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OVERVIEW: One of the greatest threats to the Democratic Party in the 2004 election is not George W. Bush but instead Ralph Nader. With current command of 3 percent of the voters, Mr. Nader could draw enough votes from the Democrats to allow marginal states to swing toward George Bush. So, they have created a "Terror Squad" they call the "527." Its mission is to contact all of Ralph Nader's 2.8 million 2000 voters and talk them out of supporting Mr. Nader. When Goliath fears David, what does that mean? Find out.

GROUND ZERO PLUS 1055 DAYS, New York, NY, August 1, 2004--Political Terrorists are planning and plotting how to "exterminate" Ralph Nader from the Presidential political race. Nader, a "corporate terror hunter" whose legacy includes forcing automakers to install seat belts, may be the deciding factor as to whether John Kerry or President Bush takes or retains the command of the world's largest superpower.

Mr. Nader is a grain of sand on a huge political beach, and to some, his presence is equal to the ant crawling up the haunches of a giant elephant. But, to others, he is the David who can bring Goliath to his knees.

To some Ralph Nader is 'David' who can bring the 'Goliath' party to its knees

In the 2000 Presidential election, 2.8 million Americans voted for Mr. Nader. In critical "swing states" such as Florida, that tiny margin of all voters was enough to throw a ringer into the election by sucking off votes for the two primary candidates.

Nader is a "corporate terror hunter" himself, fiercely against globalization and corporate dominance. One would think a Republican who offered campaign contributions to Mr. Nader's run for the Presidency would be feeding an alligator in hopes it would eat him last, or, kissing a snake in hopes it might not bite.

But the reason Republicans are offering campaign funds to Mr. Nader's war chest is to keep him alive and able to siphon off Democratic votes that may, if Mr. Nader weren't an alternative, boost John Kerry's chance of winning critical swing states.

But the Democrats aren't sitting idly by and letting Mr. Nader go unchecked. In fact, they have an army of "suicide bombers" enlisted to blow up Nader's chances of repeating a split vote he caused in 2000.

Stan Greenberg, former President Clinton's pollster, has been hired to identify the 2.8 million voters in 2000 who put a checkmark by Ralph Nader's name for President. An incisive, brutal and vicious campaign is being launched to contact those votes and demolish Mr. Nader's reputation so that the voters will abandon him.

Democrats Fear Nader Votes Could Swing the Election to the Republicans.

``We can't afford to have Ralph Nader in the race,'' Democratic National Committee Chairman Terry McAuliffe said in a Cable News Network interview. ``He could pull away votes from the Democratic candidate, and I hope he doesn't run again.''

It's like a "sniper scope," said one political analyst. "They've got Nader in their sights and are laying booby traps everywhere to cripple his impact."

The main force behind the anti-Nader campaign is the United Progressives for Victory, an independent political committee ravenously raising funds to defeat Nader. They call themselves the "527," named after the IRS code that allows them to raise unlimited funds that can't directly be applied to another party--such as John Kerry.

However, the clear intent of "527" is to be a minesweeper for Mr. Kerry, and to pick off as many former pro-Nader voters as possible. While "independent", the efforts are clearly partisan, as are those of the Republicans who are providing, according to the New York Times, less than five percent of the funds for Nader's spartan campaign.

Nader has been "begged" to concede from the race to allow the threat of his "split vote" from interfering with the Democrat's chances of beating Bush in 2004. Nader has refused, not because he is a Bush fan, but because he believes Americans should have "alternative" choices. If a voter doesn't agree with either the Republicans or Democrats, Nader is an alternative choice.

Even though the Democrats have their "Terror Squads" on search and destroy missions to blow up Nader's credibility with the 2.8 million voters of 2000, they face a backlash by attacking him.

Political analyists consider Nader is in the 'sights' of the Democratic Party

The more press Nader gets as an "underdog" the stronger he becomes in the eyes of the voter who is looking for a "champion" of individual rather than corporate or political agendas.

There's an old saying that "the more you try and knock someone down, the more you build them up." This paradox is true in many cases. Attacks on Nader--the political weak and helpless--may appear to be bully tactics to the public who swing to his defense on the grounds that if the "big boys" are trying to muffle him, he just might have something.

Certainly, a vote for Nader is not a vote for the next President, but it is a retaliatory vote. It can drain just enough votes to make the next President beholding to Mr. Nader for creating just enough of a chasm that the opponent falls to his political defeat.

I'm personally not a Nader political fan, and the reason is probably out of ignorance more than any other reason. Like most people, I'm afflicted by the "big brand name" idea and see Mr. Nader as an Edsel, an anachronistic voice from American political pasts trying to remind us all to not get swallowed up in the bowels of bigness.

But, where I give him the "heroes' credit" is for his singular stand against the giants despite all the frustrations that must go into a campaign that in 2000 2.7 percent of the votes and is currently tracking, according to the polls, at around 3 percent. In a tight race in swing states, a percent here or there could shift the balance of power dramatically, as it is suggested it did in Florida in 2000.

The issue regarding Vigilance and Terrorism is spelled out definitively by the battles that Mr. Nader faces as the Goliaths seek to rip, shred and destroy his base of hard-core voters.

Mr. Nader is a Sentinel of Vigilance. No one can accurately estimate how many lives his campaign for seat belts saved--mothers, fathers, children, grandchildren, grandparents, uncles, aunts, cousins and loved ones--but the number has to be in the millions.

Ralph Nader, a Sentinel of Vigilance, published a book that changed the world


In 1965 he published a book that changed the world. It was titled: "Unsafe At Any Speed," and attacked the auto industry for safety negligence. In retaliation, the head of General Motors launched an investigation into Mr. Nader's background, seeking to discredit him, including labeling him a communist. When Senate Hearings on auto safety, stimulated by Nader's book, were launched it was revealed that GM had tried to smear Nader. The Goliath sought to degrade David, and ending up paying him nearly a half-million dollars in a lawsuit, plus a Congressional apology.

Mr. Nader's skin is thick. He's been through countless battles and always has fought for the rights of the underdog and those of the Children's Children's Children.

That's an area that the Democrats and "527" group may have overlooked in their haste to discredit him. It's not easy to destroy a legend who fights for the rights of the people--and wins.

A great deal of Terrorism is based in ignorance. There are many who believe that the small voice doesn't count. In my own situation, I am currently embroiled in a battle with a company that has nearly $1 trillion dollars in assets it manages. I'm fighting for a small piece of justice, and, I am a David facing a Goliath. I assume the Goliath looks at me as the ant crawling up the elephant's ass, but then some ants can bite and inject just enough of a sting to show the vulnerability rather than the inviolability of even the biggest of machines.

Perhaps no bigger machine in the world is the one that steamrolls through our nation every four years in the form of a general election for our next leader. Undaunted, Mr. Nader is there swinging his sling, and reminding us all that fighting for what is right is more important than winning.

Nader being urged by Michael Moore (left) and Bill Maher (right) to drop out of the election race

If one teaches a child that winning is everything, then when the child loses there will be a sour, ugly taste in his or her mouth. The Beast of Terror will feed off the bile.

But if a child is taught to compete, to fight for his or her rights, and in that battle is the victory, then the child will, regardless of the outcome, know he or she has done the best possible job at the moment, and enjoy the fruits of Vigilance rather than the fragility of Victory.

Winston Churchill said once: "Stand for something or be nothing!" There is little question of all the candidates that Ralph Nader has stood for something for a long, long time, and while he hasn't been politically victorious, he has been Vigilantly Victorious--he has not surrendered to the Beast of Terror who breathes down his neck daily.

It is doubtful he will fall victim to his new Beast of Terror, the "527."

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