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Notes To The Children's Children's Children's..
New York, NY, Wednesday, October 27, 2004--



It's hard to tell anyone to vote in the up-and-coming Presidential election. To me, that's as hard as telling someone that democracy has been suspended for 2004.

To tell someone to vote assumes there is something to vote for.

Unfortunately, that's not true in this election. There is no free election because there is no choice. One cannot elect something without having the option to choose.

Both sides of the political coin offer little if any choice for President of the United States. Both have become name-calling children, slinging mud at each other in hopes more will stick on one than the other. To vote for either is a vote for nothing.

People will be voting for what they like the least about the other person
People will be voting for what they like the least about the other person

A vote should be cast for the best choice for future of the nation. Translated, that means a vote should be for the person who will best represent the Children's Children's Children today.

But that's not what people are voting for this November 2.

People will be voting for what they like the least, or despise the most about the other person. Votes cast in the 2004 election will be acid votes, dipped in the brine of resentments, anger and even hatred.

Part of the problem is the agenda for this election--it's about hatred. It's about ugliness. It's about sliming up one another in hopes the one with the least stench will win.

But, in the process, the true victims of such acidic commentary is the Democratic process itself. Instead of representing the issues, both candidates are representing the other's defects of character, each is calling the other a liar, a cheat, a thief, even a traitor and a murderer of innocent young men and women.

Democracy isn't about tearing, ripping and shredding the opposing candidate. Democracy is about two or more people offering agendas that build the future and allowing the public to pick the one it has the most confidence in seeing to fruition.

But none of what is good for the Children's Children's Children--for the future-- is being headlined in this election.

What is being barked is the vicious, feral battle between two groups--Republicans and Democrats, Conservatives and Liberals, the Right and the Left.

I am reminded that it is like the dogfight where two pit bulls are soaked in blood and then put in a ring and attack one another until the victor has ripped out the throat of the loser.

A voter can't tell which candidate is the liar, chear, fake because the message is the same
A voter can't tell which candidate is the liar, cheat, fake because the message is the same

In the streets, Americas political nation has cleaved itself into two pit bull camps. People are polarized. One one side stands people accusing the other of being unAmerican, a liar, a cheat, a fake, a fraud threatening the future of the world and country. And, sadly, you can't tell which one it is because the horror of the message from both is the same.

This polarity is laced with acid. Anger and resentment boil when discussions about "Who you going to vote for?" arise.

There is also violence in the air, a coiled tension that suggests a revolutionary nature, a restiveness within the people that even if one candidate wins the election there will be a war over the legitimacy of that election, a war that may turn bloody.

In the mid eighteen hundreds America was split in similar fashion. The North and South violently disagreed on many issues, of which slavery was one.

Violence erupted. Hatred seethed. A nation was divided and the blood spilled between families as one member stood on one side and another member stood on the other.

I find this true today. While I represent a certain political view historically, many people in New York City represent the opposite view. I find myself getting angry at the way they represent their position, and have been in situations where ugly commentary is slung at me for standing up for my point of view. This vitriolic commentary has led to icy disgust between parties where, when I see this person, I do an about face so that I will not risk a verbal and perhaps physical engagement as a result.

Brother against brother, our nation was divided in the Civil War
Brother against brother, our nation was divided in the Civil War

This isn't good for the nation or the children.

One might say that our politics have become Terrorized.

One might say the War on Terror exists now at the voting booth, where many will vote against a person they think is worse than Osama bin Laden or Saddam Hussein instead of voting for the person who can lead the nation and the children into a better tomorrow for all.

A Vigilance Election would be one where the issues were about securing the future for the children in all aspects.

This is not one of those times.

As a result, families are divided.

Civil War exists in many families over this election to such an extent that families have vowed not to talk politics for fear the words might turn into land mines and explode, destroying the harmony of the gene pool.

This is sad for the children.

Children see a nation divided by the immaturity of individuals to be Vigilant.

If a person is Vigilant, he or she will not be swayed by Terror Threats. Name calling won't work on the Vigilant. False platforms will crumble before the Vigilant because they will demand the rhetoric be aimed at the future of the Children rather than at scare tactics and mud slinging.

But, we are far away from that today.

I hope America will evolve instead of dividing herself
I hope America will evolve instead of dividing herself

Today, the candidates feed on fear and polarity. They incite the divisions in the nation, hoping their side of the chasm will be larger on November 2 than the opponent's.

I am saddened by all of this.

But, in the end, I will be glad when it is over.

I hope Democracy will be too, and that America will find its way back to evolving instead of dividing herself.

The Beast of Terror works best on nations and peoples by dividing and conquering....and, if one looks at this election process...Terrorism is leading the war of dividing America.

Let's stop that.

Let's vote for the Pledge of Vigilance.




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