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Cliff McKenzie, Editor

GROUND ZERO PLUS 1119 DAYS,--New York, NY, Tuesday, October 5, 2004--Millions of Americans will make a choice tonight--Presidental Debate or New York Yankees baseball division playoffs. I know the Beast of Terror will pick the Presidental Debates. They are all about his favorite subjects--Fear, Intimidation and Complacency.

Live webcast is offered of the the Vice Presidential debate

I'm not torn over which of the two to tune in. I'm going to watch the Yankees. They are the Sentinels of Vigilance, promoting Courage, Conviction and Right Actions for the Children's Children's Children.

I'm not going to watch the Presidential Debates because I'm not concerned about the future of America but because the speakers vying for the World Political Championships are swinging their bats at each other and not the baseball.

Presidential debate speakers from last week swung their bats at each other
Presidential debate speakers from last week swung their bats at each other

When grown men stand up and berate one another it reminds me of two baseball teams pouring out onto the field in a slugfest that has absolutely nothing to do with baseball or professional sports, and has everything to do with promoting Terrorism.

Terrorism can be delivered by the brass knuckles of one's tongue, as well as from the end of bat or club, or the muzzle of a rifle, or the shards of metal compressed in a land mine.

When the goal is to rip, tear, destroy, denude and otherwise shred the reputation and character of another, nothing more than verbal Terrorism is evidenced.

I won't be able to stomach John Edwards' "charm" taking on...
I won't be able to stomach John Edwards' "charm" taking on....
...Dick Cheney's "experience"
...Dick Cheney's "experience"

That's why I won't be able to stomach tonight's Vice Presidential debates or the Presidential ones following it, for instead of attacking the issues the political players attack each other, using sharp fangs and claws to try and rip the other's viscera so that his opponent's image bleeds to death in the public's mind.

On the opposite end of the pole, World Championship baseball playoffs are all about performance. Players can't concentrate on who is the best player, but instead on playing the game.

Athletics is about doing your best but politics is about tearing down others
Athletics is about doing your best but politics is about tearing down others

When another player makes a mistake on the opposite team, the competition players don't cheer and jump with joy, because the game of baseball isn't about not making errors, it's about making the fewest errors by doing the most right things for the right reasons.

Athletics is about doing your best. Politics is about tearing down others.

It's a very sad commentary for our children, because Americans should prefer to watch the Presidential debates with their children rather than baseball. But, to tune in the debates is to teach a child how adults--future leaders of a nation--spend their time ripping and tearing apart one another, calling each other vile and corrupt names, accusing them of lying and cheating, of senselessly killing innocent people, of stealing from the people their rights of privacy and privileges of Democracy.

If one were to examine closely the arguments listed on the Debate Batting Roster, one would find a list of horrors, accusations and indictments made by one man seeking to unseat another to become the moral, ethical, economic and constitutional leader of millions.

There is a list of reasons why the Debates are "X-rated" for children
There is a list of reasons why the Debates are "X-rated" for children

It would be like looking at a list of reasons why the Debates are "X-Rated" for children, because if they were to watch the debate, they would wonder why such "bad men" were running for the office of "Father of the Nation."

On television, at the sports channel, another game is being played. Two groups of players are in athletic combat, using all the skills of teamwork and purpose to win a game, not beat another.

Top athletes play the game, requiring the unity of all other players, to excel. No single person can win the game, only the team can. And any and all energy placed on berating others for their mistakes subtracts from the game, for it diverts the focus from doing your best to thinking about who did the worst.

Yet politics wants people to make a decision on who they believe hasn't done the worst, not the best.

Sadly people often vote for the rhetoric
Sadly people often vote for the rhetoric

The incumbents, who only flap their lips and haven't led a nation, vow they are righteous in their skills to lead the nation, and, with no experience at such leadership, pound their chests as they point to the mistakes of the current leaders.

Sadly, people vote for the rhetoric. They focus not on what needs to be done, but on what others claim they will do to repair the rips and tears the current leaders have left as evidence of their flaws of leadership.

One day, political platforms will be ruled by one theme: "What's the right decision for the Children's Children's Children?"

Debates will be over who has the best plan, the best team, to help future generations overcome the Terrorism of war, poverty, bigotry, prejudice, educational handicaps and a host of other rocks that littler the path of human evolution.

Pins and signs are abundant in NYC
Pins and signs are abundant in New York City

Instead, today we walk down the street and see signs: "Beat Bush!" And indictments being issued about the criminal intent of leaders who send young children to their deaths to serve the thirsts of oil-hungry leaders who would rob the children of food, education, and economical opportunity.

And both sides have their flaws, not just the Republicans or Democrats, or any party that exists under the current tenants of refusing to stand up for the future instead of berating the past or micturating on the present.

Children need to see the teamwork experienced in a Championship Baseball Playoff game
I would have children watch the teamwork of a Championship Baseball Playoff game to learn about how important it is to politics

If I were to teach a child today the importance of the politics, I would have them watch a World Championship Baseball Playoff game, and as each play was made, liken it to the world's need for such teamwork, such competition between the best and the best to see who is better, for that moment, not forever.

The game goes on.

Oftentimes the public will finally vote for the "lesser of two evils"
Oftentimes the public will finally vote for the "lesser of two evils"

And, of all who benefit from the game are the millions of fans. Millions watch and cheer and are ecstatic because they know the best of the best are playing. In politics, that isn't always true. Often, it is the worst of the worst--men whose reputations are soiled and whose ability to lead is laced with gallons of poisons spilled down the gullets of their opponents by campaign managers, so that the public will finally vote for the "lesser of two evils."

Politics or sports?

The Beast of Terror will be watching the Presidential Debate.

I'll be watching the Sentinels of Baseball Vigilance!


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