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Overview: Why have American women voters been slipping away from John Kerry and siding with President Bush in recent weeks? An obvious explanation is the horror of Terrorism in Russia over the killing of innocent children. Mothers, despite their personal political angst, are chosing a Sentinel of Terrorism Vigilance to protect their children. Do you agree or disagree?

GROUND ZERO PLUS 1108 DAYS,--New York, NY, Friday, September 24, 2004--John Kerry, Democratic Presidental candidate, ran into a womb of a wall the other day. His campaign found the women's vote was slipping away and siding up with arch enemy, incumbant President George Bush.

Women have been a stable of Kerry's voting block
Women have been a stable of Kerry's voting block

Women have been a stable of Kerry's voting block, especially mothers concerned with domestic issues such as welfare, wages, cost of living indexes and the overall emphasis on spending more money on bombs and bullets than butter and bread.

But then some things happened to shift the ground on which Kerry's women voters stand.

It was a Terrorist attack on a school in Russia.

The Terrorist attack on a school in Russia caused more mothers in Amerca ot worry aabout the safety of their children
The Terrorist attack on a school in Russia caused more mothers in America to worry about the safety of their children

More than 350 people were killed a few weeks ago, over half of them children. Many were shot in the back trying to escape the Terrorists. Others were blown up in a gymnasium where they were held without food or water, and stared into explosives wired on the basketball hoops.

One young boy, Georgy Farniyev, escaped and shared his story with the world about how a Terrorist continually stuck a gun to his head in front of the other children and told him how he was going to kill him in retribution to the deaths of his children by the Russians.

Georgy Farniyev with a picture of himself at the feet of the gunman
Georgy Farniyev with a picture of himself at the feet of the gunman

Millions of American mothers were glued to the television, praying for the safety of not only the captive children, but for the safety and security of their own as well.

It didn't take expert analysists on Fox News Network to suggest that Terrorists might try the same approach in America now that a new low standard of Terrorism had been set. Prior to the Russian siege, Terrorists hadn't zeroed in on children as primary "soft targets" to inflict Fear, Intimidation and Complacency--the Triads of Terrorism--on all those within reach of their demands.

Mothers felt their guts twist. So did Fathers, Grandmothers, Grandfathers, Uncles, Aunts, Cousins, Brothers, Sisters and anyone who cares for the safety of their own or other children.

What kind of a leader would you want in place if Terrorists snatched your child off the street, shoved him or her in a gymnasium with hundreds of others, and barked demands that unless certain conditions were met all the children would be killed?

John Kerry didn't make the Sentinel of Vigilance list.

At least, that's what the pol pundits are saying. The New York Times reported a major drop in Kerry's "women stats" over the issue of Terrorism. In a recent poll, Bush has 48 percent of the registered women's vote and Kerry only 43 percent. In August Kerry had 50 per cent and Bush 36 per cent. This is in stark contrast to last election when Presidential contender Al Gore racked up 54 percent of the women's vote.

John Kerry appeared Tuesday on "Live With Regis And Kelly" to try to impress the women audience
John Kerry appeared Tuesday on "Live With Regis And Kelly" to try to impress the women audience

Nobody can pin down exactly why the women voters are ducking and weaving from Kerry's camp and slipping one-by-one toward George Bush except to note that the notably egress began almost immediately following the assault on children by Terrorists in Russia. It also began following Nine Eleven. The 'soccer moms' appear to be worrying more about the safety and security of their children.

Unfortunately, disasters force people to toss aside selfish concerns and become selfless, espeically mothers. Even a radical anti-Bush, loyal Democratic woman who eagerly marches in peace parades suddenly questions her decisions to back a man whose heroism is questionable.

Kerry met with the North Vietnamese
Kerry met with the North Vietnamese

John Kerry promotes his heroism in war, but he also has a long history of radicalism akin to what a Terrorist might express against the "establishment." Throwing his medals away and meeting with North Vietnamese while still a U.S. military officer while Americans were fighting and dying, makes a mother wonder what kind of backbone the Father of the Nation would show if their children were sitting in a circle with Terrorist's holding guns to their heads.

Pressure makes diamonds. It also crushes the unstable, the vascillators, the untested, the untrue.

Few can argue the position that George Bush has taken against Terrorism, even if they do not agree with him politically or economically. One thing stands above all others--George Bush won't be bullied.

No one knows if John Kerry can be bullied.

A bunch of mothers have decided the risk is too great to take when the lives of children are at stake. They know where George Bush stands, even if they can't personally stand him.

Intuitively, they know he is a Father of Vigilance, a Sentinel of Vigilance, willing to fight and even die for his beliefs.

One of those beliefs is that he is more than willing to protect the rights of children not only here in America, but in far-off lands.

Mothers know that George Bush won't be bullied by the United Nations or any Terrorist
Mothers know that George Bush won't be bullied by the United Nations or any Terrorist

No matter how harsh the media batters George Bush's politics, mothers know the women in Iraq are freer than they were, and that the children of Iraq have an opportunity to achieve goals far beyond anything they ever had before.

They also know that George Bush won't be bullied by the United Nations or any Terrorist. Standing up for what is right is a hallmark of Bush, even if a particular mother may refute what Bush stands up for. It is the act of standing up for something at the risk of being criticised that makes George Bush loom large on the horizon and dwarfs John Kerry.

No one knows what John Kerry will stand up for when the bullets start flying. In the past, he's chosen to throw his nation's tribute down the toilet, and side with enemy in illegal discussions while still a military officer--an act that questions his integrity to support his role as a Sentinel of Vigilance.

But, for a mother--regardless of her politics--her children's safety comes foremost.

A true Parent of Vigilance faces tough decisions when it comes to adhering to the Principles of Vigilance, for they require in the final analysis to chose actions that benefit the Children's Children's Children.

George Bush versus John Kerry is not a conundrum for Mothers of Vigilance. They know where George Bush stands in relation to Terrorism and their children.

If someone threatens the children, he will act with great conviction and immediate action to destroy any threat to the children.

The world knows where George Bush stands on Terrorism. He will hunt down Terrorists who threaten America and chase them to the ends of the earth, and then deal harshly with them.

The world knows where George Bush stands on Terrorism
The world knows where George Bush stands on Terrorism

Mothers want the bullies to know that anyone who attempts to lay a hand on their children will have it cut off.

Mothers aren't sure if John Kerry is capabable of such an act. They are when it comes to George Bush.

Of course, this is conjecture for anyone who wants to refute this logic. If I were a promoter of John Kerry, I would shoot holes all over the place, hoping I might undermine the fundamental logic of a mother concerned about the protection of her child.

I would try to convince people that John Kerry is the man to hire to stand between Terrorism and your child, even if he has never done that.

One thing the John Kerry camp can't do is make any attempt to force people into believing that George Bush would cut and run to protect his own self if the Beast of Terror tried to attack children. Everyone knows that wouldn't work, because Bush has made it clear to the world he's not backing down from any form, shape or size of Terrorism.

That includes threatening children.

"Who would you trust to protect your children the most?"
"Who would you trust to protect your children most?"

You can agree or disagree with his point of view, but, no matter what, ask yourself this big question: "Who would you trust to protect your children most from threats of Terrorism--George Bush or John Kerry?"

The answer, regardless of your politics, is who you should hire as your Sentinel of Vigilance on November 2, 2004.



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