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GROUND ZERO PLUS 1226 DAYS,--New York, NY, Thursday, January 20, 2005--Fans of U.S. President George W. Bush will be heralding him this morning as the first "Global Sentinel of Vigilance."

His detractors will continue to label him a Beast of Terror.

Fans of President Bush will be heralding him as the first "Global Sentinal of Vigilance"

President Bush will take the 55th Presidential Oath to legally anoint him as both the Chief Executive Officer in charge of the economic viability of America's prosperity, and America's Commander-in-Chief of all armed forces--the single individual who can, by the nod of his head, engage the United States in "acts of war" against individuals and nations.

His detractors will continue to label him a Beast of Terror

In March of 2004, the United States launched a major "war" against one individual-Saddam Hussein. We may have captured the "Head Of The Beast," but his many arms and legs still flail wildly, seeking to prove that there is no ultimate victory against Terrorism.

America's population of nearly 300 million represents less than six percent of the world's 6.4 billion human beings, yet when it comes to battling the Beast of Terror, America assumes a huge percentage of the burden--well over 90 percent. America's largest ally in Iraq, Britain, has 8,500 troops in Iraq compared with nearly 140,000 U.S. troops, a ratio of 6 percent to 94 percent.

In fairness to Great Britain, its population at 60 million is five times less than the United States. On a per capita troop basis, England represents 30 percent of all the troops in Iraq.

England's Prime Minister, Tony Blair, stood in the face of national and global criticism in support of the United States fighting the Beast of Terror

England's Prime Minister, Tony Blair, stood in the face of national criticism in support of the United States' engagement with the Beast of Terror in Iraq.

In synchronization with President Bush, Mr. Blair has both strong supporters and rabid antagonists regarding British involvement in Iraq. Taking on an "enemy" without a "clear and present" danger flies in the face of most nations' foreign policy platforms. Only when there is a gun pointed to the head of a nation does it feel justified to roll out its war machinery and spill its warriors' blood.

Originally, the Weapons of Mass Destruction threat was a sufficient "gun to the head" allowing the United States, Great Britain and other smaller allies to storm into Iraq and depose Saddam Hussein. When it was found that faulty intelligence misled the leaders, the legitimacy of the invasion and "right to go to war" was put in dire question by those in opposition to America's or Britain's unilateral action against Iraq.

As major European nations such as France, Germany and Russia sat on the sidelines, American and British blood--blended with a handful of allies--soaked into Iraqi soil. So far, more than 1,300 American lives have been given toward the freedom of Iraq's 25 million current citizens.

The number of British deaths parallels its troop size. Some 76 British members of the armed forces have been killed in Iraq, representing 5.5 percent of the total U.S. troop deaths. But, on per capita population basis, English deaths amount to thirty percent.

America isn't the only Global Sentinel of Vigilance willing to stand up to Terrorism. A nation one-fifth our size is standing beside us. On a quid pro quo basis, England's 8,500 troops would be 42,500 if it were as large as the U.S. and sent troops in the same percentage as it has with its current population, and, the number of British deaths of 76 would expand to 380 of the current 1370 U.S. count.

This morning, for the 55th time in U.S. history, a man will place his hand on a Bible and swear allegiance to the Constitution of the United States. The Constitution of any nation is simply a vow to do what is right for the future of the children's children's children safety, security and prosperity.

Those who see George W. Bush as a man violating the Constituion may not see the looming presence of Terrorism

Those who see George W. Bush as a thorn in democracy's side, as a man violating the Constitution by engaging America in wars based on executive rather than congressional concurrence, may myopically not see the looming presence of Terrorism on our horizon.

The launch of the new millennium, which some claim didn't come into being until January 2001, brought with it a new kind of enemy--the "enemy within" versus the former "enemy without."

In "olden days" the largest threat to America's security, or to any nation's for that matter, was the violent act of another nation seeking to enslave and assimilate its people under belief systems at odds with its conqueror. And while that potential exists today (North Korea, Iran) and will always when any nation amasses power and a thirst to expand its borders, the more nefarious nemesis to any world leader is the handful of Terrorists who, for a wide range of reasons both rational and irrational, can endanger an entire society with their individual madness.

Iraq is but a pimple on a mountain of what is yet to come

The "Terror Wars" have just begun, and Iraq is only a pimple on a mountain of what is yet to come.

Before power was centralized in modern governments as it is today in some 200 nations around the world, factions ruled the world. Small warlords commanded patches of land and property, similar in size to counties. One might liken the American Indian tribes to such a system.

China was ruled by warlords before surrendering to an "empire." The principle of knights in Medieval times was that lords virtually owned their property and were a constant threat to the king that they might rise up and depose him.

Terrorism in the 21st Century is a historic retrofit to the days of anarchy when there was no "United Nations" or "International Crimes Commission" or systems and structures to tame the "Beast of Terror" in charge of a plot of ground for as long as his sword was able to protect it.

Great power has gone to the few today because civilization has learned to enjoy itself. The idea of living in relative safety and security has swept over most of the industrialized nations and the thirst to enjoy that serenity teases the appetite. Going to and from work without worrying if you'll be the target of a sniper or a suicide bomber, or that you'll be kidnapped and decapitated on world television, has soaked into the marrow of most Americans and Europeans, and many Asians.

Suddenly a few can make millions cower

Suddenly, the few can force millions to cower. A single cell of Terrorists with a "dirty bomb" or some biological weapon that can upset the health and welfare of tens of thousands is about equal in Fear, Intimidation and Complacency (powerlessness) to the threat of a nuclear missile being launched by some rogue enemy nation.

Unfortunately, it is far too logical and plausible for the Act of Terrorism to be considered real than the nuclear missile, for while one act would create a reaction, the other doesn't.

If America comes under Terrorist attack, the best it can do in retaliation is to look under every rock, into every cave and spider hole, in hopes the "enemy" will be found hiding therein.

President Bush didn't attack Iraq. He attacked the "symbolic head of Terrorism."

Most terrorists prior to the Iraq War thought that any act they might perform would not be met with the massive effort we've seen in Iraq.

Our actions in that nation are not just to free the Iraqi people, but to prove to Terrorism in all its shapes and forms of our commitment to use all our power to eradicate it, one Terrorist at a time if necessary.

America has assumed the role of the Sentinel of Vigilance in the world

We have assumed the role of the Sentinel of Vigilance. This is a quite different role than anyone in the world has ever taken on, because the world has never been configured as it is today. Prior to the 21st Century, there was not a global community so interwoven with interdependence and enjoy such high standards of living that a threat to that way of life would cause its entire population to run to a corner and hide in hopes the "shadow of Fear, Intimidation and Complacency" would pass over them without leaving a scar.

Neither were there such powerful "individual" weapons that, in the hands of a small few, could put great chunks of humanity at risk.

In other words, the evolution of society has created the Bully Terrorist, has whetted his appetite to prove to the "big guys" that their desire to maintain the "status quo" is their greatest vulnerability. Fearful of disrupting the "safety" of their societies they will do what Russia, Germany, France and countless other nations did regarding Iraq--sit back and watch and hope that by feeding the alligator it will eat you last.

America and England, however, stood up to the Beast of Terrorism.

Around the world, each current and future Terrorist knows at least two nations--both incredibly powerful--will hunt them to the ends of the earth should they attack.

For that reason, the blind who see President Bush as some power-hungry cowboy willing to put America at risk over an egotistical desire to show his teeth and revenge his father while feeding his oil-sucking friends, will continue to be blind to the most obvious of all truths.

That truth, or at least one of them, is that today we will be given our 55th President of the United States. Unlike the previous 54, this one will be the first President of Vigilance.

"Hail To The Chief" will change to "All Hail The Sentinel of Vigilance"

He will usher in the Era of Vigilance.

And, it will not be for the reasons the blind think. He will fight the Bully Terrorist for one reason, to protect the future for the Children's, Children's Children.

We won't say: "All Hail The Chief," anymore.

The new cry will be: "All Hail The Sentinel of Vigilance."



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