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Why Invite The Beast Of Terror
To Thanksgiving Dinner...

Cliff McKenzie

GROUND ZERO PLUS 1170 DAYS,--New York, NY, Thursday, November 25, 2004--Thankgiving. It is a time when Vigilance dominates Terrorism, a time when the world takes a deep breath and exhales thanks for the gifts of peace and prosperity.

Not all in this world believe in the Thanksgiving Americans celebrate, but all have their own forms of a day set aside to give thanks to the joys and prosperities of life.

Thanksgiving is a time when Vigilance dominates Terrorism
Thanksgiving is a time when Vigilance dominates Terrorism

It is a day when enemies and allies pause amidst the cacophony of hatred and bigotry, and, if only on the one side of the coin, there is an extra prayer delivered on that day of Thanksgiving that one day the "war" or "battle" or "conflict" will be over, and the land--scarred and raped by the ravages of war--will sprout green sprigs of new life and hope.

Not even the most evil of evil doers wants war and conflict to be continuous, for if it is, there is no respite, not time for the earth to heal, for the storehouses to fill once again with grain, for the factories to refit themselves and innovation to expand science and technology. There is no replenishment of population if war is constant, for with war comes pestilence and other infections that prematurely kill generations.

The most vicious of all Beasts of Terror, the most horrid of all whom have ever been or ever will be, can ill afford to pray for endless war, endless bloodshed, endless wounding and decimation of societies, cultures and progress itself.

The Beast of Terror is as much a businessman as any slave driver
The Beast of Terror is as much a businessman as any slave driver

The Beast of Terror is as much a businessman as any slave driver. A slave master who works his slaves to death knows that one day the supply of slaves will be gone and all work will be stopped. Therefore, he is, by the force of logic, required to treat his "slaves" with some kindness, some respect, for without their strengths and wills to work--even if spurred by the sting of the lash--no pyramids can be built, no monuments constructed, no factories polished, no new engineering designed to pave the way for the future monoliths to the tyrant and oppressor can be built if bombs and bullets are constantly flying, or, in olden times, spears and clubs.

The most vile Beast had to take a break sometime, for if he were to pick all the flesh off all the bones of all the dead, there would be no more bones for him to pick, no more beings for him to torment, twist, manipulate.

Therefore, the Beast of Terror has to welcome a Thanksgiving, of whatever ilk it may be. He has to want there to be "peace" and "prosperity" at some point in time for the sheer need to rejuvenate and replenish that which has been razed, obliterated, laid waste upon.

Mother Earth has its moments. In the Ice Age and other epochs of time, the earth wiped out what was and replaced it with something new, different, hopefully better.

Thanksgiving is a time for all of us to take a break
Thanksgiving is a time for all of us to take a break

Thanksgiving is a time for all of us to take a break, even the Beast of Terror. And, even though we might not think it possible, the Beast of Terror and we ultimately see common grounds. There must be a time for peace, prosperity and healing.

For the Beast, this is simply time to "fatten the cow" for its future slaughter, but regardless of the reason for the necessity of peace, the Beast recognizes its need.

For the Vigilant, those who are fully schooled and trained to fight the Beast of Terror in "good times" as well as "bad," know that when peace and prosperity come to individuals or societies, that there can be no loosening of the Vigilance necessary to guard against the Beast's intrusion.

As societies fatten themselves on the fruits and spoils of peace and prosperity, the Beast of Terror grows leaner, hungrier, more agile in sharpening his claws and fangs for his next attack. The Vigilant, the Soldiers and Sentinels of Vigilance, the Mothers and Fathers and Grandparents and Loved Ones of Vigilance, are well aware of the daily need to keep the Beast of Terror only an arm's length away, no matter how seductive it seems to shut down the defenses and assume that threats to the security and safety of the children have been buried forever.

When Complacency rises, Terrorism's barometer percolates
When Complacency rises, Terrorism's barometer percolates

It is when Complacency rises that Terrorism's barometer also percolates.

So, when we celebrate Thanksgiving, we need to set a plate at our table for the Beast of Terror. It is respectful of us to note his presence, no matter if we are at the peak of our prosperity or still licking our wounds of war.

The Beast will never go hungry for long, for there will be those individuals, communities, states, nations and global communities who will deny the Beast as a threat and turn their backs on him as though he were some anachronistic icon of past human defects.

Then, the Beast will spring alive, like a dry sponge shot full of water.

I you set a place for The Beast today, you will not forget his presence tomorrow
If you set a place for The Beast today, you will not forget his presence tomorrow

But if you set a place for the Beast today, you will not forget his presence tomorrow. And, as a result, you will not forget your duty as a Sentinel of Vigilance.

Here are some other reasons to have the Beast of Terror at Thanksgiving dinner:

1.) You know exactly where he's at...

2.) Your family can't deny he exists...

3.) He'll probably try and charm you into thinking he's harmless...

4.) You'll find he can't look you in the eye very long...

5.) Your kids won't be so afraid of him in the future...

(add any other reasons...)

P.S.--when you want the Beast to leave, just pull out your signed Pledges of Vigilance...



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