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       To assist you in navigating our website--which includes more than 1,000 different stories and some 2,000,000 words written daily after the Terrorist attack of September 11, 2002--we have categorized various subjects and themes into groups to help you study and apply our Principles of Vigilance.           While not every story may exactly fit a category, we have done our best to place those stories in what we consider to be “appropriate themes.”
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**Foundations of Vigilance... In this section we have collected various stories that include the history of Vigilance, tracing its roots back to the Spartans who established the “Sentinel of Vigilance” legacy through Simonides, a Greek poet who reminds us of the importance of being alert to the dangers of Terrorism.  We also include various stories and articles defining Vigilance such as the Formulas For Vigilance and the evolution of the Pledge of Vigilance.  This section informs readers of the roots of our thinking, and helps establish a solid understanding of how Vigilance must override Terrorism. Go To Foundations of Vigilance page

**About Vigilance… Many stories we have address the whole of Vigilance, how it permeates a person, or should, and the values it creates in those who apply its Principles.Go To About Vigilance page

 **The Triad Of Terrorism And How To Battle It... The Triad of Terrorism is a combination of Fear, Intimidation and Complacency, designed to oppress and tyrannize a person, group, society, nation or world.  How do these three elements of Terror – Fear, Intimidation and Complacency – work to destroy or cripple a person’s self-worth, self-value, self-esteem so that he or she allows the tyranny and oppression of self-defeat to pulse through his or her veins?  And what are the counter-measures to fighting these Triads of Terrorism?  These stories offer readers a powerful tactics and techniques to conquer Self-Imposed Terrorism.Go To The Triad of Terrorism page

**Heroes And Memorials... There are many heroes in life who may be called “Sentinels of Vigilance,” those who guard and protect not just the present values of a society, but go beyond that to protect the future rights of the Children’s Children’s Children.  Some give their lives to this end.  In this section you will find an array of stories dealing with both the heroes and memorials, guarded by living Sentinels of Vigilance and by the Spirits of Vigilance who hover over Ground Zero, reminding us all to not succumb to the Complacency, Fear or Intimidation of The Beast of
Terror.  Go To Heroes And Memorials page

**Reflections on the World Trade Center Attack... As a survivor of that horrible day when America was attacked.  I have a special interest in relating my person experiences and weaving them into various stores regarding Vigilance vs. Terrorism.  Here, you will find a combination of my earliest reflections on that day, as well as articles and stories that evolved over the next 1000 days.  Go To Reflections on the WTC Attack

**Parents, Grandparents, Relatives, Loved Ones of Children of Vigilance Nothing is more important than fighting for the rights of the children when we think in terms of Terrorism.  It is easy to get trapped in the political, social, economic and religious aspects of whether the War On Terrorism  is right or wrong, and there is a danger in steering our opinions and thoughts to any of those narrow categories.  In this section, we can arrange stories for your review that deal with the importance of the Big Vigilant Picture – what is right for the Children’s Children’s Children.   It is our belief that one day, when individuals and nations make decisions not of selfish interests, but rather on behalf of all future generations, then we will have moved ahead at full steam toward being Individuals, States, Nations and a Global Community of Vigilance.Go To Parents, Grandparents, Relatives, Loved Ones of Children of Vigilance

**Vigilance Message To The Children...Here you will find stories written to the children regarding the Principles of Vigilance.  The Sophia Wisdoms, written by G-MA Lori, supply a rich supply of how to convey Vigilance to a child.  Other stories you will find are directed both to parents and children, and their relatives and loved one,  about how to impart the Principles of Vigilance to the young so they may be protected from the wrath of the Beast of Terror.  Go To Vigilant Message To The Children

 **Conversations With God... Sometimes humorous, sometimes prayers, sometimes earth-shaking, these “conversations” are between Cliff and the Almighty.  They cover many questions and fascinating answers that provide readers with another dimension of understanding the Role of Vigilance, and how God may view human behavior today, some five billion years following the existence of the earth.  Go To Conversations With God

**Peaceful and Not-So-Peaceful Demonstrations Against Vigilance Millions of people throughout the world have marched for and against the War on Terrorism, some advocating the necessity for it, others hurling invectives against it.   New York City is one of the world hubs of protest, and a host of stories on this subject are available for review and comment. Peaceful and Not-So-Peaceful Demonstrations

**The Media And The War On Terrorism... Daily, we are bombarded by a cornucopia of information regarding the War on Terrorism, from the radical conspiracy theories that suggest our single intent is to capture the Mid-East oil and rule the world, to the right wing conservatism of Rush Limbaugh saying that American prison guards in Iraq were just “letting off steam” when they tortured and humiliated prisoners.  On top of the list of personalities to address in this section is the role of the Press.  You’ll find the history of the media and a variety of stories to chew on about the role of the media in the battle between Vigilance and Terrorism. The Media And The War On Terrorism

**Politics Of The War On Terrorism – i.e. President Bush et al...President Bush is the target of much critique about the War On Terrorism.  What is his role regarding Vigilance?  Is he on the right or wrong road?  What kind of leadership do we need today to advance our evolution toward peace?  These stories address the politics of Vigilance, and reveal how easily we can be seduced by them.  Politics Of The War On Terrorism

**Saddam/Osama bin Laden/And Other Beasts of Mass Destruction...Evil has an eye.  Sometimes two.  Figureheads of Terrorism sprout up, and we can label this one or that as the fountainhead.  But behind these figures are other figures, sometimes waiting to step in or replace their leaders with their own leadership.  Enjoy these stories of “living evil.” Beasts of Mass Destruction

**Favorite Stories
Check out those stories we think are among our finest!Go  To Favorite Stories

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