Article Overview:  When is a pre-emptive strike authorized?  When is it the "right time" to attack Terrorism without the approval of the world community?  What happens if you wait for others to agree to do what you know is right?   Find out why Pre-Emptive Vigilance is the key to containing the Beast of Terror, now, and in the future.


Tuesday--April 22, 2003—Ground Zero Plus 587
Pre-Emptive Terrorism Strike Policy--Its Critical Need

Cliff McKenzie
   Editor, New York City Combat Correspondent News

GROUND ZERO, New York City, Apr. 22--There's a new dawn rising in our world that is currently jammed with 6.2 billion people.  It’s the dawn of the pre-emptive strike, a strike designed to free the world from the grips of the Beast of Terror.
      Most don't know what that dawn truly means, but it has just risen in spite of history .

Dawn of the "pre-emptive strike"

       The pre-emptive strike is new to modern civilization, but perhaps the most ancient of all strategies to keep the Beast at bay.
       In man’s and woman’s history, raiding unsuspecting camps was the key to victory over them.   The unguarded, non-Vigilant suffered at the hands of Tyranny and Oppression.   The victor came out of the night, suddenly descending on the enemy as locust on a fertile crop.
       Today, a pre-emptive strike against someone who presents a threat to you or your loved ones is illegal unless you are acting out of self defense.   And then, legally, you can only use an equal amount of force to defend yourself.   If your attacker is hitting on you with a water balloon, the law says you can’t defend yourself with a baseball bat.   Lethal force is not allowed unless the attacker is using lethal force.
        Certainly, you can’t attack another just because you “think” they will attack you.   Even threats by them of violence cannot be met with violence without violating the law, for until another acts, the law says there is no justification for a pre-emptive attack.
         But that was the old law.
          There’s a new law, codified by the attack on Saddam Hussein.  It says:  “If the Children’s Children’s Children are threatened, then you can attack, decimate, and replace whomever is threatening the future with someone far less dangerous.
         Extending what happened in Iraq to daily life, the new law of U.S. behavior suggest you can walk up to someone on the street who is glaring at you and punch them in the mouth, and as they're falling, knee them in the groin.  And, when they lay writhing on the ground in pain, you can kick them relentlessly until they beg for mercy--and then, ultimately, you can execute them and issue a deck of cards with the names and pictures of all their friends and allies who support their way of thinking.  For added zest, you can put a bounty on each one's head, from the Ace of Spades to the Two of Clubs.
      The world is changing.
      Welcome the Pre-Emptive Strike Principle.
      We don't see the crystal clarity of it all yet, or its “legality,”  but the world of “restraint” and “don’t act until you’re acted upon” are no longer valid.
           Internationally, there is no august body of nations to negotiate the safety of other nations from such attacks from the Soldiers of Vigilantism.  Justice, whether voted on or not, will be served by those with the most power, might and will.

The United Nations has faded from a world force

            The former blocking body to incursions into the lives and destiny of other nations—what we call the United Nations--has been castrated by the Iraqi War.   The U.N. brought it upon themselves.  They let the Dogs of Vigilance out.  When called upon to act back in 1991 when Saddam Hussein refused to comply with initial weapons inspectors, the U.N. members cowed in his tyrannical shadow.  They were intimidated by his "right of sovereignty.”  Rather than pre-empt the pre-emptive attacks launched by the U.S., Britain and Australia in late March, the U.N. literally paved the road for the pre-emptive strike by juggling Complacency and playing tag with Saddam’s ability to Intimidate without repercussion.
      Now, pre-emptive attacks are policy not anomaly.
      They are the clearly successful solution to any and all Terror problems that spike anywhere in the world.

      Today, North Korea, China and the U.S. are sitting at a negotiating table with one goal in mind--to prevent another pre-emptive strike against Terrorism in North Korea.  The number one concern of the North Koreans is to seek a guarantee that the U.S. will not attack them.    There is little concern about any threat by the United Nations, or, for that matter, any other nation.   The big concern is the nation who walks loudly and carries a big stick full of JDAM bombs, able to burrow deep into bunkers and blow to pieces the secret sanctuaries of despots.

The big concern is the nation who walks loudly and carries a big stick full of JDAMs

      North Korean despot, Kim Jong Il is shaking in his expensive mink-lined boots, paid for by his starving nation's taxes he uses to lavish himself in a king's lifestyle.  The monies are also used to bolster his borders with over 1.1 million troops so his regime might not be threatened by those intimidated by a madman willing to starve his own people to seek his own lustful desires for power.   He's learned a frightening lesson from the war in Iraq.
      That lesson is summed up in three words:  Special Operations Teams.
      Throughout the war in Iraq, almost every news story was laced with the words, Special Operations Teams, implying that key targets were already picked out by "undercover" forces on the ground who had infiltrated Saddam's defenses, and were painting the targets with lasers, and calling in coordinates for smart bombs so that precision killing could be effected instantaneously.

Four JDAMs bombed the "secret" location where Saddam and sons meet

     The highlight of the Special Ops Information came near the end of the war when Saddam and his sons were alleged to have a meeting in a "secret" location in Baghdad and four 2,000 pound JDAMs were sent to burrow deep into the concrete and blast to smithereens all living creatures below.
       One of the offensive tools Kim Jong Il has touted for years is his secret tunnel complex burrowed deep underground between North and South Korea, designed to allow tens of thousands of troops and equipment to surge into the South and erupt in and around the capital and other key targets.   The idea that his elite military forces might all be killed in virtual minutes in underground tombs because of Special Ops Information and advanced surgical bombing technology thwarts his ability to rattle sabers.

One of the North Korean tunnels  (this one is near Seoul)

       And, unlike Saddam Hussein, he's not willing to die.   He's a playboy dictator who loves his ability to rule as a king, and death for him is not an option.    He doesn't promote "paradise" as the ultimate goal of the warrior.  
        Kim Jong Il is not afraid of the United Nations, or China, or Japan.    He's afraid of the United States.


Kim Jong Il is afraid of the United States

          He's afraid his face is on a poster in Donald Rumsfeld's office with crosshairs painted on it, and a date and time of his extinction posted on some secret plan to oust him.  He's also concerned that there might be a "Death Deck" of cards, ala those issued in Iraq, listing him as the Ace of Spades, and all his henchmen as the rest of the cards.
       Like any despot, he wonders how loyal his men will be when the bullets fly.  He saw how loyal Saddam's were--they ran--even though they were promised seventy virgins in Paradise if they died for their leader.
       The U.S. is no longer a bully.
       Bullies threaten and usually do nothing but bark.  They rarely bite, and if bitten, run and cry.
      Kim Jong Il knows the precedent has been set by the U.S. to bite first, and then clamp down on the victim's neck and shake it until all its appendages fly to the four points of the compass.
      He understands this kind of pre-emptive strategic management because he has operated all his life on the principle of force, intimidation, fear and creating complacency among his enemies.
      That's all over with now.
      The U.S. has taken over the singular role of beating up bullies, kneeing them in the groin, kicking them when they're down, and hunting down all their friends.   
      They say a despot or tyrannical leader is as good as his food taster.  Saddam had numerous ones who ate his food to insure it wasn't poisoned.   Now, even Kim Jong Il's food taster is subject to becoming the Two Of Clubs on a deck of cards marked with death.
      That means Kim Jong Il, and any tyrant or despot today, can't trust anyone.    

The Special Ops Teams highlighted the news stories of most of the battles

      Who knows who the Special Ops Person is next to them.
      All Kim Jong Il knows for sure is that if the Special Ops Teams got that close to Saddam with all his security and paranoia, then it is highly likely they have all of his tunnels, bunkers, staff and key leadership targeted.   All that is necessary now is to laser the locations and release the bombs.  
      Kim Jong Il knows that within three weeks his dynasty, inherited from his father, could topple just as easily as the statue of Saddam Hussein did.
      All because of pre-emptive Terrorism attacks.
      No longer is it necessary in the world of diplomacy to seek the world's agreement.   That part of history is out the window.
      It makes fragile governments like Kim Jong Il's tremble.
      One of the greatest weapons of the Beast of Terror has always been Complacency, that process of fence-riding where people shut their eyes to the roar of the Beast, and avoid a confrontation with it for fear they might get "involved" in someone else's business.
      The Beast thrived on Complacency, for it kept the world from beating a path to its doorstep.   It set up guidelines that said, "I won't attack you if you won't attack me, and the only way any one of us can attack anyone else is if we get everyone else to agree its okay."
       Of course, "everyone else," i.e. the United Nations, was always reticent to approve such attacks because most of the nations in the body were guilty of various forms of infractions charged against the defendant, and therefore if they granted approval, they might be the next target.

        It was, for sure, the "good ole boy's club."  
       No more.
       Pre-emptive attacks are now vogue, and only one nation has the capacity, will and desire to use them with both precision and élan, and that is the United States.
       It also means the world has changed.
       It means that not only nations, but people, must think pre-emptively.
       In the microcosmic world of Terror Management, it means each person has the duty and responsibility to attack the TerrorThought the instant it appears.
       When Fear, Intimidation or Complacency fills one's thought channels, the recent history of pre-emptive attacks means we need to launch our Special Ops Teams in our heads to laser paint the target so we can bomb the TerrorThought out of existence.
       Since it is true we are not responsible for our first thought, but we are our second, then often the Beast of Terror will try and pull up the flagpole a sense of Fear, a feeling of Intimidation, or a sad emptiness of Complacency, turning us away from our dreams and goals of becoming strong, evolving human beings who control and manage our destiny rather than becoming victims of circumstances.
        When the Beast of Terror tries to darken our thoughts with Clouds of Complacency, we need to attack instantly.  We need not to wait until we are in  pits of depression, crying our emotional hearts out that we have once more been victimized, that we are losers, or failures, or that our lives are a waste, or that we are not worthy, or that we wish we were someone else, or that the future is bleak, or that we are trapped in a rut from which we might never exit, but instead recoil from that TerrorThought as though we placed our hand over a hot flame.

JDAMs of Conviction can burrow into bunkers where the Beast of Terror slithers

Special Ops Teams come to the rescue

        Special Ops Teams come to the rescue.   They focus their lasers on Courage to blow Fear to pieces.   They paint the target of Intimidation so the JDAMs of Conviction can burrow into the concrete bunkers where the Beast of Terror likes to cast its shadow and make one feel less than, or not as worthy as so those feelings can be snuffed into oblivion.  And, then the land troops are called in.  Tanks and Soldiers of Vigilance assault the Bridges  of Complacency spanning one's synaptic thought processes, holding up their Shields and Swords of Vigilance and firing volleys of Right Actions at the inert state of Complacency, proving to the Beast of Terror that Action, and only Action designed to preserve and protect the children and Children's Children's Children, will be tolerated.
       Suddenly, the Beast of Terror turns white.   His fangs become dull.  The fire shooting from his mouth turns to harmless steam.   The sharp claws that once were razor sharp knives cutting to the quick of human worth and stunting human evolution by cutting off the legs of a person's will to fight for what is right, fall like dead scales from the bloated belly of a carp in the hot sun.

Vigilance forces the Beast of Terror to retreat

      The Beast retreats.
       He scuttles backwards as fast as he can for some dark, dank tunnel in some unsuspecting mind, seeking some sanctuary to lick his wounds and wonder what happened.
       Outside his Cave of Complacency, his Fortress of Fear, his Institution of Intimidation, he can hear the pounding boots of the Sentinels of Vigilance searching for him with their Tridents of Vigilance, the tips of which are sharpened with the titanium of Courage, Conviction and Right Action--all his most mortal enemies.
       He has been exposed.
       The pre-emptive strike has happened.
       There was no discussion, no agreement of nations.   There was unilateral action.
       To fight our personal Beasts of Terror, we need to take a page of the Iraqi War book and ask ourselves:  "Do we wait until our lives are so battered, so beaten, so trounced by our sense of Fear, Intimidation and Complacency that we feel useless before we act, and often, because of the weight of such feelings, are unable to act our way out of the quagmire?  Or, do we pre-empt those feelings and attack them thought-by-thought, minute-by-minute during the 1440 minutes of each day?   Do we turn a thought of Fear into an instant thought of Courage on the spot?  Do we convert a sense of Intimidation into a state of Conviction when we feel the noose around our neck tighten?   Do we toss off the yoke of Complacency when we feel powerless and unable to stand up for ourselves, and toss back our shoulders and move toward the goal of elevating ourselves as human beings, doing so not just for ourselves but also for the children, and the Children's Children's Children of tomorrow so we do not get sucked into the bowels of the Beast?
         Pre-emptive Vigilance says we do all of the above.
         Pre-emptive Vigilance demands we do not accrue Terrorism, we do not let it fester.  We do not let it propagate within us, or our children, or our loved ones.
         It means we strike back instantly, unilaterally.
         But do we really act unilaterally.
         I think not.
         If we act against Terrorism within ourselves or our world, and we act with the specific goal of helping secure the future of peace and prosperity for the children of the world, not only today, but three generations from now--the Children's Children's Children--then we are not acting unilaterally.
        We are acting in concert with our duty as Parents of Vigilance, even if we are not personally mothers and fathers.
        A Parent of Vigilance is anyone who believes the duty of all human beings extends beyond their own selfishness to the future of the world they leave behind.

The most single motherless or fatherless person on earth can be the most glorious Parent of Vigilance

       The most single, motherless or fatherless person on earth can be the most glorious Parent of Vigilance, for she or he can be as or more concerned about the future of the world for the children than anyone else.    This sense of parental responsibility is all that is necessary for one to be Parent of Vigilance.
         And it means that to be one, pre-emptive Terrorist strikes must be launched.    One doesn't have to wait to be Terrorized by Fear to act Courageously, or to be limited by Intimidation to act with Conviction, or become a slug, full of Complacency to be driven to take the Right Actions for the benefit of the Children's Children's Children.
         One can learn to act as a Sentinel of Vigilance at all times--seeking always to do the Right Action, to be full of Conviction, and to employ Courage to overcome all obstacles, physical, mental and emotional.
          You can start your pre-emptive attacks against the Beast of Terror today.
         You can start with taking the Pledge of Vigilance.   Just click it on below, print it, read it, sign it, and post it on your refrigerator.   Then, each day, vow to be a Sentinel of Vigilance.
         Make Terrorism shudder.
         Free the children from its shadow, from its threat.
         Act now!

April 21--TerroristHunters Stalk New York City Parks

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