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Politics Of The War On Terrorism

Cliff McKenzie

**Politics Of The War On Terrorism i.e. President Bush et al
      President Bush is the target of much critique about the War On Terrorism.  What is his role regarding Vigilance?  Is he on the right or wrong road?  What kind of leadership do we need today to advance our evolution toward peace?  These stories address the politics of Vigilance, and reveal how easily we can be seduced by them.


April   14,   2004     George Bush:  World President of Vigilance

Jan      21,   2004      From Mo Duc To Baghdad To Pennsylvania Avenue

Dec     31,   2003      Bush's New Year's Message:  Era Of Vigilance

Nov    28,   2003       Sentinel of Thanksgiving Vigilance

Nov    18,   2003       The Forces Of Good Visit Queen Of England

Nov      5,   2003       Terrorizing Ronald Reagan--The battle of the Ants of Terror vs. the Elephant of Vigilance

July      8,   2003        How Do You Overdose On Moral Clarity?

Apr     18,  2003         Death Of A Fat Terrorism Warrior

Jan      24,  2003         Who Is The Evil Axis?

Jan         3, 2003         President Bush's Secret NYC Deli North Korea Peace Negotiations

Oct      12, 2002        Nobel Prize Of Terror

April     5, 2002         The Global Sheriff Of Vigilance

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