nations.
       That is an economic impossibility.
      Capitalism, to survive, must constantly create new markets for its goods and services.   If the world doesn't expand in its capacity to enjoy and appreciate what the corporations create, then it dries up like an old leaf, crunched and cracked into a thousand pieces.
       China, the oldest of all economies, and often mysteriously hidden from world opinion because of its stand-off policies, has recently invested in its people's economic future.  After investing billions, China is starting to fill the reservoir for the Three Gorges Dam.  When completed in 2009, the reservoir will be about the size of Lake Superior, and provide China with incredible power to run its engines of commerce for the future.

The Three Gorges Damn project on the Yangtze River in China is an example of  Economic Vigilance

        Critics of the project claim it will destroy a great part of China's history, by flooding ancient ruins, but the state is looking to the future.    Its people face the Terror of hunger and economic depravity if it does not advance on a competitive footing with the rest of world.   The Yangtze River may change from its shistorical appearance, but China will move one step closer toward Vigilance.  Its dam will help drown some of the heads of the Beast of Terror that seek to hold back economic development.
         Vigilance is about fighting Terrorism on all fronts.
         France's President is trying to erase from the world the word "Terrorism" so he can promote his own agenda and attempt to take world leadership from the hands of America and President Bush.
          By trying to shift the emphasis from Terrorism to the ills of Africa and other underdeveloped nations, he believes he is countering the idea of globalization by turning the world into an "aid factory."
          On the other hand, President Bush is looking at Terrorism as one might the facets of a diamond.  There are many faces, each taking on a different countenance depending on how the light strikes.

Global Terrorism is about Fear

          There is no euphemism for Terrorism.  Terrorism is about Fear, economic, social, moral, physical, religious and political.   It is about Intimidation of these same categories, and, when one beats his or her head against the wall fruitlessly, Intimidation turns into Complacency.
           Vigilance is about Courage.  It is about the Courage to change economies from within, not feed them from without.  It is about the willingness of a society to change its social order, to allow the poor to become rich and to lift restraints that deny the most impoverished of citizens the right to become the next magnets of industry.
            It is about Conviction to stand up for what is right in the face of severe critics, especially those who seek to make what is right for the future generations wrong in the present.
           Fighting economic Terrorism, fighting social Terrorism, fighting political Terrorism, fighting religious Terrorism, fighting moral Terrorism is the right thing to do.
           The tools are Vigilance, but Vigilance does not stand alone.   It comes out of the threat of Terrorism.  It is the yin of the yang of Terrorism.
            For President Chirac to try and divert the compass point away from Terrorism is another French political ploy.  It is another vain attempt to make America appear to be self-serving in its goals, and to elevate France to some point of luster after its image has been tarnished by Complacency.
            President Bush should not veer from his agenda of fighting Terrorism, for if he does succumb to the pressures of international politics, America's Sword of Vigilance will be dulled.   The world will suffer.
           But this is not likely. 

Globalization is the answer to making the world richer for all the Children's Children's Children

            America was built on the principles of Vigilance.   We have always seen the world as a market, and the richest market is one filled with rich traders.   The more we help other nations get rich from within, the richer we will become.
            Globalization is the answer to making the world richer for all the Children's Children's Children, and the tool that will leverage those riches will be the battle of Vigilance over Terrorism of all shapes and sizes.
            Let's hope President Bush never forgets the word Terrorism, that flipped over on its opposite side, really spells V-I-G-I-L-A-N-C-E!


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