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OVERVIEW: A rapist is a Terrorist, and a Terrorist is a rapist. Neither is mutually exclusive of the other. On September 11, 2001, America was raped. Her innocence was brutally taken from her. For three years America has sought to avenge that violation. Now, the nation is divided between those who seek to continue to avenge those who target America and the world for future violations and those who want to move on and put Terrorism on the back burner while building up domestic strength. All the while, Mother Liberty is watching and crying tears of blood, wondering why a nation of some 300 million expect government to protect them from Terrorism when the true rapist is hiding in their neighborhoods. Mother Liberty offers some warnings. Find out what she is saying.

GROUND ZERO PLUS 1088 DAYS--New York, NY, Thursday, September 2, 2004--Nine days from today, horror will return to those of us who were at Ground Zero on America's "day of infamy".

September 11, 2002 is the Day of Awakening when America realized that it was no longer a Virgin of Vigilance but instead a Rape Victim of Terrorism.

On NineEleven the Beast of Terror violated the body of America
On NineEleven, the Beast of Terror violated the body of America

Terrorism, like rape, occurs against the will. On NineEleven, the Beast of Terror violated the body of America. It took by deadly force the innocence of a nation that thought it was free from the violence and horror so common in the rest of the world.

It caught the nearly 300 million citizens of the United States by shocking surprise and video-taped the entire ravage of America's innocence to the world, scene by ugly scene, so there would be mistake that our land, our citizens had just been brutalized by the lascivious desire of Terrorism to "take" what it wants at will.

The Statue of Liberty wept as Terrorists ravaged her people
The Statue of Liberty wept as Terrorists ravaged her people

Sadly, this all happened in view of the Statue of Liberty, who, in her own way, represents the "Mother of America." She watched helpless on Liberty Island as the Terrorists ravished her people, and the torch in her hand dimmed as her tears flooded with the blood of thousands who died that day.

She wasn't crying for the loss of life as much as she was the loss of innocence. As the Mother of America, the Statue of Liberty saw the children of the rape victims no longer safe and secure from the groping, ghostly claws and fangs of the Beast of Terror who now stalked the streets of America as he has the dark alleys of third-world nations for millenniums.

Then the light of Liberty's torch grew bright.

The mother of any rape victim can chose to fall in sadness and depression--or even denial, guilt and shame--or, she can use the horrible experience as a guiding light to help her daughters and loved ones grow taller and stronger as a result of a violation to their body, mind and soul.

The Light of Lady Liberty's torch brightened as a guiding light for Vigilance
The Light of Lady Liberty's torch brightened as a guiding light for Vigilance

Over the past three years, Mother Liberty has been broadcasting to the world the need for Vigilance despite the fact that many have chosen to protest rather than commit to this need.

In many ways, America has turned on itself, dividing its family into two camps. On one side of the family is the group who seeks to avenge the rape of America by hunting down the rapists and destroy their nests of rapists not only here in our own land, but any where in the world.

This family faction has been called "Terrorists," and accused of self-serving goals that put at risk the whole of America's economic and political stature by those who want to find wrong in the avenging tactic.

The other side of the family is into rock hurling. It's position is to find fault with almost everything the avenging side has done, and claims that the goal of hunting down and eliminating the "Rapists of America" is a waste of time and energy, and is causing America to lose sight of its selfish domestic goals of "taking care of its own" by lowering poverty and increasing jobs and financial security.

Both have points to be made.

But neither of them make the Mother of Liberty stop crying. In each case, neither side is asking the average American, the mothers, the fathers, the grandparents, uncles, aunts, cousins, relatives and loved ones of the children to become Citizens of Vigilance, Parents of Vigilance, Loved Ones of Vigilance.

The rape of America will be halted when we awaken to Vigilance to combat the Beast of Terror
The rape of America will be halted when we awaken to Vigilance to combat the Beast of Terror

Each faction is telling America that they--as political leaders--know what's right for the citizens of America. This makes Mother Liberty cry the hardest.

The truth is that rape occurs in neighborhoods not in nations. Most rapes are within the confines of a family--some acquaintance, friend or even relative. The same is true of molestation--the violation of innocence by someone trusted.

Government of and for the people cannot effect government by the people. Only when people charge themselves with the duty to become Citizens, Parents and Loved Ones of Vigilance can they truly provide homeland security for their children and their children's children's children.

Only then can the "Rape of America" be halted. Only then will the Beast of Terror realize that America has truly been awakened and is prepared to fight Terrorism in the living rooms and neighborhoods. And only then will the Beast of Terror be driven from our land, because he knows our backs are not turned, and that we haven't turned over the duty of Vigilance to government, or expected the "leaders" to protect us when we, the true "leaders," have taken on the role of Sentinel of Vigilance.

The in-fighting America suffers today will not resolve the issue of Terrorism.

That's why Mother Liberty's light beams bright.

She is hoping that Vigilance rather than Politics will rise out of the din of political conflict within our nation, and from the ashes of Nine Eleven will be heard the cry of the Victims who died that day.

They are crying out the warning: Semper Vigilantes! Semper Vigilantes! Always Vigilant! Always Vigilant!

They are not crying out Republican or Democratic. They are not crying out "Who's right?" "Who's wrong?" They are shouting out "What's Right!"

The answer to making our land safe from the Rapists of Terrorism is the Pledge of Vigilance.

Elect yourselves Sentinels of Vigilance and join Mother Liberty to protect your loved ones
Elect yourselves Sentinels of Vigilance and join Mother Liberty to protect your loved ones

If we want to secure the innocence of America for the future, then we must make bold stands today. That stand is not how one votes for a politician, but rather whether one casts a vote for Vigilance.

If one is willing to go to the ballot box on September 11, 2004 and cast a vote, it should be to elect themselves to the role of Sentinel of Vigilance, and to realize as Mother Liberty does on Liberty Island, that no one can protect the family or the children better than the Parents and Loved Ones of Vigilance.

Then the blood flowing from Mother Liberty's eyes will stop. And in their place will be the clear tears of joy, for Mother Liberty will then know that America is safe from Complacency.


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