Article Overview:   September 11 is approaching.   It will arrive in six weeks, hallmarking the third anniversary of the Terrorist attack on the United States.  Have we learned anything worth passing on to our Children's Children's Children?


Friday--August 1, 2003—Ground Zero Plus 688
The September 11th Anti-American Movies
Cliff McKenzie
   Editor, New York City Combat Correspondent News

  GROUND ZER0, New York, N.Y.--Aug. 1, 2003-- I have little to say this morning except to mark my calendar.   The third anniversary of September 11, 2001, is around the corner.

The third anniversary of Nine Eleven is around the corner


    It will be a time filled with pros and cons about America's role as the Global Sentinel of Vigilance, about a nation that has shoved the Sword and Shield of Vigilance into its hands and marched across the seas to depose the tyranny and oppression of Terrorism in hand-to-hand combat.
     So far, American Vigilant might has swept through two nations, erasing the leadership that once dictated Terrorism in both lands.   
     Death warrants hang over the heads of the leaders of Terrorism, and dead bodies litter the streets marking the march against Terrorism and signaling future Terrorists that death and annihilation await them if and when they attempt to attack.


American is continuing to flex her Vigilance

     But as America flexes her Vigilance, so do her critics grab the buckets of dung and sling it at America's righteousness, doing their best to foul the air and cloud the vision of a Crusade some claim is self-serving.
      One of those critics is the movie industry, an historically left-oriented set of actors, directors and producers who love nothing more than making big look bad, and turning flag waving and righteous indignation into sour grapes.
      French film producer Alain Brigand is one of those seeking to stir the bile of anti-U.S. sentiment among those who already plug their nose when the scent of the American Flag approaches.


11'09"01:September 11 Film is cancerous with criticism of U.S. policy


      He sought out 11 different international directors to make short films on the aftermath of the World Trade Center attacks that occurred on Nine Eleven.   The title of the collection is 11'09"01: September 11 and is cancerous with criticism of U.S. policy.  Time Magazine says the films have been made by the left for the left.
      Each film is 11 min. 9 sec. and one frame long, to match the European notion for the date 09/11/01.
      Each film is a silver bullet aimed at America's heart, an attempt to vilify the U.S. as the
"Beast," and reminding the audience of the "evils" of America's lofty position in the world.   It is a collection of mudslingers, hungry to take shots at the United States with celluloid in as nefarious ways as it claims the U.S. acts.
      According to the reviews, some of the films are subtle.   In one by anti-war activist Sean Penn, an old man (Ernest Borgnine) gets up one morning and finds the flowers wilting near his dying wife are blooming again.  It's because the sunlight blocking them from the Twin Towers now shines after the Towers collapse.

 Indian film portraying a Pakistani mother by her son's coffin in Brooklyn directed by Mira Nair

     In another film, the U.S.-backed overthrow of Chile chronicles the death of 30,000 people, butted up against the 3,000 lost at the World Trade Center.   The message is that America "got what it deserved."
      I am intrigued by the collection.   While most might boycott the films, I plan on seeing them.    America is not pure by any stretch, but it is not Complacent either.    The willingness of America to launch war against Terrorism benefits the world, even if the world does not appreciate such efforts.

United States film by Sean Penn starring Ernest Borgnine

      Somewhere out in the morass of humanity is a Terrorist who was once, prior to the U.S. assault on Terrorism with all its mighty forces, ready to attack the innocent and fertilize yet another sector of the world with Fear, Intimidation and Complacency.
      After watching America cripple and banish Saddam Hussein, and then hunt down those who promote tyranny and oppression, Terrorists who value life have stuffed their bombs in safe places, or, tried to change their identity and blend back into the mainstream.
      I have little doubt that the cowards who represent Terrorism are skulking away from the evidence that would lead America's Terror-Hunters to their lair.
      Few will disagree no other nation has historically taken on the challenge of brutalizing the bully as America has over the decades past.    But, many will throw rocks at such efforts, and try and make ugly that which can only be described as Vigilance.
      Removing the threats of Terrorism, however small, and broadcasting to Terrorists such as Kim Jong Il the consequences of Terrorism, cannot be as bad as the French film director, or any of the 11 producers and directors of the film collection would have us believe.
       So I'm going to the movie.

I will think of the 11 films in terms of those who are alive today because Terrorism was thwarted

      I'm going to ponder how 11 film directors could make 11 films on how 11 Terrorists decided not to kill any more people because they feared the repercussions of their actions, they feared being hunted down, they feared seeing their faces on a deck of playing cards.
       I'm going to think of these 11 films in terms of those lives that go on today because the 11 Terrorists were stopped cold in their tracks, and what impact the innocent have on a world that allowed them to live, even though no one knew their lives were gifts and their deaths halted by the reluctance of a suicide bomber or a government or some radical leader to try and exercise cheap power through violence.
        It won't bother me to watch films by the Beast of Terror speaking to those who are blind to the seduction of the Beast.   When those with no vision to the future of the Children's Children's Children cast nets of hate against Soldiers of Vigilance, I have no Fear of their message.   
         I know that children live today because of a willingness to defeat Terrorism.   
         But that movie will not be told by film makers.
         Such a movie is about the future of humanity, not about its demise.


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