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63rd Pearl Harbor Sneak Attack Celebrated By Afghanistan President Taking Office
Cliff McKenzie

GROUND ZERO PLUS 1182 DAYS,--New York, NY, Tuesday, December 7, 2004--Sixty three years ago Japanese planes swept over Pearl Harbor dropping bombs and torpedoes in a sneak attack similar to the one on September 11, 2001.

Today is the sixty-third anniversary of the bombing of Pearl Harbor and.....

On this anniversary some six decades later, one of the tributes to both Pearl Harbor and the Nine Eleven sneak attacks was the swearing in today of Hamid Karzai, Afghanistan's first popularly elected president.

...the day Hamid Karzai was sworn in as Afghanistan's first popularly elected president

On hand to witness the historic installation of democracy in a nation formerly controlled by terrorists were Vice President Dick Cheney and Secretary of Defense Donald Rusmsfeld.

Not far away, the nation of Iraq is wrestling with setting its date for the first free election in the nation's history.

On May 3, 1947, following the surrender of Japan, the Japanese Constitution was put into effect. The Constitution provided freedom for the Japanese people and the end to a centuries of feudal dominance.

America's "revenge" if you wish to call "freedom" a form of retribution, is the liberation of the people we "conquer."

America's "revenge" AKA "freedom- retribution" is the liberation of the people we conquer

Unlike most nations throughout history who fight wars and force the surrender of the "enemy," America turns the lands they "conquer" back to the people who own it.

This would make Genghis Khan or Alexander gag. Instead of looting, raping and pillaging the nations, Americans provide the people with the wisdom and skills to rule themselves in a democracy, and hope they don't screw it up.

And, they do it over and over and over. Tens of thousands of American lives have been given for the rights of others to live freely, and despite all the political criticism of the world that America is an "imperialistic" nation seeking to impose its beliefs on others, it sustains the fundamental mission of returning the rights of self-government to the people of all nations.

While many nations "mouth" this principle, few aggressively support it with the lives of their people. The presence of America in Iraq is not that different from America's presence in France, Germany, Italy or any nation in Europe during World War I or II.

It isn't any different from the thousands of Americans who died in the Korean War to free South Korea from the grip of communism. Or, the failed attempt to protect the freedom of the South Vietnamese.

Pearl Harbor represents a historic moment in American history, but it is overshadowed by much of the clamor today over the role of America in the world of Terror Fighting.

Countless critics deny the attack on Nine Eleven provides a sanction for the U.S. to battle Terrorism in Afghanistan or Iraq

Few would disagree that Japan's attack on the U.S. military on December 7, 1941 was the spark justifying the war against Japan. But countless numbers of critics deny that the attack on the World Trade Center, the Pentagon and the thwarted attempt to blow up the White House on Nine Eleven provide a sanction for the U.S. to wipe out the heart of Terrorism in Afghanistan or Iraq.

There is some irony in all this. Terrorism today is not about a few people blowing up things, but rather a state of belief that a few people can threaten and oppress thousands and millions.

Saddam Hussein served as the Hitler of the Middle East, a man who vowed to impose his power of oppression and tyranny over all who were within his grasp. He killed thousands of his own people with lethal chemicals when they opposed him, and bandited billions of his people's funds in the "oil-for-food" program.

Billions of the Iraqi people's funds were bandited
(Kofi Annan U.N. Secretary-General above)

Yet, when America went after him to stop the danger of his expanding threats, the world roared "foul." Nations that America freed from the same tyranny and oppression that Saddam Hussein issued upon his people turned their backs on America.

But America is undaunted by its critics. It continues to be the singular nation standing up to the threats of nations such as North Korea and Iran--countries that would, unless checked, expand their ability to dominate and conquer any and all within the sight of their nation's sniper scopes.

So on this day, December 7, 2004, America's reaction to tyranny and oppression hasn't changed much in 63 years. We still stand up and fight the Bully Terrorist, even when the sidelines of nations that we once supported and freed turn their backs on us and claim we are the "tyranny and oppression."

If America were the "beast" its critics claim, the American Flag would have many more than fifty stars

It is hard to make such labels stick when Afghanistan elects a president in a popular vote, and when Iraq is about to effect its first free election in a new democratic state.

If America were the "beast" its critics claim it was, the American Flag would have many more than fifty stars.



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