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October 26, 2005

Can We Afford To Protest The 2000 Dead Americans In Iraq?


September 11
The Vigilance Factor Plus Four

July 3
Independence Day Is Vigilance Day

June 24
A Twelve-Year-Old-Girl Is Saved By A Pride Of Vigilance

June 21
The Pride Of Being A Father Of Vigilance

June 11
You Know A Man By His Ultimate Sacrifice Not By His Deeds:
A Tribute To Life By John Collins

June 9
Social Justice In Iraq & NYC - Are We Complacency Terrorists?

April & May 2005 STORIES

May 29
Beware The Calm Of Complacency That Attacks Us During
Summer Terrorism Time

May 17
Flushing The Koran Down The Toilet --
A Deadly Rumor-Terror-Error

May 13
The Crumbling Infrastructure Of The Moral, Physical And Ethical Vigilance In America

May 9
The Terror Or Vigilance Of Time

April 29
Ratting Out Yorkie Terrorists

April 16
The Vigilance Tax

April 7
A Million View Sentinel Of Religious Vigilance

April 2
A Case For Benevolent Kings

March 2005 STORIES

March 31
The Holy Tube?

March 29
Battling The Beast Of Smoke

March 27
Happy Easter To The "Spear Of Jesus"

March 16
$11 Billion Dollar Beast Of Financial Terror Looks To Eat Prison Bars For 70 Years

March 15
Beast of Terror Feasts At The Church's Altar But Sentinel Of Vigilance Turns Page

March 14
The Scar Tissue Of War --Scabs Of Peace & Freedom

March 8
The War Of Conflict Among Nations, States And Families Is A Myth Of Misunderstanding

March 2
The Terror Of A Toilet

February 2005 STORIES

February 27
Softly Stalks The Beast Of Terror In Our Backyards

February 26
1200 Years Of Prison For 1993 World Trade Center Convicted Terrorists

February 22
The Emotional Terrorism Of Social Security

February 21
Snowfall On The Gates Of Vigilance

February 19
Uncommon Valor Was A Common Virtue

February 14
The Vigilance of Valentine's Day

February 13
Unfurling The "Gates Of Vigilance"
(photo exclusive of unfurling)

February 9
Central Park's "Gates Of Vigilance"
(photo exclusive of gates being raised)

February 8
A Bite Of The Vigilance Apple: Syria & Israel Heading Toward 21st Century
"Ping Pong" Diplomacy?

February 5
U.S. Government "Terror Wolves" vs. State Sentinels Of Vigilance

February 4
Triad Of Terrorism: Battling Emotional Fears & Intimidations

February 2
America's First Mother Of SuperBowl Vigilance

February 1
Talking To The Joint Chiefs Of Staff

January 2005 STORIES

January 30
A Woman Dentist In A Bullet Proof Vest Stands Sentinel To Iraqi Vigilance

January 29
What Compels A Father To Kill His Daughter At School?

January 28
When President Bush Forgets To Speak To The Children's Children's Children

January 25
All Quiet On The Terror Front

January 24
The Eternal Value Of "Spies Of Vigilance..."

January 22
Thunder Snow: Nature'sVigilance VS. Terrorism

January 20
Inauguration Of The First Global Sentinel Of Vigilance

January 17
Dying of Cancer On Martin Luther King Day

January 14
The Price Of An Iraqi Vote: 12 Drops Of American Blood

January 13
Finding The Underbelly Of Terrorism Far In Outer Space Or In Our Own Inner Space

January 12
Where Does The Terrorism Buck Stop?

January 10
Victory, Defeat, Retreat Or Vigilance: A Time To Recall FDR's Four Freedoms

January 9
The Fine Grey Wolf Line Between Terrorism & Vigilance

January 8
Terrorism's Thin Skin And How To Toughen It With Vigilance

January 5
Why Tsunami Animals Know More Than Humans

January 3
Vigilance Resolutions

January 2
The Vigilance Of Times Square: A Coffee Cup Reflection

January 1
Happy New Year: May It Be A Vigilant One

December 2004 STORIES

December 29
Is Mother Nature A Beast Of Terror Sending A Signal To All Terrorists She's In Charge Of Balance?

December 28
Haunting Tsunamis Plus Happy Hello Kitties

December 25
Christmas 2004: Exactly 1200 Days From Ground Zero

December 24
Christmas With The Lepers: A Lesson In Emotional Anti-Terrorism

December 22
The Bells Of Christmas: The Blood Of Warriors

December 20
The Great $25 Fine For Violating National Subway Security

December 18
The Subway Intelligence Bill Is Signed When Each American Household Should Have Its Own Intelligence 'Czar'

December 14
Homeland Security Barks At And Bites Its Latest Victim

December 13
Year Anniversary Of The Capture Of The Beast Of Terror

December 11
A Ukrainian Podiatrist Speaks From The Vigilant Side Of His Mouth

December 9
Why United States Needs AVigilance Bill Not An Intelligence Bill

December 7
63rd Pearl Harbor Sneak Attack Celebrated By Afghanistan President Taking Office

December 6
The Night The Rottweiler Beast Of Terror Killed The Sentinel Of Yorkshire Terrier Of Vigilance

December 4
Does The Beast Of Communication Terror Live Under Your Tongue...?

December 3
Protecting The Vigilance Of A Child's Belief

December 2
Why Mothers And Fathers Kill Their Children: A Failure Of Societal Vigilance

November 2004 STORIES

November 30
Boutique Terrorism Uses FBI To Help Recruit Baby Beasts Of Terror

November 29
What Happens When News Reporters Crawl Into The Belly Of The Beast Of Terror?

November 28
Pora! Pora! Pora! vs. Tora! Tora! Tora!

November 27
Millions Jammed Together Prove The Beast Of Terror Can Be Contained

November 25
Why Invite The Beast Of Terror To Thanksgiving Dinner?

November 23
Who's To Blame For Killing Iraqi Children Under The Age Of Five?

November 22
Killing President Kennedy On A Video Game: Terrorism Training? Or Parental Neglect?

November 21
Killing The Combat Photographer 38 Years Later

November 19
The 13th 9-11 Factor: It Isn't Over Yet

November 17
Are You a Parent... Of Vigilance Neglect?

November 16
The Recusant Nature Of Being A Parent Of Vigilance

November 15
The Red And Blue Of Vigilance VS. Terrorism

November 13
Exposing The CIA: The Children's Information Agency

November 11
Veterans Day 2004: Who Are The Real Victims Of Combat

November 10
Marines Still Dying - After 229 Years

November 9
Tearing Down The Berlin Wall Of Modern Terrorism: Is It Possible?

November 7
Marathon Of Vigilance: Can You Outrun The Beast Of Terror In Your Backyard?

November 6
How Bombs And Bullets Protect The Freedom Of The Children Of Falluja, Iraq Or New Jersey, U.S.A.

November 4
The Moral Mandate: Voting For The Parents Of Vigilance

November 3
The Power Of One: Our Vigilance Electoral College

November 2
Challenging The Vote At The Voting Polls -- Ultimate Terrorism Or Ultimate Treasure

November 1
Why Vote? Why Not Vote? Ask The Beast Of Terror...

October 2004 STORIES

October 31
BOOO!!! Beast Of Terror -- You Don't Scare Me

October 30
Thomas Jefferson and Osama Bin Laden Warn Americans To BeWary Of Politicians Trying To Protect Them From Terrorism

October 29
America's Constitution Crumbles While The European Union's Grows Strong

October 28
Boston Red Sox Victory: Reminding Us All How Belief Works

October 27
Splitting A Nation: The Ultimate Price Of Democracy

October 26
Protesting For Vigilance

October 25
Special Report From Union Square Park: A Letter From The Children Wondering Why The Adults Are Trying To Steal Their Playground Land To Build A Restaurant

October 24
World Series Players' Prayers Hit HomeRuns With Angels Of Vigilance

October 23
Blowing The Leaves Of Time: A Child's Power Over Nature

October 20
Kids! Beware The Beast Of Baseball Terror!!!

October 19
The Politics Of Fear: Have The Parents Abandoned The Child?

October 17
America's Greatest Sentinel Of Vigilance: The Free Election Vote

October 16
Beat Bush! Beat Bush! A Message Of Violence For The Children

October 15
How Easy It Is To Become A Victim Of The Beast Of Political Terror

October 9
Terrorizing The Last American Indian: The End Of The Beast's Reign?

October 7-8
The Cold & Flu Terrorists Attack One Billion U.S. Citizens A Year

October 6
The Message Of Lice: "We're Here To Stay"

October 5
Why The Beast Of Terror Will Be Watching The Political Debates Rather Than The World Series

October 3
Fighting The Horror Of Torture On The Streets Of New York City

October 2
The Japanese Ethnic Terror Vice -- The Reminder The World Has No Longer Borders In Politics Or Sports

October 1
Rats & Rattlesnakes - The Haunting Of Civilization's Advance

September 2004 STORIES

September 29
You're Not Black!" Said The Subpoena Server: A Close Call With Legal Terrorism

September 28
Cutting The Toenails Of The Beast Of Terror --An Act Of Cowardice By The U.S. Military Officers In Iraq

September 26-27
Turning The Tables On Terrorism -- When Terrorists Report Terrorizing The Terrorists, We Report Black vs White But Not What Is Right

September 25
Just When You Thought All Rats Were Terrorists...
One Of Them Falls In Love With You

September 23-24
Mothers Of Vigilance Hedging On Voting For John Kerry

September 22
Angus And The Beheading Beasts of The New York City's Subway Of Terror

September 21
Sweet Silvery Sounds Of F-14s Slicing Through The Sky --A Delusion of Vigilance

September 19-20
The Day The Angel Of Death Kissed The Angel Of Life

September 18
Nine Innings To Ground Zero Is Nine Innings To Ground Vigilance

September 17
In The Face Of Nature's Terrorism, Who Stands Above The Death And Destruction?

September 16
Narco-Terrorism: Is It A Real Or Fabricated Threat To Our Children's Children's Children?

September 15
Beast Of Violent Terror Invades American Girls

September 13-14
Batman Invades The Security Of Britain's Royal Family: A Sign Of Terrorism On The Fly

September 12
Saluting The Legacy Of The Sentinels Of Vigilance

September 11
Picture Memorial To Nine Eleven

September 10
Why The Blood Of Vigilance Flows For The Freedom Of All

September 9
The Silent Victims Of Nine Eleven Still Scream Three Years Later

September 8
The Stitch In Terrorism Time

September 7
Lessons From Nine Eleven: Are We Ready For Nine Twelve?

September 6
Which Of Your Children Would You Feed To The Beast Of Terror

September 5
Lest We Forget

September 4
The Beast Of Terror Has New Strategy: Kill American Children In Schools

September 3
The Evolution Of The Vigilance Revolution
1776 vs. 1735 vs. 2948

September 2
Nine Days To The Memory Of Horror When America's Innocence Was Raped

September 1
Human Slavery Is Alive And Well At The Republican National Convention

August 2004 STORIES

August 30-31
Teaching Children The "Hate" Of Protest

August 28-29
The Democracy Of Violence: Terrorism On Your Doorstep

August 27
Walking With The Protestors Of Nothing

August 26
Screams In The Night Are The Beast Of Terror

August 25
Battling The Beast Of Pain: A Titanium Olympic Medal Performance

August 24
Swift Boat Madness:
Why We Make Up Stories About Heroes

August 22-23
Art Terrorists Steal Beast Of Terror's Scream

August 21
The Terror Of A Summer Night At Lincoln Center

August 19-20
Sentinels of Olympic Vigilance Drive Away Beast Of Terror In Athens, Greece

August 18
Terrorists Enroute To Wall Street Charged With Conspiracy to cause Fear Panic And Disruption

August 17
The Olympic Motto "Citius-Altius-Fortius"
Gives Us A Tool Against The Beast Of Terror

August 16
The Beast of Debt-Terror Stalks Our Children

August 15
The Pregnant Belly Of Olympic Vigilance

August 14
Rescue Me! From Terrorism Within

August 13
Join America's Village of Vigilance

August 12
America's Most Feared Terrorist:
The Arrogant, Indifferent Corporation

August 10
Interview With "Just Another Corporate Rape Victim"

August 8
School Crossing Guards On TerrorWatch For Our Children

August 7
America, Pregnant With Terrorism Is Giving Birth To Vigilance

August 6
Class-Action TerrorHunters Attack Corporate Terrorists -- Is This Good or Bad?

August 3
Parallels Between Corporate Terrorism And Olympic Terrorism

August 2
Political Terrorists Plot To Bomb Ralph Nader's Campaign

August 1
Mirror Mirror On The Wall Who's Most Vigilant Of Them All?

July/June 2004 STORIES

July 31
Corporate Terrorists Attack The Statue Of Liberty And Undermine Children's Trust

July 29
Do You Hear The Heartbeats Of The Sentinels Of Vigilance?

July 28
Fear Of Falling From The Grace Of The Sentinels Of Vigilance

July 26
Fear Of A Terrorist Mouse

July 25
Imagination Is A Key Flaw In The 9-11 Report

July 24
When Is The Right Thing To Do The Right Thing To Do?

July 20
Insurance Terrorists Rip Off Warriors Of Vigilance

July 19
When Are You Too Old To Die For Your Grandchildren?

Note: We apologize for not posting daily stories over the past ninety days. We have been working on a major project regarding Corporate Terrorism and how each of us can fight it not only for our own protection, but for that of our Children's Children's Children. We are NOW back on schedule.

June 16
Death's Ashes On Strollers & Baby Carriages
June 10
My Day With Ronald Reagan--A Day Of Vigilance
June 3
Five Days To GZ+1000
June 1
Memorial Terrorism Day
May/April 2004 STORIES
May 29
Where Are You On The 990th Day Of The War On Terrorism?
May 20
9/11 Inquisition
May 19-18
A Conversation With God Re: The Iraqi Torture, Maiming..
May 17
War Is The Absence of Vigilance: Peace Is Its Presence !
May 16
Ripping The Fabric Of The Flag Over Iraq
May 8
Mo Duc--A Reflection On The Price Of Death In Iraq
May 7
The Thin Moral Box Of The Iraq War
May 2
Torture, Terrorism & Iraq: Another Quagmire?
April 29
Tribute To A Fallen Marine Sentinel Of Vigilance
April 22
"Battling The Beast Of Pain"
April 15-16
Central Agency of Vigilance
April 14
George Bush:  World President of Vigilance
April 13
How Sweet Is Resolution
April 11
Easter: Resurrecting Vigilance Over Terrorism
April 10
Beast of T.V. Terror Eats Little Children Daily
April 9
Death & Destruction: The Wine Of Terrorism
April 8
Times Square:  Crossroads For Terrorism & Vigilance
April 6-7
A Terror Or Vigilant Day
April 5
Wal-Mart Fights To Be Retailer of Vigilance
April 4
Gun-Toting Vigilantes Of Vigilance Fight Kid Abuse
April 3
The Terror Of Being Different
April 2
Wichita Stalked By Beast Of Binding -Torture-Killing Terror.
April 1
Widows Of Vigilance

Mar 31
Celebrating Life After Death
Mar 30
Beheading The Rights Of Terror Victims
Mar 29
Witch Hunting The Horrors Of Nine Eleven
Mar 28
Generational Vigilance
Mar 27
Double Trouble Terrorism
Mar 26
Daily Terrorism Attacks
Mar 25
One Nation Under???  Attacking the Pledge Of Allegiance
Mar 24
How To Swat Down The Flies Of Terrorism
Mar 23
Protesting The Terror Of Not Getting A Nobel Peace Prize
Mar 22
The Missing Link:  The Broad Vision Of Vigilance
Mar 21
Protesting The War On Terrorism--A Vigilant View
Mar 20
Birthday of the Children's Children's Children
Mar 19
War On Terrorism Crippled On One-Year Birthday
Mar 18
7:39 a.m.--Salute To The Spanish Sentinels of Vigilance
Mar 17
St. Patrick--Humorous Terror Hunter
Mar 16
15,000 NYC Third Graders Attacked By Beast Of Educational Terror
Mar 15
Ducking & Weaving The Intimidation Of Terrorism
Mar 14
Crosshairs of Terrorism
Mar 13
The Terror of 299 Body Bags A Day In America
Mar 12
Define Terrorism, Please!  Is It The Absence of Vigilance?
Mar 11
Quieting The Soul
Mar 10
Peering Into The Eye Of God?  Or Beast of Terror?
Mar 9
Same Sex Marriages Shows Power Of Mayors
Mar 8
Self Immolation--The Ultimate Terror
Mar 7
Sexual Vigilance Among Teens
Mar 6
Sleeping With The Child Of Innocence
Mar 5
Umpiring The Beast Of Terror Within
Mar 4
Quiet Nightmares
Mar 3
A Mother's Vigilance--My Baby's Not Dead
Mar 2
Monsters Of The Imagination
Mar 1
Suffering On The Cross Of Vigilance
Feb 29
900 Days From Ground Zero Terrorism vs. Vigilance
Feb 28
Terrorism Induced Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
Feb 26-27
A Moment Of Silence For 6 World Trade Center Victims
Feb 25
Ash Wednesday: The Sign Of Sentinels Of Vigilance
Feb 24
Super Tuesday:  Voting Against Terrorism
Feb 23
Crippling The Disease Of Terrorism
Feb 22
Bob's Battle With The Beast Of Lung Terror
Feb 21
Are Terrorists Eating Their Young?
Feb 20
Terrorize Culture:  Kill History
Feb 19
Exhaling Terrorism
Feb 18
Dark Energy:  The Beast Of Terror's Cosmic Lair
Feb 17
Suicide or Sacrifice:  The Same or Different?
Feb 16
Smoker's Death Wish
Feb 15
Osculum Pacis...Osculum Vigilantes Pacis
Feb 14
A Valentine Of Vigilance
Feb 13
Friday the 13th--A Bad Day For Terrorism
Feb 11-12
Who Really Killed Jesus?  A Debate Over The Beast Of Anti-Semitism
Feb 10
The Pain Game:  Memoirs Of A TerrorHunter
Feb 9
The Terror Of Fighting For Disability Insurance
Feb 8
Food Terror:  Kids, Don't Eat The Chicken Nuggets or Burgers
Feb 7
The Troubling Eyes Of Terrorism
Feb 6
How Children Wash Clean The Beast Of Terror
Feb 5
TerrorThoughts:  The Real Weapons Of Mass Destruction
Feb 4
The Sadness Of Iraq Body-Count Politics
Feb. 3
Why The Beast Of Terror Befuddles The C.I.A.
Feb. 1-2
Wonder Why So Many Died On 9/11?  Look To Iran!

Jan 31
Super Bowl Sunday:  A Day of Domestic Terrorism Or Family Vigilance?
Jan 30
Broken Promises Feed The Beast Of Terror
Jan 29
Angels Throwing Snowballs At The Beast Of Terror
Jan 28
Wrestling The Beast Of Terror To Victory
Jan 27
Warts & Pluses:  Signets For The Beast Of Terror
Jan 26
One Third Of America's Children Are Born To Unmarried Mothers: Brags The Beast Of Terror
Jan 25
What We Do To A Child, We Do To God

Jan 23-24
Meliorating The Sentinels Of Vigilance

Jan 22
Beast Of Media Terror Shreds Howard Dean's National Father of Vigilance Image

Jan 21
From Mo Duc To Baghdad To Pennsylvania Avenue

Jan 20
Attack-Dog Politics Turn And Bite Dr. Dean

Jan 19
Martin Luther King Day Is The Beast Of Cancer

Jan 18
Banishing Those Who Dance With The Beast

Jan 17
Mind Melding With A Sentinel Of Vigilance

Jan 16
The Chief Sentinel Of Domestic Terrorism Rules L.A.

Jan 15
Watching The Snow:  A Palette of Vigilance

Jan 14
State Of The Family Vigilance Union Speech

Jan 13
The Great Secret of Vigilance Is Not Political Terrorism

Jan 12
Put A Sentinel Of Vigilance On Your Right Shoulder

Jan 11
Who's In Charge Of The Fetuses' Rights?

Jan 10
Launching The Beast Of Terror Into Space

Jan 9
Pete Rose vs. Baseball's Beast Of Terror

Jan 8
Benefits of Bounty-Hunting Children's Terrorism

Jan 7
Releasing Our Internal Terrorists--It's Time

Jan 6
EGBOK--The Battle Cry Of Vigilance

Jan 5
Trial Of The First Beast Of Terror: Revenge Against Saddam Hussein

Jan 4.
Putting Kids In Jail: 
A Solution To Terrorism Or Just Feeding The Beast?

Jan  1
Times Square 2004: The Morning After

Dec 31
Bush's New Year's Message:  Era Of Vigilance
Dec. 30
Walking The Path Of Terror: The 839th Day

Dec 29
 Terrorism's New Year's Ball
Dec 27-28
Indiscriminate Terrorism:  Mother Nature's WMD
Dec. 26
The Beast Attacks Like The Mad Cow Disease
Dec 25
Learn The Secrets Of Vigilance On Christmas Day
Dec 24
Eve Of The Youngest Sentinels
Dec 23
Parable Of The Ant & The Leaf: The Third Secret Of Vigilance Over Terrorism
Part IV of V from the Legends Of Christmas Vigilance
Dec 22
How A Piece Of Rock Candy Banished Darkness From The Land Of Vigilance
Part III of V from the Legends Of Christmas Vigilance
Dec 21
The First Secret From The Stranger Of Vigilance: Part II of V
Dec. 20
The Legend Of Christmas Vigilance--Part One Of Five
Dec. 19
What Do Michael Jackson & Saddam Hussein Have In Common?
Dec. 18
Torturing Saddam In The Zoo Of Vigilance
Dec 17
Interview With Saddam In His Iraqi Rat Hole
Dec. 16
Xmas Present For Teenagers
Dec. 15
Capturing Weapons Of Mass Destruction:  Saddam Hussein
Dec. 14
Santa's Reindeer of Vigilance Rule NYC
Dec 13
Weapons Of Mass Destruction Hide In Starbucks' Stir Sticks
Dec. 12-11
Tree Of Vigilance
Dec. 10
Gift Of The Magi--A Pledge Of Vigilance
Dec. 9
Yes, Virginia, There Is A Beast Of Terror
Dec 8
The Cost Of Vigilance In Iraq:  Sixty Cents A Day!
Dec 7
Pearl Harbor--A Reminder To Always Be A Parent of Vigilance
Dec 6
WalMart--The TerrorHunter Who Can Win The War In Iraq
Dec. 5
Snows Of Vigilance Fall On Terrorism
Dec. 4
Sentinels of Vigilance
Challenge The Beast of Baby Formula

Dec. 3
Lights Of Vigilance
Dec. 2
There's A New/Old Terrorist In Town:  AIDS
Dec. 1
Legos & Grandkids Chase Beast Of Terror Away

Nov. 29
Bad Santa Terrorizes Children Of Vigilance
Nov. 28
Sentinel of Thanksgiving Vigilance
Nov. 27
A Thanksgiving Prayer
Nov. 26
Eating the Thanksgiving Beast of Terror

The Vigilance Platform: What American Politics Needs
Nov. 24
Mickey Mouse Reeling Under Terrorism Of Age
Nov. 23
Cradle Of Vigilance
Nov. 22
Saluting Dead Presidents
Nov. 20-21
Bones Of Dissent
Nov. 19
Japanese Troops To Iraq With $1,000,000 Bounty If They Die
Nov. 18
The Forces Of Good Visit Queen Of England
Nov. 17
Two Faces Of Terrorism
Nov. 16
Conversation With God About Iraq, Withdrawal & Tootsie Rolls
Nov. 15
Jessica Lynch's Father's Vigilance Vision
Nov. 14
The First "Rapper Of Vigilance"
Nov. 13
Why The World Despises America--Including Our Own Terror Politicians
Nov. 12
Why Are 80% of Americans "Very Proud" of Their Country vs. Less Than 40% of the French Being Very Proud Of Their Country
Nov. 11
Turning Our Backs On Veterans Causes Tears Of Blood To Spill
Nov. 10
Is The Beast Of Terror Ripping The Heart From Vietnam Wall Memorial?
Nov. 6-9
Why We Didn't Cut Off The Child Of Vigilance's Arms & Legs
Nov. 5
Terrorizing Ronald Reagan--The battle of the Ants of Terror vs. the Elephant of Vigilance
Nov 4
Israel--The Greatest Threat To World Peace?
Nov 3
Throwing The Rocks Of Terrorism At America's Children
Nov 2
NYC Marathon Of Vigilance Runs Down Terrorism
Nov 1
A Picture Tour of Halloween In New York City


Oct 31
Unmasking The Beast Of Halloween Terror

Oct 30
The Threat Matrix of Vigilance vs. Terrorism

Oct 29
Day 777 From Ground Zero: 
Terrorism's Unlucky Day

Oct 28
Lady Liberty Shines The Light On Terrorism

Oct 27
Brush Fires Of Vigilance Rage Within The Children
Oct 26
The World Series Of Vigilance Victory
Oct 25
Castrating The Dogs:
A Newlywed's Nightmare

Oct 23
Who Has The Right To Kill A Child Or An Adult?
Oct 22
Beating The Beast Of Computer Terror

Oct 1
Civilizing The Beast Of War

Sep 30
The Day Terrorism Died
Sep 29
The Skepticism of Vigilance

Sep 28
The Facade Of Terrorism

Sep 27
Expecting The Unexpected From Terrorism

Sep 26
The Immorality Of Teaching Children Morality
Sep 25

The Apologetics Of Vigilance

Sep 24
What Warriors Of Vigilance Pray To

Sep 23
The Moment Of Truth

Sep 22
Terrorism And Paranoia
Sep 21
The United Nations Of Complacency
Sep 20
What Is Terrorism?

Sep 19
Last Breath Of Vigilance
Sep 18

What Are You Willing To Die For?
Sep 17
Picking The Bones Of The Dead
Sep 16
Defending The Sentinels Of "War Vigilance"
Sep 15
To Kill Or Not Kill Yasir Arafat,
That Is The Question

Sep 14
Martyrs Of Vigilance's: Don't Eat Our Children Of Vigilance
Sep 13
Johnny Cash Battles The Beast Of Terror Victoriously
Sep 12
The Nobel Prize Of Vigilance--A Legacy From The Assassination of Anna Lindh
Sep 11
The Vow Of Vigilance On Ground Zero Plus 729
Sep 10
The Eve Of Vigilance
Sep 9
$87 To Rebuild Iraq:  Is It Worth $22,000 Per Household?
Sep 8
Burying the Last Vial Of Terrorism's Blood
Sep 2
TerrorHunting The St. Lawrence Seaway
Sep 1
The Labor of Vigilance

Aug 31
A Million Minutes Later: The Eyes Of Vigilance See
Aug 30
Turning On Switch Of Vigilance or Terrorism
Aug 29
Gasping Breaths of Terror Seek Oxygen of Vigilance
Aug 28
56 Buckets Of American Blood Spilled In Iraq
Aug 27
Terrorizing The U.S. Constitution with the DOI
Aug 26
The Five Percent Nation Of Cop Killers
Aug 25
Terrorizing The Child Molesters
Aug 23
Wedding Shower Of Vigilance
Aug 22
5,280-pound Terror Bomb Sits In Alabama Supreme Court Lobby
Aug 21
Where Is Fox Network's "Fair, Balanced & Vigilant" News?
Aug 20
A Day With Georgie
Aug 19
John Ashcroft:  Sell Vigilance Not The Patriot Act
Aug 18
Batting 1.000 Against The Beast Of Terror
Aug 17
Flexing The Muscles Of Vigilance Over Terrorism
Aug 16
BLACKOUT--How Vigilance Won Over Terrorism
Aug 15
Aug 14
Terror Rats Scurry the Streets of NYC
Aug 13
700 Days From Ground Zero

Aug 12

Creating An Anti-Terrorism Constitution In Iraq
Aug 11
Revising The Seven Deadly Sins

Aug 10
Women Of Vigilance Rule Over The Beast Of Terror

Aug 9
Terrorizing The Titanic
Aug 8
Terminator Tackles Beast Of Political Terror
Aug 7
Love & Hate: The Beast of Terror's Great Conflict
Aug 6
Small Babies Sprout From 9/11 Terrorist Attack

Aug 5
Monsoons Of Vigilance
Aug 4
Lawrence of Arabia--A Message of Vigilance or Terror

Aug 3
Burying The Bodies Of Terrorism

Aug 2
Mel Gibson:  A Christ-Killing Anti-Semitic Terrorist?

Aug 1
11 Anti-American Films Attack Nine Eleven As Just

July 31
Fences Of Vigilance:  Do They Keep Terrorism At Bay?

July 30
Grandparents University of Vigilance:  A Need For The Kids

July 29
The Terrorism Betting Pool

July 28
Infamy or Vigilance:  The Great War To End All Wars

July 27
Pacifist Japan Wars Against The Beast of Terror In Japan

July 26
Bashing A Child's Head With A Baseball Bat: Unintended Terrorism

July 25
Pfc. Lynch: Community Vigilance Trumps National Vigilance
July 24
Back-Shooting By The Beast Of Terror

July 23
Dead Sons Of The Beast Of Terror:  A Legacy To Beware

July 22
To Thine Children's Children's Children Be True

July 21
Archers of Vigilance

July 20
Stumbling On the Road to Vigilance

July 19
Be A Sentinel of K-3 Vigilance

July 18
July 17
Vigilance: Glue Against The Beast
July 16
Parents of Drug Vigilance:  Battle The Beast of Drug Terror

July 15
Be A Grandfather of Vigilance

July 14
The Terror of Southern Comfort

July 13
Where Is The Clear & Present Danger Anti-Terrorism Principle?

July 12
Iraq Body Count Website:  Fuel For The Beast of Terror?

July 11
"Mea Culpa" for Sweeping Judgments
July 10
666--A Reminder Evil Stalks The Shadow of Vigilance

July 9
A Yuppie's Duty To Battle The Beast of Terror

July 8
How Do You Overdose On Moral Clarity?

July 7
Striking Out The Beast of Terror In Central Park Softball

July 6
Avenging the Ancestors--An Act of Vigilance or Terrorism?

July 5
Roaring Mouse Of Vigilance

July 4
America's Fading Flag of Spangled Vigilance

July 3
Terror On The Golf Course

July 2
Ode To The Children of Dissent

July 1
Stand Up Against The Beast of Supreme Court Terror

June 30
Be A Caesar Of Vigilance
June 29
Shaman Blessing The Children Of Vigilance

June 28
The Terrorism of No Spanking and No Junk Call Laws, et al

June 27
Liberia - Our Next Beast of Terror Target ?
June 26
Will Affirmative Action Be Around When Whites Are The Minority?
June 25
Custer, Sitting Bull & The Battle In Iraq--All Little Big Horns

June 24
Bounty-Hunting Saddam Hussein With The "Dog"

June 23
No Child Left Behind: Complacent Terrorism?
June 22
The Crack In Iraq's Liberty Bell
June 21
Times Square Banishes Beast of Terror
June 20
Harry Potter vs. The Beast Of Terror
June 19
The "Jesus Hoax"--Truth or Lies About Brother James
June 18
Outer Limits Of Terrorism
June 17
Taxi Terror--When Jews Become Curb Targets In NYC
June 16
De-Evolution Of American Masculinity & Its Stupidity
June 15
Father Of Vigilance Day!
June 14
Flag Day:  Hoisting It For Vigilance or Terrorism?
June 12
Road To Peace Splattered With Beast Of Terror Bloodshed
June 11
Global Fat Tax Attacks Beast of Terror's Bulging Belly
June 10
The Beast of Terror vs. Martha Stewart
June 9
Breeding Babies of Terror from Tennis, Cycling and Schoolgirls
June 8
Keyser Soze--Usual Suspect Of Gait Recognition Terrorism
June 7
Terror Creep--Fighting The Termites of Terrorism
June 6
D-Day At The New York Times
June 5
D-Day's & Iraq's Effigies Of Vigilance
June 4
The Carcass Of Complacency--Saddam Hussein's Legacy
June 3
Hawk of Vigilance Seeks To Tame Terrorism
June 2
The Trouble With Terror-Hunting Tribbles
June 1
France Urges U. S. To Back Off Terrorism Agenda

May 31
Is Saddam Hussein A WMD?
May 30
CIA Assassin Gongs NYC In Hunt For Osama & Saddam
May 29
Feeding The Beast Of Terror Hate For Dinner
May 28
James Brown:  Love America or Leave it!
May 27
American Youth Support U.S. Military Sentinels of Vigilance
May 26
Black Eye For Vietnam War Memorial
May 25
Who's On First--Mt. Everest?  The Moon?
May 24
Woman Stalked By 110 Men With Clubs, Wards Off 11
May 23
Terror Island--Manhattan
May 22
Voting For Your American Idol Of Vigilance
May 21-May 15
Spitting-Blood Terrorism
May 14
Binary Terrorism--High School Girls & Beasts of Terror
May 13
Who Wants To Rule Chaos?
May 12
The Terror Of The Truth
May 11
Battle Hymn of the Republic Author Launches Mother's Day
May 10
100 Million-year-old Army Ants March On Terrorism
May 9
Locking Up Teenage Terrorists in the Name of Vigilance
May 8
Cutting Off Terrorism's Right Arm--An Act Of Vigilance
May 7
America's Secret Unused Anti-Terror Team--Wild Turkey Hunters
May 5
600 Days From Ground Zero
May 2
"All Glory is Fleeting"

May 1
Declivity of Terrorism vs. Acclivity of Vigilance

Apr 30
Family Circle Of Vigilance
Apr 29
Celebrating Saddam Hussein's Birth-Death Day
Apr 28
Beast of SARS--Invisible Enemy Attacks World Security
Apr 27
Charlton Heston:  Sunshine Patriots of Vigilance Beware
Apr 26
Attack By A Sentinel Of Vigilance
Apr 25
Howling For The Beast Of Terror In Central Park
Apr 24
Beast Of Protest Attacks Dixie Chicks
Apr 23
Ripping Terror From The Headlines
Apr 22
Why Pre-emptive Terrorism Strikes Are Right
Apr 21
TerrorHawks Stalk NYC Parks
Apr. 20
Easter-Passover Message
Apr. 19
Toys Of Terrorism
Apr. 18
Death Of A Fat Terrorism Warrior
Apr. 17
War Dogs Bark Vigilance Over Terrorism
War Vultures Swoop Down To Gobble False Glory
Apr. 15
Women Warriors Die For Iraqi Mothers
Apr. 14
Flower Power Blooms Despite Weeds Of War
Apr. 13
 Frozen Moments of Terrorism
Apr. 12
The Day Terrorism Died
Apr. 11
A TerrorHunter's Day Of Pride
Apr 10
Tearing Down The Statue Of Terrorism
Apr 9
The Ethics Of Death
Apr 8
The Killing of Baghdad Bob
Apr 7
No  Decapitation Strikes Says Kim Jong Il
Apr 6
Jessica Lynch--War Hero?
Apr 5
General Patton vs. Protestors
Apr. 4
Do The Crime, Serve The Time--Punishing War Protestors
Apr. 3
Why American Women Are Fighting Terrorism In Iraq
Apr. 2
Embedding Vigilance, Ejecting Terrorism
Apr. 1
How Walter Cronkite Ambushed Peter Arnett In Baghdad

Mar 31
Quiet Mothers Of Peace
Mar 30
The Peace Of War
Mar 29
Anti-Americanism--Saddam's Greatest Weapon Of Mass Destruction
Mar 28
Walking Among The Dead & Dying War Protestors
Mar 27
Surrender Or Die:  The Allies Last Gasp Of Vigilance
Mar 26
Why Iraqis Aren't Jumping For Joy Over Liberation From Terror
Mar 25
250,000 x's 250=62 Million Friends Of the Warriors Of Vigilance
Mar 24
Letter To The Real Peace Protestors--The Warriors In Iraq
Mar 23
Anti-War Protests Turns Peace Into War
Mar 22
Two Marines Die--Saluting The Sentinels Of Vigilance
Mar 21
The Beast Of Protest Terror Rules!
Mar 20
The Anti-War Battle For Times Square
Mar 19
What Warriors Of Vigilance Pray To Before Battling The Beast Of Terror
Mar 18
The Great American Right:  The Will To Fight & Protest A War In Iraq At The Same Time
Mar 17
The Moment Of Truth:  Turning A Bark Into A Bite
Mar 16
Iraqi Women Suicide Bombers--Mothers of Vigilance or Violence?
Mar 15
Vigilance Lost In The Wilderness Of Complacency
Mar 14
Task Force Tarawa--U.S. Marines Preparing To Die

Mar 13
The Serbian Mandate:  It's Crunch Time For Terrorism
Mar 12
Why Did You Kill Our Daddies?  Dialog with Saddam's Grandchildren
Mar 11
The Morality Of Killing A Peace Advocate's Sorrow
Mar 10
The Tragedy Of Vigilance
Mar 9
Conversation With God: Will Saddam Escape Death?
Mar 8
Supporting The Global Sentinels Of Intelligence Vigilance
Mar 7
Thomas Jefferson's Unilateral Action Against Terrorism 199 Years Ago
Mar 6
Hobson's Choice--Vigilance vs. Terrorism--A Choice?
Mar 5
Iraq's Snakes Of Power--For Whom Does The Iraqi Oil Toil?
Mar. 4.
Screaming Eagles Of Vigilance Fight For Children's Future
Racing The Chariots of Vigilance Against Terrorism
Mar 2.
Crushing Missiles In Iraq or Crushing America's Will?
Mar 1.
Why American Children Want To Fight The War In Iraq

Feb 28
Why I Owe Fred Rogers A Kiss
Feb 27
Terrorism & The Lilliputians--You're Not In Charge of Me!
Feb 26
Is The Ugliness of War worth the Price   of Freedom ?
Feb 25
Poets Against The War: The Politics Of Polemics
Feb 24
Defining Terrorism:  Can You Do It For The Children?
Feb 23
The Ugliest Side Of War:  Lone Wolf Terrorism
Feb 22
When Cities Protest War Do The Children Lose The Battle?
Feb 21
Terrorism's Attack On Heart Transplant Victim Sends Signal
Feb 20
Manhole Blows, Casts Darkness
Feb 19
Soggy Terrorism Pits People's Vigilance
Feb 18
The Beast of Terror Laughs at Snowplow

Feb 17
The Beast of Mother Nature Drenches the Land with Snow and Ice
Feb 16
Snow Terrorizes Escape Routes
Feb 15
Winter's Snowy Terrorism
Feb 14
A Valentine Of Vigilance For The Children Of Europe
Feb 13
Missiles In The Haystack: A look at Terrorism vs. Tyranny

Feb 12
Osama Bin Laden's Tape Rallies U.S. To Wage War On Iraq

Feb 11
Orbiting The World Of  Terrorism & Vigilance
Feb 10
United Nations Of Complacency
Feb 9
Casting Lots As Saddam Hangs On the Cross

Feb 8
Personal Reflections On Using Minor Weapons of Mass Destruction

Feb 7
Al Sharpton: Beast Of Racial Terror?
Feb 6
The Stench of CBS's Beast Of Terror Lingers
Feb 5
Dog Runs of Terrorism Find Vigilance

Feb 4
Is Vigilance Worth $200 Million To Pay Off Saddam Hussein

Feb 3
Felicific Calculus & The Columbia Space Shuttle Disaster

Feb 2
Columbia Crew Touches The Hand Of Vigilance

Feb 1
Biting The Hand That Feeds Vigilance Over Terrorism

Jan 31
Battling The "Fat" Beast Of XXXL Terrorism
Jan 30
A Conversation With God On Why We Should Attack Iraq

Jan 29
The 2003 State Of The Vigilant Union Speech

Jan 28
The Day I Bowed Before The King Of Terror & His Princes

Jan 27
Super Bowl Sunday Sets Framework For War On Iraq

Jan 26
My Big Fat Greek Wedding:
A Celluloid Battle of Terrorism vs. Vigilance

Jan 25
500 Days From Ground Zero

Jan 24
Who Is The Evil Axis?
Jan 23
Visit A Bad Neighborhood Before It Visits You
Jan 22
Aborting The Beast Of Terror

Jan 21
Burying The Beast Of Terror In His Own Tunnels Of Terrorism
Jan 20
Civilizing The Beast Of War

Jan 19
Suicide & The Beast Of Terror

Jan 18
The Day The Beast of Cancer Attacked

Jan  17
U.S. Strategic Terrorism Plan Falls Short Of Vigilance Goal
Jan 16
China's Beast Of Terror Purrs Watching U.S. Prepare For War
Jan 15
Sleeping With The Beast Of Terror

Jan 14
S.O.S--Terrorism Approaching--S.O.S
Jan 13
Mickey Mouse & Thomas Crapper--Keys To Beating Terrorism
Jan 12
Death Penalty For Parents Of Terrorism
Jan 11
The Miscibility Of Terrorism & Vigilance

Jan 10
Waiting For The Fangs Of Terrorism To Strike The Children's Children
Jan 9
Dolphin Terrorism vs. Lobster Vigilance
Jan 8
Iraqi Women Warriors Mass To Defend Their Homes
Jan 7
Why We Should Turn TerrorHunting Over To The Bronx Zoo

Jan 6
How The Beast Of Terror Steals Our Children Under Our Noses

Jan 5
Why We Should Eat Everyone We Kill
Jan 4
Bang! Bang! You're Dead!
Banning Toy Guns In NYC
Jan 3
President Bush's Secret NYC Deli North Korea Peace Negotiations

Jan 2
Where Is The Most Wanted Terrorist, Waldo?

Jan 1, 2003
Laughing At The Beast Of Terror On New Years Day--2003

Dec 31
The 2nd New Year's Eve Of Vigilance--Attack of Mecca-Cola
Dec 30
What Are You Willing To Die For?

Dec 29
N. Korea, Clones & 9/11 Twins Fuel Terrorism's Complacency
Dec. 28
Letterman Brings Laughter To Terrorism Battle Troops

Dec 27
Cry For World Peace Falls On Terrorism's Deaf Ears

Dec 26
Bones Of Terrorism vs. White Christmas
Dec 25
A Vigilance Christmas Message
Dec. 24
When Rats Squeal

Dec 23
Fighting Terrorism's Terrorism

Dec. 22
Beast Of Terror Teaches Children How To Kill For Fun
Dec 21
A Good Day To Visit A Graveyard

Dec 20
Who's Educating Your Children?

Dec 19
Assassination Of Democracy

Dec 18
Feed Terrorism, Starve Vigilance

Dec 17
Murder, Rape, Robbery Down--NYC As Safe As Provo, Utah
Dec 16
America's Kindergarten Of Terrorism

Dec 15
Felling The Trees Of Terror In A Forest Of Vigilance
Dec 14
No Room At The Vigilance Inn For The Beast Of Terror
Dec 13
Friday the 13th vs. Tuesday the 11th
Dec 12
Terrorism's Sores of the Soul--The Ku Klux Klan & Disney

Dec. 11
Terror Ball--The Deadly Game of "Catch Me If You Can!"

Dec 10
NYC Mayor Faces Off Terrorism With A Bicycle Of Vigilance
Dec 9
Cows Of Vigilance Jump Over Terrorism's Moon
Dec 8
The "ab ovo usque ad mala" Of Terrorism & Vigilance
Dec 7
Dawn Of Terrorism's Infamy

Dec 6
The Night The Beast Of Terror Swallowed Walter Cronkite

Dec 5
Where's The Blind Man Selling Pencils When You Need Him?

Dec 4
What Can We Learn About Terrorism From Russian News

Dec 3
Choir Of Vigilance Sings To The Beast Of Terrorism

Dec. 2
Is Henry Kissinger The Right Guy To Protect
Our Children From Terrorism's Threats?

Dec 1
The Immorality of Teaching Children Morality

Nov 30
Hemmingway Stalks Beast Of Terror In Africa

Nov 29
Macy's Parade Of Vigilance

Nov 28
Dancing With The Bear Of Terrorism

Nov 27
Scrambling For Terrorism Rewards

Nov 26
Weapons of Miniscule Destruction

Nov 25
Terrorism & Paranoia

Nov 24
Assault & Battery By The Terrorist Tongue

Nov 23
Wrapping Up Terrorism

Nov 22
Assassination Breeds Terrorism

Nov 21
Bones Of Protest: A Dying Art
Nov 20
Homeland Security--Terrorism Of Another Degree?

Nov 19
Castrating Terrorism
Nov 18
How Oil, Water and Harry Potter Mix With Russia
Nov 17
Zuni Indians "Eagle Dance" for Sentinels At Ground Zero
Nov. 16
Grandfather Of Vigilance Walks Into Jaws Of Terror
Nov 15
Execution of Terrorism's "God's Kid!"
Nov 14
 Just War  Against Terrorism

Nov 13
Pharaoh Of Terrorism Returns To Center Stage
Nov 12
Big Apple Becomes Small Town America For Vets
Nov 11
Veterans' Day 2002--Terrorism vs. Vigilance
Nov 10
Zonka, Husky Of Vigilance
Nov 9
Seven Day Terrorism Face Off To Sign Pledge of Vigilance
Nov 8
Vigilance--The Antidote to Terrorism's Bubonic Plague
Nov 7
13th Anniversary From Terrorism's Gallows
Nov 6
America's Iron Fist Minus A Silk Glove
Nov 5
CIA Launches Killing War
Nov 4
War Crimes Of Henry Kissinger?
Nov 3
3000-Year-0ld Vigilance Dancers Celebrate Death Over Life
Nov 2
Mandarin Chinese Helps African American Children Fight Terrorism
Nov 1
No Terror In Halloween "Parents of Vigilance" Parade


Oct 31
CIA's Halloween Terrorist Report
Oct 30
Sweet Strings of Vigilance
Oct 29
Political Terrorism Rages In Children's Living Rooms
Oct 28
The Rap Of Terror
Oct 27
A Day With The Terrorists In Central Park, NYC
Oct 26
Women Of Vigilance  Seek Global Peacemaking Role
Oct 25
15 Terrifying Minutes Of Sniper Fame For Truck Driver
Oct 24
Sniper Vigilance & Russia's Terrorists
Oct 23
Terror Walking With My Grandson
Oct 22
Is Humanitarianism Dead?
Oct 21
Trembling Terrorists Weaken In Face-Off With Vigilance

Oct 20
Eagles Of Vigilance
Oct 19
I Am My Grandson's First Terrorist
Oct 18
Bomb Iraq & North Korea?
Oct 17
400 Days From Ground Zero
Oct 16
Christopher "Terrorist?" Columbus: The Sniper Of 1492
Oct 15
Bali's "Vigilance Youth Corps"
Oct 14
Bullet-Proofing Family Assets
Oct 13
A Psalm Of Vigilance--Use My Ears...Use My Years
Oct 12
Nobel Prize Of Terror
Oct 11
Saddam...Osama...Or...Dismissed & Cribcrash?
Oct 10
The Mind Of A Surgical Sniper
Oct 8
Can The Left Be Patriotic?
Oct 7
Building The Towers of Vigilance
Oct 6
Weiner Dogs Of Vigilance
Oct 5
Don't Eject Father Of Vigilance
Oct 4
Global Economic Vigilance
Oct 3
War Heroes Can Be Schoolteachers
Oct 2
Snipers & Grandsons
Oct. 1
Vigilance Not Regime Change

Sep 30
Cain & Able--The Politics Of Iraq
Sep 29
Let's Roll--A battle for bucks
Sep 28
Fetuses & Vigilant Health

Sep 27
Anti-Semitic Vigilance

Sep 26
Apologetics Of Vigilance

Sep. 25
Cry Of Life In The Wake Of Death
Sep 24
Smallpox Threat Screams For Vigilance
Sep 23
Missing Fingers, Hands & The Cross Of Terror
Sep 22
Rueben--The Biting Terrorist
Sep 21
Terrorism & The Rabbit Hole
Sep 20

"I Miss The Twin Towers!"
Sep 19
Eulogy To Char--Last Breath Of Courage
Sep 18
Burying The Placenta Of Vigilance
Sep. 17

Kidnappers Of Terrorism
Sep. 16
Walking In The Shadow Of Einstein
Sep 15
Baptizing A Son Of Vigilance
Sep 14
A Dog's Day Night On 5th Avenue
Sep 13

Communitarian Vigilance
Sep 12
Ground Zero: 
Tomb or Garden Of Vigilance?
Sep 11
9.11.02--5:30 a.m. Dawn Of Vigilance
Sep 10
Eve Of Destruction
Sep 9
The Facade Of Terrorism
Sep 8
9 Seconds To Hell
Sep 7
Join The Congress Of Vigilance Today
Sep 6
Where Have The F-16's Of Vigilance Gone?
Sep 5
Where Is My Mommy?  My Daddy?
Sep 4
Terrorist Mosquitoes Attack USA
Sep 3
9-11 Baby Arrives--One Year Later!
Sep 2
"There's A Rat In The Subway!"
Sep 1
Tomb Of The Unknown "Sentinel Of Vigilance"

August 2002 STORIES
Aug 31
Sword Of Damocles Hangs Over Our Kids Heads
Aug 28
Flushing America's Vital Resources Down The Toilet
Aug. 27
To Attack Or Not To Attack?  That Is The Question!
Aug 26
Who's To Say That's So Bad?
Aug 25
Heroes of Terrorism vs. Heroes of Vigilance
Aug 24
Assassinating Politicians
Aug 23
Aug 22
Terrorism Of Being Stoned To Death
Aug 21

Aug 20
Terror Backfires On Terrorist
Aug 19
King Of Global Vigilance Stands Tall
Aug 18

Aug 17
Aug 16
Aug 15
Aug 14
Deep Space Voyager Of Vigilance
Aug 13
Corporate Women Of Vigilance
Aug 12
Nuclear Bomb Fuel Vigilance
Aug 11
Aug 10
Aug 9
Aug 8
McDonald's--Leading Child Terrorist
Aug 7
FDNY Heroes Of 9.11 Flee Duty For Money

Aug 6
Terrorists Kill 400,000 In Japan
Aug 5
Greeks Obliterate Terrorism--Maybe?
Aug 4
Eating The Eggs Of Vigilance
Aug 3

Aug 2
Amber Alert Creates 30 Million Sentinels
Of Vigilance In One Fell Swoop

Aug 1.

Granny Nannies Of Vigilance

July 31
July 30
Godzilla--Terrorist Turned Sentinel of Vigilance
July 29

Teaching American Children To Be Terrorists
July 28

July 27
Don't Eat The Monkeys--Please!
July 26
July 25

July 24
July 23
Young Frankenstein's Village of Vigilance
July 22
CEO Pyramid Of Vigilance
July 21
One Out Of Many
July 20
The Vigilance Of K-19
July 19
A "V" For Vigilance
July 18
Bookstore Terrorism
July 17

The Spine Of Vigilance
July 16
July 15
July 14
Computer Terrorism
July 13
July 12
July 11
7 Million Year Old Child Of Vigilance Found
July 10
The Price Is Right For Vigilance
July 9
Sweet 'N Low Larceny
July 8
July 7
July 6
Ted Williams--Soldier Of Vigilance
July 5
July 4

Independence Day: 07-04-'76 or 09-11-02?
July 3
America: Sheriff Eastwood Under Attack
July 2
The Congressional Mail Laundry Quandary

July 1
Terror Of The Creep Factor

JUNE 2002 STORIES (continued)
June 30

June 29
Be A Firefly Of Vigilance

June 28
Radicals Of The '60s--Unite To Fight Terrorism With Vigilance

June 27
"One Nation, Under Vigilance,
With Liberty And Justice For All."

June 26
Battleship Vigilance--A Dreadnought

June 25
Death Row Terrorism--Who's In Charge?

June 24
Outhouse Terrorism--Is It A Solution
June 23
Birth Of A Grandson Of Vigilance
June 22
The Conspiracy Theory--U.S. Attacked U.S.
June 21
Terror of Buying Your Buttocks A Ticket
June 20
Cycles Of Vigilance Invade NYC
June 19
Medals For Martyrs Of Terrorism
June 18
Awaiting The Birth Of Vigilance
June 17
Picking The Bones Of The Dead
June 16
The Greatest Father's Day Gift
June 15
Ground Zero--Graveyard or Garden Of Vigilance?
June 14
Duct Tape U.S. Flag--No Vigilance Please!
June 13
June 12
"Am I Sleeping In G-Pa's Sweat?"
June 11
June 10
Street Vendor Of "Let's Roll" Vigilance
June 9
Alligators, Terrorists & Marshmallows
June 8
June 7
President Bush & Ho Chi Minh On:
June 6
D-Day, 1944 vs. T-Day, 09-11-01
June 5
Taxol Terrorism:  Cancer For Profit
June 4
When A Man Wears A Skirt

June 3
An African-American/Native American Woman Of Vigilance
June 2
Terrorism's Ancient History Is Alive
June 1

"God's Flushing His Toilet"


May 31
Taps & Tears at Ground Zero
May 29

Eve Of The Birth/Death Of Vigilance
May 28
Courage, Kids & The Statue Of Liberty
May 27
Strolling Into The Jaws Of Terrorism
May 26
A Vigilant Walk On The Brooklyn Bridge
May 25
Standing On The Edge Of Infinity
May 24
Thinker Of Vigilance
May 23
Doctor Of Vigilance
May 22
Fighting The Shadows Of Terrorism
May 21
Pointing The Finger Of Terrorism
May 20
Dogs Of Vigilance
May 19
"I Love You, Unk!"
May 18
Parking Terrorism--NYC Style
May 17
Birthing Your Spiritual Vigilance
May 16
Emergency Room Terrorism
May 15
Ground Zero C
risis of Ordination
May 14
The Vigilance of Rain & Tears

May 13

Guns & Crosses Of Vigilance
May 12
The Killing Of Mothers Of Vigilance

May 11
Osama Is Alive--In California!
May 10
Killing Children Of Innocence/Vigilance
May 9
Terrorism & The 5th Amendment
May 8
Creating A Child Of Vigilance--13% Factor
May 7

May 6
Vigilance vs. Protestors Of Terrorism

May 5
War Of The Worlds
May 4
F-18 Mission Of Vigilance

May 3
"I've Got A Sore On My Penis!"
May 2
Where Have The Commie Pinkos Gone?
May 1
Viral Terrorism

April 30
Eagle Eye View Of Ground Zero
April 29
One Woman's Choice--Terrorism or Vigilance?
April 28
Mirror Of Vigilance
April 27
The Bully Terrorist
April 26
The Courage To Kneel To Vigilance
April 25

Some Heroes Have Fleas
April 24

The Saturn-Pluto Enigma
April 23

April 22
The World's First Terrorist
April 21
April 20
Gargoyles Of Vigilance
April 19
Colonoscopy Vs. Terrorism
April 18
Sorrow On Independence Day
April 17

Kmart--Blue Light Vigilance Special
April 16
Screams Of Terror
April 15
The Torture Warrant
April 14
Please, Feed Me!  Please, Feed Me!
April 13

Extinguishing The Shafts Of Vigilance
April 12

Bow & Arrow Of Vigilance
April 11

Terrorism & Lollipops
April 10

Daffodils Of Vigilance
April 9
The Vigilance Wars
April 8
The 9-11-20 Vigilance Formula
April 7
Chasing Sean Connery--Vigilance & A Kilt
April 6
The 0.1% Vigilance Factor
April 5
The Never Ending War On Terrorism
April 4
Birth Of Vigilance & Terrorism
April 3
Bottle Of Vigilance From Reno, Nevada

April 2
Conversation With God--Peanuts & Vigilance
April 1
The Greatest Fool Of All--Terrorism

Mar. 31
Happy Easter--The Resurrection of Vigilance
Mar. 30
Terrorism's Kiss Of Death
Mar. 29

"I Can See Everything!"
Mar. 28
Riding On The Shoulders Of Vigilance

Mar. 27
What Happens After People?
Mar. 26
Vigilance & George Burns--"I'm Alive!"
Mar. 25
Venial Sins Of Non-Vigilance

Mar. 24
Clouds Of Vigilance
Mar. 23
The Skepticism Of Vigilance
Mar. 22
Vigilance--And World War IV
Mar. 21
Mar. 20

Mar. 19
Mar. 18
Terrorism & Child Molestation
Mar. 17
Vigilance & The Pill Of Terrorism
Mar. 16

Osama bin Laden's "Last Stand!"
Mar. 15
"Avoid Eye Contact!"--Sidewalk Terrorism
Mar. 14

Cab Flag Mystery Solved
Mar. 13
Mar. 12
Mar. 11

Mar. 10
Mar. 9
Mar 8
Mar. 7
Mar. 6
Mar. 5
Mar 4

Mar. 3
Vigilance And The Street Bum

Mar. 2

Mar. 1

Feb. 28
Restarting Your Day From Ground Zero
Feb. 27

Feb. 26
Feb. 25
Feb. 24
Feb. 23
Feb. 22

Feb. 21
Children Who Grow Life From Death

Feb. 20

Feb 18


Feb 16

Feb. 15

Feb. 14
Valentine's Day Is For Loving, Not Terrorization

Feb. 13

Feb 12
No Security At Homeland Security
Feb. 11

Feb. 10
Movie Review--Collateral Damage

Feb. 9

Feb. 8
Terror Of A Pregnant Woman's Refrigerator

Feb. 7
OLYMPICS:  Where Is The Ground Zero Flag?
Feb. 6
Feb. 5
bin Laden & The Cigarette Terrorism Plot
Feb. 4


Feb. 2
Feb. 1
Expecting The Unexpected From Terrorism


Jan. 30
Jan. 29
Jan. 28
I'm Going To Be The Grandfather Of Vigilance
Jan. 27
The Glory Of An Innocent Tear

Jan. 26
Why I Love New York City's Madness
Jan. 25
Jan. 23

Jan. 22
Jan. 21
Jan. 20
Jan. 19
FRESH KILLS LANDFILL-9-11 Clearing Center
Jan. 18
Jan. 17
The Valued Opinion Of A Urinal

Jan. 16
Jan. 15
Jan. 14

Jan. 13
Jan. 12

Jan. 11
Brutus--The Tenacious Flag
Jan. 10
Jan. 9
GI-JOE VIGILANCE--Is It Right For Our Kids?
Jan. 8
Mayor Rudy--My Father Of Vigilance
Jan. 7
The Epiphany Of Terror & Vigilance
Terror Of The GoatSucker
Jan. 5
Snow!!  Purifying the Fear Of Terrorism
Jan. 4
Attack Of Terrorism's Computer Anti-Virus Virus
Jan. 3
The Art Of Teaching Children Emotional Anti-Terrorism
Jan. 2
Remember To Never Forget
Jan. 1
New Years Day--2002--The Vigilance Resolutions

Dec. 31
Sunrise Over Terrorism--Sunspots & Violence

Dec. 30

Flags Can Be Lonely Too!

Dec. 29
The Hole Terrorism Leaves In Child's Soul

Dec. 28
Terrorism Is Within Us All--We Are "The Pack Of Dogs"

Dec. 27
The Stench Of Death & Perfume Of Honor

Dec. 26
Have We Forgotten The True Heroes Of 9/11?

Dec. 25
The Gift Of Vigilance--A Special Package

Dec. 24
Peace In The Heart Of Terrorism
Dec. 23
Flags In The Wind--
A Pictorial Review Of Patriotism Chasing Terrorism
Dec. 22
The Price Of Death! 
A $6-billion payoff or the Congressional Medal of Honor
Dec. 21
Do We Need A Patriot's Day, or a Vigilance Day?
Dec. 20
How The Olympics Is Helping Us Win The War On Terrorism
Dec. 19
Emotional Terrorism Insurance Policy
Dec 18
The Resurrection Of A Patriotic Tear
Dec. 17
Yes, Virginia, There is an Osama bin Laden And A Santa Claus Too!
Dec. 15
We Can't Kill Terrorism, But We Can Destroy It
Dec. 14
Why Terrorism Will Never Surrender
Dec. 13
Is John Walker Really Jane Fonda In Drag? 
A question about being a traitor to our children.
Dec. 12
Bless The Angels Who Fight Destruction--
The Fireman As A Hero To  A Child
Dec. 11
Terrorism & The Cowboys & Indians
Dec. 10
Terrorism's Last Gasping Breath--The First Quarter Since September 11
Dec 9
Dinosaurs & Terrorists Cannot Be Killed
Dec 8
Fighting Terrorism Naked
Dec 7
60 Years Later--Let's Not Shut The Eye Of Vigilance Ever Again
Dec. 5
Spirit Of The Blood, Purity & Prosperity of Sept. 11 Still Flies Proudly
Dec. 3
Should George Harrison of the Beatles Be Treated
The Same Way As A Hero Of Nine Eleven
Dec. 2
Why Every Child Should Have A Ginsu Knife For Christmas To Fight Terrorism

Dec. 1
Remember Pearl Harbor--In Advance--Keep Vigilant--
Keep An Open To Terrorism--Being Prepared!


Nov. 30
Lighting The Tree Of Unity At Rockefeller Center--          
A Tradition of E Pluribus Unum:  Out of Many,  One.
Nov. 28
Proud To Be An American--Even Though It Was Embarrassing
Freedom Of Speech?

Nov. 27
The Marines Have Landed! 
Will they find a Quagmire or engage in the "Battle Of Innocence?  


Nov. 26
The Shame!   

Forgetting To Honor Our Heroes Of Vigilance On Thanksgiving   
Nov. 25
Creating A Magic Anti-Terrorism Wand To Ward Off The "Evil Ones"

Nov. 24
Buzz Lightyear brings Toys Of Vigilance to fight Terrorism


Nov. 23
Shifting the Paradigm from "Parents Of Negligence" to "Parents Of Vigilance."

Nov. 22
Happy Thanksgiving--Sentinels of Vigilance--
The Sentinels are leading the 75th Macy Day Parade!


Nov. 21
Terroizing The Pledge Of Allegiance--
What does it mean to a five-year-old child?
Nov. 20
Threat Of The "Dirty Bomb!"--
What happens if the Terrorists use nuclear radiation as a weapon?

Nov. 19
Are You A Structural Engineering Parent? 
 Lesson from the designer of the WTC Twin Towers


Nov. 18
"Do We Tuck Our Children In At Night With A Semper Vigilantes?"

Nov. 17
"Can We Really Kill Terrorism?"
Nov. 16
"Children Of Vigilance"
Conceived Amidst Ashes & Rubble Of Destruction
Nov. 15
Marvel Comics Tribute To The Super Heroes of  09-11-01
--Our Guardians Of Terrorism

Nov. 14
Sleeping Children's Happy Faces In The Face Of Terrorism

Nov. 13
The Cancer Of Terrorism--The Chemotherapy of Vigilance

Nov. 12
Battling To Remember Vigilance Through A Child's Nightmares


Nov. 11
The Sounds Of F-14's
Nov. 10
Marine Corps Birthday--Sand And Blood & Honor
Nov. 9--
Welcome to Semper Vigilantes--Generation Nine Eleven!

Nov. 8
Are Gas Masks For Children The Best Defense Against Terrorism?

Nov. 7
Is Terrorism's Great Weapon Complacency?

Nov. 6
When the Parents Of Terrorism Cry Out, The War Will End


Nov. 6 --Talks With God--A chit-chat with God turns into a lesson about "Lepers, Home Security & Complacency!" -own link
Nov. 5
Ashes Of Angels Create Tears Of Passion--    
A trip at night to the WTC brings tears for the Parents Of Complacency who turn over the protection of their children's terror to others

Nov. 4
Terror From Within:       
A journey through a psychological ward at NYC's Bellevue Hospital where "lost souls" find good advice from the Sentinels of Vigilance

   Nov. 3
"Mommy, Daddy, What's A Terrorist?"          
 How do you explain a Terrorist to a child?  What lesson do you teach?   This QT offers sample dialog to teach a lesson about Fear and Intimidation to a child

Nov. 2

"The Scariest Place On Earth"--
a short story about a man trapped in his own Fear of Defeat, symbolic of the "Terrorism Within," until a Sentinel of Vigilance brings him a message of Hope

Nov 2
Sentinels Of Vigilance Help Yankees Spirit A Win--Vigilance over Complacency
Nov. 1
Daily Diary--Daily Diary about Vigilance.  Scan them in the morning.  Think about them through the day.   Mental exercises to help you remain Vigilant.  Keep your mind sharp.      

Oct. 31--
The Scariest Day Of The Year       
The Cancerous Cell Of Terrorism

Oct 29
Salute To Ashes Of Sentinels Of Vigilance 
Oct 28
Evening: Yankees Intimidated         
Morning:  Innocence Of Children In The Face Of Terror
Oct 27
            Constitutional Terror              
Oct 26
    Oklahoma City Sentinals Of Vigilance       
Oct 25
Ready For Anything, Counting On Nothing  
Oct 24--
Is America Fighting Terror Alone?       

Oct 24--
The Eyes Of Argus Are Upon Us--
Combat Diary about who is watching our children's safety OWN LINK

Oct 23----
How to use the Semper Vigilantes Logo--
Details, uses and applications
Oct. 25--
Sponsorship Information: 
 Individuals, businesses, corporations can help by sponsorship
Oct 20--  
"Don't Forget--I Died Saving You!"

 Gripping story of a Port Authority Police Officer's last words to his buddies
as he dies under the rubble--a call to all he is a Sentinel of Vigilance.
Oct 19--"No Fear"
Wife of hero who led the charge to thwart the plane heading for the White House
faces her Fear while the US Congress runs away from anthrax scare

Oct 18--
Letter to Religious Leader
Why support Parents of Vigilance

Oct 17--

Press Release To Media--Call For Media Support Of Parents Of Vigilance

Oct  13
"Conversations With God - About Being a Trained Killer"

Oct  11
"43,200 Minutes From Ground Zero
692,000 Heartbeats Later"  

Oct  10
"Don't Send An Elephant To Kill A Mosquito  

Oct  8
"The Art Of Survival Terror"  
Oct  8
"Conversation With God About The Terrorism
of Democracy"

Oct  5
"How A Three-year-Old Boy Brought The Twin Towers Back To Life"

Oct  5
"Conversation With God"

Oct  3
What Would Peter Zenger Do?

Oct  1
Prayer:  "Out Of The Smoke Of Death Rise The Fairy Tales Of Life"

Sep 30
"A Prayer For the 370 Pounds of Souls Who Died On Sept 11"

Sep 29
"Prayer For The Day - Ground Zero plus 19"

Sep 27
"Prayer For The Day -- Thursday Sept. 27 Ground Zero plus 16"

Sep 26
"Seeking Vigilance With A Purpose"

Sep 25
"The Great Ben & Jerry's Terrorist Plot"

Sep 16
"Help Me Find My Daddy"

Sep 13
"Above And Beyond The Call Of Duty"

Sep 12
"Don't Bury Your Liberalism In The Grave Of Terror"

Sep 11
"Apocalypse New York"

Sep 11
"The Day The Beast Of Terror Returned"


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