China has an inside hand when playing poker with the U.S.   At least, it appears there is an information "mole" burrowed deep in China's view of U.S. military action against Iraq.  Find out how much they know about our next moves, and how they are watching us and reporting our moves to the People's Daily News.


Thursday--January 16, 2003—Ground Zero Plus 491
China's Beast Of Terror Purrs
Watching U.S. Prepare For War

Cliff McKenzie
   Editor, New York City Combat Correspondent News

GROUND ZERO, New York City, Jan. 16- It was chilling this morning to read China's newspaper, The People's Daily, and find a list of U.S. troop and arms movements being deployed in preparation for war against Iraq.

       It seemed I was reading a U.S. intelligence report, something that might be kept in a locked safe in Donald Rumsfeld's office marked "Top Secret."

      What was interesting about the People's story, presented below, was that it included ship movements and details about the execution of strategic war plans that I didn't think I'd find as a lead story in a communist China's leading news organ.
        It made me wonder how "secret" anything is about war these days.
        The lack of secrecy surprised me about the People's Daily.   The Chinese seem to have more access to, or at least make public, sensitive war-planning information than the New York Times.  If I were Saddam Hussein, all I would have to do is click on the Internet and dial up China's paper to see what I was facing and how I might escape or defend myself against the forces massing around my borders.

      The concept of war itself has changed dramatically in the 21st Century from the days when a nation's plans were kept under lock and key, with secret couriers slipping here and there in the shadows, passing intelligence from one secure hand to another so that the enemy might not know what or when to expect an attack.   Surprise, the first key to all war strategies, seems to have been lost in today's War on Terrorism.   All a Terrorist has to do is tune in CNN to find out what the next move will be against him.
         Public debate over the tactical elements of war has replaced secrecy.  Instead of confirming actions with allies in closeted war rooms, we seek the  global public opinion barometer as our endorsement to proceed.  I wonder what George S. Patton would think of it all.

Bush says the U.S. is ready for war if it is necessary

         Even as I am writing this,  the United Nations is pressing toward a second vote on Iraq to affirm or deny violations of the weapons disclosure mandate.   The U.N. wishes to act as the jury in sentencing.  It wants the right to either issue the death warrant or life in prison for Hussein.    If the U.N. has its way, the United States will bend to its will and not act unilaterally.  The U.N. doesn't want Clint Eastwood cleaning up Dodge City, the U.N. wants to do it by committee, appeasing everyone through a "process" rather than a "gunfight."
          The United States and its limited allies, however, are poised for battle with or without U.N. sanction.  Terrorism is not a negotiating enemy.   It needs to be punished with "spare the rod spoil the child," ferocity that America has vowed to grant all Terrorists and any nation which harbors or supports them.   Attacking Iraq, the U.S. claims, sends a message to all Terrorist-allied nations that the penalty will fit the crime, plus, plus plus.
          At least, that's what China's People's Daily  makes clear.  It reveals a massive posture of U.S. forces hawkishly roosting on the Iraqi borders about to swoop down.   Below is an excerpt from today's edition of the People's Daily regarding U.S. and allied troop movements and buildups.   It reads to me like a internal report from the Chinese intelligence gathering systems.

From People's Daily, January 16, 2003

       150,000 US and British Sea, Land and Air Forces Press on to the Border
After US Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld signed an order to send 35,000-strong reinforcements to the Gulf area on January 10, on the following day he again ordered to dispatch another 27,000 men to the region, that was the second deployment order issued by the United States within 24 hours, indicating that troop-massing work relating to US projected military attacks on Iraq is being stepped up. These army men come from various services, including those from army, navy, and air force as well as from marine corps. They include two amphibious operational task forces composed of 7,000 marine corps soldiers. The United States has by far deployed nearly 150,000 troops in the Gulf area.

The United States will soon continue to send additional B-1 strategic bombers, C-5 heavy transport planes, and an indefinite number of "patriot" anti-ballistic missile companies. In addition, large batches of heavy military vehicles and other materials of the US military have begun to set out from a US military base in Germany to the Gulf area. On the morning of January 9, a US military base in the east of Bavaria Land, Germany, 500 military-use tractors, cranes, bulldozers, trucks as well as other heavy-duty machines used in building roads, bridges and military structures were loaded in the trailer of a 250-coaches train which was heading for the Gulf. A US defense officer said that 200,000 troops would have been deployed in the Gulf by mid-February.

A British royal aircraft carrier left the Portsmouth navy base for the Gulf area on January 11, this is the biggest deployment of British navy over the past two decades. The entire fleet includes one submarine, one cruiser, one destroyer and two supply vessels. The fleet is equipped with a submarine with the ability to launch cruise missiles. During his visit to the United States, Canadian defense minister indicated on January 10 that if the United Nations disagrees with attacking Iraq, Canada will consider joining US military actions against Iraq. The Australian government indicated that the special troops' holidays had all been cancelled and had got everything ready to be dispatched to the front of Iraq.

        I have to admit this information might possibly have been spattered over every newspaper in the world and I just didn't notice it.  I might be super sensitive to the fact China is reporting it, and my Cold War paranoia may still be clinging to my Right Wing inner self.  I just be wary of anything that comes from behind the Bamboo Curtain, and look at it with jaundiced eye.
        But putting that prejudice to the side for a moment, it strikes me as odd that every movement the U.S. makes worms its way into headlines and commentary of China's papers almost before it happens.
        It makes me wonder if the war against Terrorism is about who can grunt and groan the most, sound most bellicose, threaten and bully the opposition with the most sword rattling.  It might make me think the War on Terrorism is a war based on the headlines screaming in Pravda (Russia's paper) or the People's Daily.

U.S. troops sent to the Persian Gulf

       Today, the New York Times reported that the U.S. is sending 600 troops and antimissile systems to defend Israel if Iraq counter attacks when America storms Iraq's borders.    The presence of U.S. support in Israel is designed to keep Israel from launching its own retaliation against Iraq if Hussein launches SCUD missiles at the Israelis.   
        The U.S. Patriot antimissile systems, supported by an Aegis air defense cruiser, will track enemy missiles and attempt to blow them up before impact, limiting and hopefully stopping Israel from launching its own retaliation, which, according to Mid East specialists, could suggest the U.S. is fighting a war against Islam on behalf of Israel, rather than trying to dethrone a dictator who seeks nuclear might.
        Without question, the Sentinels of Vigilance are massing around Iraq while the Beasts of Terror are watching and reporting their movements.  Some of the great observers of what is happening in Iraq are armed to the teeth with nuclear weapons, and probably biochemical weapons.   They are watching what the U.S. does, wondering if it will turn on them and want to expose their secret vaults where bacteria are grown, and examine its stockpile of nuclear weapons.
        China is not an American ally in many ways.  China ultimately is the greatest of all threats to world peace, for its size and army and nuclear capacity is vast, and its hunger to consume large chunks of real estate and amass economic power is endless.  If any nation wanted to show its power of command, China need only belch and its breath alone would smash down legions standing in its way.

The world shudders when the Chinese Beast of Terror roars

        It is not surprise then that China offers the world a microscopic view of America's positioning, and through its newspapers, illustrates its "thumb-on-screw" attention to American and Allied details of war preparation.    It is as though a message of "perspicuity" were being sent to all who read its paper--"We Know What You're Doing!"    This message is also a cloaked warning to let the West know it is being watched by the most secretive nation in the world.

The Chinese Beast's purr attempts to fool the world

        China is a Terrorist nation.  It still kills its babies, restricting families to certain sizes.  It rules with an iron fist not stuck in a silk glove.   It is a bellicose Beast of Terror that when it roars, the world shudders.    Right now it is purring like Lewis Carroll's Cheshire Cat, smiling as it reports to the world every minute detail of America's chess game with Iraq.
         While all the time, China may be sharpening its fangs, ready to move its power and might against any who threaten it, or, more practicably, to expand its empire over others.
          My instincts wonder if we are watching the Beast of Terror watching us.  Is the cobra watching the lion fight the bear, and when the lion tires, slip through the grass and strike?  
          Will China one day learn from what we are doing how to Terrorize the East and take what it wants as we talk about defending ourselves from its hunger for power?
          Time will tell.
          But I can hear the growl of the Beast.   It is disguised as a purr. 
          But we don't have to sit back and wait for China to grow stronger.  We can defend ourselves by becoming Citizens of Vigilance, and urging others around the world to join us as a Global Vigilance Community.  We can reach into China's heart--those of the parents, grandparents, cousins, uncles and aunts, and ask them to take the Pledge of Vigilance also.  If we fight for Vigilance, we can defeat Terrorism where it starts, in our own backyards.
          But if we are Complacent at home, what can we expect abroad?
          Take the Pledge of Global Vigilance today.  Don't wait until the purr turns into a roar.


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