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OVERVIEW: A billion pairs of eyes are glued to the television broadcasting the Olympics. Two-hundred and two nations compete in a "peaceful" display of personal and national bests to attain the ideal of human interaction without bloodshed. Rooted in the Olympics is its motto, a Latin expression that can be used to fight Terrorism both within and without. It is a motto that all of us can use each day to make our lives and the lives of our children safer from the Beast of Terror.


GROUND ZERO PLUS 1072 DAYS--New York, NY, Tuesday, August 17, 2004--Terrorism has its competitors. One of them is the Olympics.

Nations from throughout the world—202 of them to be exact—are working together to battle Terrorism in Athens, Greece.

Their motto is the Latin words: citius-altius-fortius. Translated into English, they mean: Faster-Higher-Stronger.

The Olympics is competing with Terrorism with the Olympic motto: Citius-Altius-Fortius"
The Olympics is competing with Terrorism

The Olympic rings, representing the world’s continents, are bound together in a unity that barks at Terrorism’s goal of dividing and conquering nations with Fear, Intimidation and Complacency.

Nations work together to battle Terrorism
Nations work together to battle Terrorism


But Terrorism faces some incredible competitors—Courage, Conviction and Right Actions for the Children’s Children’s Children.

These are the backdrops of the Olympic motto: Faster—Higher—Stronger!

They broadcast to the Beast of Terror that: Courage is Faster than Fear. Conviction is Higher than Intimidation. And Right Actions that benefit the Children’s Children’s Children are ten-fold stronger than the quagmire of Complacency the Beast of Terror tries to bury its victims in.

When competing against Terrorism, we compete within our own selves
When competing against Terrorism, we compete within our own selves

When any of us compete against Terrorism, we face an Olympic competition within our own selves. Instead of trying to “win” the Gold for ourselves, we face the great challenge of Vigilance—will we fight the Fear, the Intimidation and the Complacency for the future generations, or, will we let the Beast of Terror overcome us because we lose sight of the idea of Faster, Higher, Stronger…citius…altius…fortius?

Terrorism is about overcoming the Fear of competing against it.
What’s happening in Iraq and any part of the world threatened by Terror Threats is only an external manifestation of what happens inside all of us each and every day of our lives.

Daily, our minds are cluttered with varying degrees of Terror Thoughts that make an attempt to clog our Vigilant pores. They may be as small as the thought “I’m not good enough,” or “how come that guy’s so lucky,” or, “I wish I hadda’ or shoulda’ or coulda’ done that…”

We pay little attention to these small, seemingly insignificant booby traps the Beast of Terror plants along our daily path. Even when we catch ourselves looking in the mirror and not liking our own reflection, or, wishing we were someone else, or, being too busy worrying about this or that we can’t hear our children asking us to communicate with them, we often don’t connect that these diversions are Terror Thoughts, that when added up, become a bomb—a suicide bomb—that blows up chunks of our self worth and self determination.

Olympic competitors are well aware of the Beast of Terror. They realize that if you let the Beast of Doubt or the Beast of Complacency or the Beast of Fear or the Beast of Intimidation take hold, dig in, they have lost before they start.

That’s why they make the statement before competing: “Let me be Victorious or my attempt Glorious!”

A great weapon against Terrorism is ...
A great weapon against Terrorism is.....

What will defeat Terrorism is not armies marching through caves in foreign lands hunting down the endless stream of “bad guys” skulking about. The great weapon against Terrorism is the Olympic Courage, the Olympic Conviction and the Olympic belief in taking Right Actions that benefit future generations.

...the Olympic belief in taking Right Actions that benefit future generations
...the Olympic belief in taking Right Actions that benefit future generations

When the majority of any society defies Terrorism’s Fear, Intimidation and Complacency, then they are victorious over it.

To achieve that, we all need to ingest the Pledge of Vigilance and use it daily to insure we are protected from the Beast Within—the one that chips away at our character and tries to weaken us so we cannot ward off the attacks that come when least expected.

Become an Olympic Sentinel of Vigilance and win the Gold Medal of Vigilance
Become an Olympic Sentinel of Vigilance and win the Gold Medal of Vigilance

We can become Olympic Sentinels of Vigilance and win the Gold Medal of Vigilance.

All we have to do is beat the Beast of Terror at his own game. To do that means we must be Faster with our Courage than the Beast is with his Fear; we must hurdle Higher over the obstacles of Intimidation the Beast lays before us; and, we must have Higher goals that incorporate future generations so we don't succumb to the sinkhole of Complacency that threatens us to give up just before we cross the finish line.

We can be Victorious or our attempt Glorious by applying the three keys to the Olympic motto: citius-altius-fortius----Faster...Stronger...Higher!

And, by not forgetting our Vigilance Motto: Semper Vigilantes--Always Vigilant!

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