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GROUND ZERO PLUS 1111 DAYS,--New York, NY, Monday, September 27, 2004--Anyone who thinks white isn't black, or black isn't white, needs only to cast an eye upon the Al Jazeera website.

Today, for example, the Middle East's "New York Time's Voice" reports the assassination of a Palestinian resistance member of Hamas in Syria.

Anyone who thinks black isn't black or white isn't white should cast an eye upon the Al Jezeera website
Anyone who thinks black isn't black or white isn't white should cast an eye upon the Al Jazeera website

Izz al-Din Shaikh Khalil, 42, who was expelled by Israel from the Gaza Strip in 1992, died after an explosion blew up his car in the early hours of Sunday in Damascus, a Hamas spokesman reported to Aljazeera.net, the English version of news as seen through the lenses of Middle Easterners.

Israel security forces have been singled out as the source behind the car bomb explosion that killed the Khalil and injure three others. Israel has not denied the assassination was part of a plan to Terrorize the Terrorists. A firm anti-Terrorism policy in Israel calls for immediate retaliation and preemptive strikes against known and suspected "targets" considered a threat to the safety of the six million Jews who are locked in a political and religious battle for their country.

The New York Times is not likely to carry this story of an "assassination" on its front page. Killing Terrorists by Terrorism isn't big news in the Middle East. Killing Americans is.

Therein lies the rub.

We eat what we like. We refuse the rest.

Personally, I'm not into Indian food even though one street down from my apartment is perhaps the finest collection of Indian restaurants in all of New York, and perhaps, the world. They fill an entire block, one after another.

I also don't read many of the African newspapers because what is happening in Sudan seems a long way from the East Village of New York City and my personal background as a Scots-Irish American.

Hamas leader Khalil's death was not carried by the major world newspapers
The news that Hamas leader Izz al-Din al-Sheikh Khalil was killed by a car bomb exposion in Damascus was not carried by the major world newspapers

My point is that Vigilance has limitations based on knowledge. If I don't read the papers of the world, I forget that the bombing of a Hamas suspect by Israeli security forces is considered an "assassination" by Al Jazeera, and probably by countless millions who view Israel's control of land in the Middle East a cultural, economic and political threat--if nothing less than an insult to their belief that the Jews illegally confiscated land belonging to Palestine.

I'm not taking any sides on the issue, because that's not my point.

My point is that we can whitewash the word Terrorism any way we want. One group might call the "assassination" a Terrorist attack by Israel, and another group might call it "justice" for crimes committed.

There are those who herald the Terrorists of Nine Eleven as heroes, have their pictures on shelves as many do their "saints" and give them honor befitting any great warriors.

Such a thought might make many in the West, and especially one who was close to anyone who died on September 11, 2001, wretch. But, it is the way of the world.

We see through different glasses.

We view  President Bush...
We view President Bush...

Many Americans view George W. Bush as a White House Squatter who stole the election of 2000 and has illegally driven America into a hopeless war and killed more than 1,000 U.S. troops to feather Haliburton's oil cap.

There are others who see him as John Wayne, standing up to Terrorism around the world and defying anyone bent on attacking America or its children to step across the Line of Vigilance.

Black and White! White and Black! Gray! Shades of Gray!

...through different glasses
.....through different glasses

In world of constant push and pull, the Right shoving at the Left, the Left shoving at the Right, the children get trampled.

When I scour the world newspapers, I look for the headlines that scream about the future of the children of the entire world, and specifically about those in a particular country, a particular state, region, city, village, community.

It's hard to find any such headlines.

The headlines are full of adults killing adults. If children get caught in the crossfire, it still comes back to the adults--"If only the adults hadn't...." "If only the adults would...."

Some people in America believe that if John Kerry is elected our children will be safer. Some believe the opposite.

The same is true of George W. Bush.

In Russia, the mothers and fathers of the slaughtered children who were held hostage and many shot in the back by Terrorists when they tried to flee, the same Black and White, White and Black argument rages over the leadership and how it is handling Terrorism.

Gangs in Central and South America ...
Gangs in Central and South America ...

The New York Times this Sunday reported about the gangs in Central and South America and how many of the members of the groups are undergoing incredible pain--almost torture--to have gang tattoos removed. The public, enraged at the gangs' anarchy in Terrorizing citizens and communities, have set out a mandate to reduce gang power to rubble.

...are having gang tattoos removed
...are having gang tattoos removed

Southern Hemispheric nationsthat rarely join hands in any situation have agreed to rid their nations of gang influences, and have set into motion Terrorism squads to seek and destroy the gang Terrorists.

The tattoos give a gang member away. In the Honduras they are known as "maras," after a species of swarming ants. According to the New York Times, "Over the last decade gangs have spread like a scourge across Central America, Mexico and the United States, setting off a catastrophic crime wave that has turned dirt-poor neighborhoods into combat zones and an equally virulent crackdown that has left thousands of gang members dead, in hiding, in jail or heading to the United States."

The authorities estimate there are 70,000 to 100,000 gang members. They are being hunted down and killed or tortured by both authorities and vigilantes--citizens sick and tired of gang control.

By having their tattoos removed, they hope to escape being uncovered by a local citizen and hunted down like rabid dogs, staked out and covered with honey so that fire ants can sting them to death.

Black and White! White and Black!

Civil rights in many countries, similar to the Patriot Act's intrusion on the Constitutional rights of citizens in the U.S., are at peril as the clean up sweeps through the jungles and towns.

So who is the Terrorist? Who is the Sentinel of Vigilance?

How does anyone distinguish Black from White or White from Black when everyone steps on his or her own views, and sees the world through his or her own cultural, religious, ethnic, economic, political and personal lenses?

I have only one solution to looking at anything in this confusing world--and that is through the eyes of the children, current and future generations.

We should learn to look through the eyes of children
We should learn to look through the eyes of children

Only when I read a story that cites the decisions by adults to act in a certain way that benefits the Children's Children's Children, and not just their own, but all, do I stop and nod my head in agreement.

If there is any "real truth" in this world of madness where Terrorism is being used to Terrorize the Terrorists, and the Terrorizing Forces are employing the same tactics as the Terrorists, it is not in simple justification of "right" versus "wrong," or "good" versus "evil."

The only valid "truth" is what is right for future generations.

If one can cite endless reasons why hunting down and killing gang members is the right way to make the world safe for future generations, and will teach future generations how to handle challenges they face that benefit future generations, then stripping the flesh off a gang member in South America and hanging him up for the flies to suck his blood is okay.

If one can sit down in a classroom anywhere in the world and teach children that blowing up a car and killing someone while injuring others because he is an accused Terrorist will make the world safer from further Terrorism, and that acts of Terrorism against Terrorists are justified, and that children should feel free to use Terror Tactics against those who Terrorize them, then that is okay too.

If one presidential candidate can tell the children that every decision he makes is for their benefit, then prove it by showing the base of all decisions are rooted in the future of the children, not only in his country but all others, then that person deserves to be voted for above another who cannot make claim to such foundations.

The world is not really as confusing as the headlines make it appear.

The children loose when headlines are Black and White
The children lose when headlines are Black and White

What is confusing is the headlines and those who report the "news."

Vigilance is not about revenge or retribution, it is about evolution and reconstruction. It is about stepping back and questioning everything from the perspective of all children today, and all who will be.

It is about asking the question: When White and Black appear, who looses?

The answer is the children.

Seeing all Black or all White means the children have been lost.

It means the viewer is blinded to what is right for the Children's Children's Children.

If you're not sure about this, read the headlines again and again, and the stories under them.

Change your focus and stop seeing all Black or all White
Change your focus and stop seeing all Black or all White

Search deeply for any reporting on how the headline relates to the future of the Children's Children's Children, for if the madness in the world serves any purpose, it is to remind us we have abandoned the Generational Foresight necessary to justify our decisions and our beliefs.

You can start changing your focus today. Take the Pledge of Vigilance.

See the world through a new pair of glasses that has no room for Black or White, but only for what is Right for the Children's Children's Children.


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