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The Politics Of Fear:
Have The Parents Abandoned The Children?
Cliff McKenzie, Editor

GROUND ZERO PLUS 1132 DAYS,--New York, NY, Tuesday, October 19, 2004-- The Christian Science Monitor has an excellent article on the politics of "fear over vision," reported by Tom Regan. It suggests that people are going to vote in the coming election to keep the nation safe from exaggerated terror threats that politicians--especially George Bush's team--are using to bludgeon people into voting from their guts instead of their hearts or heads.

The article focuses on a BBC documentary that claims the Republicans are using an ancient technique of "power through fear" over the public, to force primal fears to cast votes for "security" against "unknown unknowns"--dark Terror shadows that go "bump" in the night that no one can identify but everyone is worried might be there.

Voting for John Kerry suggests that he might be "soft" on Terrorism, thus endangering the safety of the public, while George Bush will "hunt down" the shadows of Terrorism and sweep them into oblivion.

In other words, the BBC documentary illustrates to those who believe this line of thinking that fear is the greatest of all voting motivators, and will, in the end, reelect George W. Bush

The Documentary claims Republicans are using the technique of "power through fear"
The Documentary claims Republicans are using the technique of "power through fear"

.The documentary suggests that Terrorism isn't really a threat--not equal to the kind of true threat that would make a nation or a world change its future vision because Terrorism is nothing more than little puffs of black clouds scattered here and there, and doesn't represent a hurricane of national or international force to be reckoned with.

I find it interesting that this documentary and article illustrates the ineptness of Americans and the world to have "Generational Vision."

In the truest sense, Terrorism is about awakening every parent and citizen to the idea of Terrorism's presence--that it is exactly what the BBC documentary says it is--little puffs of black clouds that hover over people's heads and can appear or disappear with the winds.

It is Fear, Intimidation and Complacency incarnate.

But, it's not about making us all impotent or powerless, or providing political forces to rule with Machiavellian delight because the mass are stupid and incapable of ruling themselves.

It's about awakening us to Vigilance.

When darkness covers our thinking and vision is snuffed from sight, it's time to light a candle.

In the truest sense, Terrorism is about the birth of Vigilance.

In the truest sens Terrorism is about the Birth of Vigilance
In the truest sense Terrorism is about the Birth of Vigilance

September 11, 2001 hallmarked the Era of Vigilance.

Even if we don't agree that its benefits are vast, Terrorism will ultimately lead us to the door of responsibility to protect ourselves and our families because in the final analysis government and leadership from afar cannot keep the small black puffs of Terrorism from sneaking into our lives.

I look forward to seeing the documentary.

I look forward to knowing that Terrorism is alive and well, because it means that Vigilance has a chance to take root and grow where before it simply sat dormant.



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