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Tearing Down The Berlin Wall Of Modern Terrorism: Is It Possible?
Cliff McKenzie

GROUND ZERO PLUS 1154 DAYS,--New York, NY, Tuesday, November 9, 2004--Fifteen years ago one of the most flagrant signs of the "evil empire" came tumbling down.

The Berlin Wall Symbolized the battle between good and evil
The Berlin Wall symbolized the battle between good and evil

The Berlin Wall, separating east and west Germany, symbolized more than just a barrier between two divided philosophies. It symbolized the battle between communism and democracy, the battle of good versus evil, right versus wrong, just versus unjust.

The Wall stretched some 96 miles, rising up 11.6 feet and stood for 28 years before it was smashed on November 9, 1989, allowing the flood of those trapped behind its walls to flow freely.

But controversy still exists as to whether the "bad" was so bad, and the good was so "good," or the "evil" so evil and the right so "right."

One example is the battle over artistic freedom of expression. A Ukrainian artist, Alexandra Hildebrandt, is embroiled in a battle to keep her "right of free expression" alive.

Hildebrandt's display representing the 1065 people killed trying to cross the border between East and West Germany is controversial
Alexandra Hildebrandt's display representing the 1065 people killed trying to cross the border between East and West Germany is one of controversy

She is the author of a 200-yard, whitewashed slab of what is left of the "Wall." It serves as the base of her memorial to the battle between freedom and tyranny. Stuck in the concrete are 1065 two-foot high wooden crosses, representing the number of people killed trying to cross the border between East and West Germany.

Her display is one of the most visited in Berlin, drawing some 3,500 visitors each day who pay $12 to visit the memorial and a museum.

Critics claim she is attempting to shadow a monument under construction a few blocks away to honor the Jewish victims of the holocaust. Others say she is "Disneyfying" the Wall.

Built in 1961, the Berlin Wall became symbolic of the Cold War. It stood for nearly three decades before its collapse, and with that collapse, the end of the Cold War and the death of communism and the resulting breakup of the Soviet Empire.

However, the destruction of the Berlin Wall hasn't ended the Beast of Terror's rulership over nations and people. Throughout the world, millions still live in tyranny and oppression, just as frightened for their lives and rights as were those who lived under communism.

Tyranny and oppression--the acts of suppressing and abusing the rights of others--knows no borders or politics. It exists not only within nations, but inside homes. The tyrannical parent who forces his or her children to cower is not unlike the power of an oppressive leader ordering the killing of anyone trying to escape his country for another.

The Beast of Terror doesn't die.

He doesn't break into pieces when a Berlin Wall is smashed.

The beginning of the demolition of the Berlin Wall in 1989
The beginning of the demolition of the Berlin Wall in 1989

He just takes on other forms.

Ask the Marines in Iraq. The Beast of Terror lurks everywhere, seeking to destroy any effort to release tyranny and oppression.

Ask Osama bin Laden who promotes the use of Terror to punish those who oppose his way of life, his belief systems.

Ask the dictator of North Korea who juggles nuclear weapons as he might toothpicks, letting the world know he will use them if he is threatened or forced to provide his people with freedoms from the slavery of tyranny and oppression.

In the ultimate sense, the fall of the Berlin Wall, while symbolic of victory in one arena, allowed Terrorism to spread in other forms.

The current form knows no nation. There is no Berlin Wall for today's oppression and tyranny. It is amorphic, fluid, seeping through the cracks to ooze up here and there and everywhere.

Fight Terrorism:  Tear Down Your Berlin Wall TODAY!
Fight Terrorism: Tear Down Your Berlin Wall TODAY!!

It reminds us that only by becoming a Sentinel of Vigilance can we truly end the oppression and tyranny. Only by recognizing that each day we must tear down our own Berlin Walls, first in our own homes with our own relationships between ourselves and our family and friends, will we fight Terrorism and drive it deep into the bowels of the earth where it belongs.

Tear down your Berlin Wall.

Take the Pledge of Vigilance today.


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