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Vigilance Resolutions

GROUND ZERO PLUS 1209 DAYS,--New York, NY, Monday, January 3, 2005--A new year often brings about a thirst to promise one' s self certain goals and objectives such as losing weight, saving money, stopping smoking and a host of other "outside" issues.

One of the most overlooked resolutions is the Vigilance Resolution.

The Vigilance Resolution involves only three concerns: Fear, Intimidation, Complacency

Vigilance Resolutions are "inside jobs" that have little to do with how one looks but everything to do with how one acts.

Fortunately, the Vigilance Resolution is easy to apply.

It involves only three concerns--Fear, Intimidation and Complacency.

A Vigilance Resolution is one in which an individual looks into the mirror of his or her life and vows to make a positive change in attitude, outlook and actions. The following are the three Vows of Vigilance that comprise the 2005 Vigilance Resolutions:


                                             One Percent More Courage Than Fear:

"I vow to decrease my level of Fear by at least One Percent in situations where I feel unable or unworthy to challenge. To achieve this decrease, I promise to increase the opposite of Fear, Courage, by at least One Percent more than the level of Fear I face. This small degree of One Percent greater than the total amount of Fear will provide me the Courage to try, attempt, effect and face my Fear. Should I be unsuccessful the first time, I affirm a willingness to conjure another One Percent of Courage and to again face that particular Fear, or a new one, understanding that the attempt is the victory and that my willingness to face my Fear is the achievement of overcoming it. Further, I vow to pass this One Percent Vigilance of Courage over Fear to my children, relatives and loved ones so that they might be aware how to face any and all Fears that loom in their path during 2005."



                                One Percent More Conviction Than Intimidation:

"I vow to decrease my level of Intimidation by at least One Percent in situations where I feel less than, not as capable, not as equal to, not as gifted as, and other feelings of self depreciation where I assume the role of the victim or a doormat or consider myself in a rut trapped in a place where no matter what I do, say or think I can never escape. To accomplish this shift in the depreciation of my self worth in the eyes of others I promise to replace the feeling of Intimidation with one of Conviction that I am at least equal to all others, and that while others may have, own or be privy to things that I don't have, that being who I am and what I am has a profound reason and value that is equal to the same profound reasoning others have what they have. I affirm to achieve this Conviction One Percent at a time, increasing the power of belief in my value by increments of One Percent more than the power of self-depreciating thoughts that create a gravity within me, shoving me down and making me feel like a nail while the world around me seems to take the shape and force of a hammer. My Conviction is a stabilizing force to the Yoke of Intimidation that weighs about my soul's shoulders, often making me hang my head or feel alienated from rather cleaved to life and all its daily opportunities and daily joys. I further vow to pass on the children and loved ones the ability to overpower such feelings of Intimidation with the power of One Percent More Conviction that I am at least equal to all others in value, and that where ever or what ever I am doing has a value of equal proportion to any and all other human beings that I may not recognize or understand at that moment.


                             One Percent More Right Action Than Complacency

"I vow to decrease the level of my Complacency by at least One Percent in situations where I feel impotent to make an impact or I disavow participating because others more capable are in charge. I especially affirm to alter the Complacency within myself to change. I realize that the greatest of all infectious diseases is when I give up on changing my outlook or views on life, and allow old ideas and beliefs to cement themselves around my inner self, barricading me from looking at the world from all angles, through various prisms, so that I can evaluate and respect another's viewpoint rather than discard and disgrace it or my own in the absence of sound, fair, honest investigation. I especially promise to stop and consider the dangers of feeling powerless over certain events and situations both inside myself and outside, since the numbing effect of feeling powerless is often an intoxication designed to render me inert to taking certain actions that will have value to myself and others. To overpower these feelings of Complacency, I vow to think through each such situation in light of how my actions will benefit not myself, but the children, and their Children's Children's Children. I vow to take the time to find at least One Percent more reasons to take actions than not, and then to take those actions, One Percent At A Time, that provide selfless benefits to future generations.

You cannot fail if you make at least One Percent of an attempt


Good luck on you 2005 Vigilance Resolutions.

Remember, you cannot fail to achieve them if you make at least One Percent of an attempt to have them realized. In everything, it is the effort to change that is the victory, it is the journey not the destination that makes life vibrant. And, it is serving future generations that makes all the things we do in our small and seemingly meager lives worth countless riches to those who follow the path we help make a little safer from the Beast of Terror's Triads of Terrorism--Fear, Intimidation and Complacency.



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