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Cliff McKenzie

GROUND ZERO PLUS 1145 DAYS,--New York, NY, Sunday, October 31, 2004--Osama bin Laden isn't scary any more. The New York Times reported this morning that his most recent video message had little effect on voters who have been inundated with "scare tactic" ads by both candidates.

John Kerry would invite Terrorism because of weak policies and ineptness
JJohn Kerry would invite Terrorism because of weak policies and ineptnessineptness

If you sit on either side of the political camp, each guy vying to be the Father of the Nation is scarier than Osama bin Laden, because, according to the messages delivered by each side, the other guy is a Terrorist.

John Kerry, if elected--according to Bush's camp--would invite Terrorism because of slack, weak policies and ineptness to deal with critical issues.

Bush--according to Kerry's camp--had Osama bin Laden in his hands and let him go, and wants Terrorism to continue so he and his buddies can get rich rebuilding oil fields his Terror buddies blow up.

There is an absurdity to the levels of "boogeymanism" that each side has gone to in an attempt to paint the other candidate as a monster far greater than Osama bin Laden, Hitler, Genghis Khan and even Saddam Hussein.

But there is a limit.

Bush wants Terrorism to continue to rebuild oil fields and get rich
Bush wants Terrorism to continue to rebuild oil fields and get rich

One can cry "boo" once too often. Like the little boy who cried "wolf" at the drop of a hat, people soon began to pay little heed to his wailings. One day when the wolf really came, no one looked in the boy's direction and--of course--he was eaten.

Now, you bark out the word Terrorism and the public switches the channel, searching for "Joey" or "Desperate Housewives."

One of the most threatening of all viruses in the world today--the targeting of innocent women, children and the random public at large--is being treated as one might a noxious mosquito.

Sadly, the source of this numbing rests with the two men claiming to be most capable of leading America out of the threat of Terrorism into a world of Peace and Prosperity.

The men calling the "wolf" are, many say, wolves in men's clothing. In the end, they won't be able to lead anyone anywhere because they're far too busy creating bogeymen rather than solutions to real issues.

No matter what one thinks of either candidate, one thing is for sure. Neither is dealing with Vigilance. Neither is setting into motion and presenting a plan to empower the people with tools and systems to insure that the "Beast of Terror" doesn't find his way into the public's homes.

If the candidates were on this track, we would be hearing about the responsibility of each individual and family unit to protect against the threat of Terrorism. Sadly, the on target message had to come from Osama bin Laden in his most recent video.

Protection against any "boogeyman" starts at home, with mom and dad checking under the bed for "monsters" and assuring the kids that there isn't any "creature" lurking in the closet.

The parents must protect the children from the boogeymen
The parents must protect the children from the boogeymen

True Terrorism--the kind that makes a child grow into an adult who is full of Fear, Intimidation and Complacency--can be quashed at home, and only there. It is what a parent does and says that makes a child feel safe and secure, not what a President or a politician says.

A child--the real citizen of America--puts all his or her trust in the lap of parents and guardians. If there is some "monster" or "creature" lurking in the bushes or under the bed, then mom or dad is the first line of support.

If our two political candidates were on target, each would be reminding Americans who was in charge of national and international security, and that is not the government.

The "will of the people" has always been the source of unlimited power, not the will of the politicians. Politicians come and go like the wind or the figures in a revolving door. There is no real substance to them. They are ghosts at the best, pausing only to remind us all that they have no power even though we bow to them and pretend they have it.

It is the "will of the people" that has the substance and true power over the land and its future, for the will of the people never really changes. It is always the same--to enjoy the most peace and most prosperity possible.

Politicians change that will by imposing their own.

Children run to their parents...not to government to stave off their tears and fears
Children run to their parents...not to government to stave off their tears and fears

That's why a child does not run to the President of the United States or Secretary of Defense when he or she is scared at night. A child cries out for Mom or Dad.

The true Sentinel of Vigilance, the true Terror Hunter is the parent. It always has been and always will be.

The true Terror Hunter is the parent
The true Terror Hunter is the parent

So it is true that on this Halloween, not even Osama bin Laden can scare people. The numbness of being threatened and hearing two men tell how the other will destroy America has run its course.

Perhaps, in the final analysis, parents will sit back and see that the true way to insure protection for their children isn't by voting a certain party or candidate into office--but, taking charge of the role of parenting with more gusto, more zest.

Perhaps parents will see the Pledge of Vigilance as the true way to sweep away all the bogeymen



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