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GROUND ZERO PLUS 1245 DAY--New York, NY, Saturday, February 5, 2005--Who would think a pack of wolves roaming in Montana, Idaho and Wyoming in 2005 personifies the same battle Americans fought when they launched the Boston Tea Party on December 16, 1773 to refuse domination by Britain over their individual rights?

The same battle Americans fought launching the Boston Tea Party in 1773...

This issue of "people's rights" over "wolves rights" is the core of the ancient battle between government and individuals.

The scene of the modern "Boston Tea Party" centers in Yellowstone National Park.

In 1995, fourteen gray wolves were reintroduced into the park. They were shipped to the famous park from Canada as part of a wildlife conservation program attempting to keep the wolf from extinction.

...is being personified today by a pack of wolves in Montana and Wyoming

For decades, Yellowstone had been free of the wolves. Local farmers in the adjoining states of Wyoming, Idaho and Montana where Yellowstone Park resides, didn't have to worry about their cattle or sheep or other livestock being "poached" by the marauding wolves.

The Endangered Species Act passed by Congress cast a federal veil of protection over the implanted wolves. Stiff fines and prison sentences awaited anyone who shot a wolf unless the wolf "had its fangs" in livestock.

Since the wolves insertion into Yellowstone in 1995, their numbers have soared to more than 800 putting the wolf on the cusp of being "non-extinct."

To remove the federal government from controlling the "wolf population" and thus imposing its "black hand" on state's rights, Montana, Idaho and Wyoming have been urged to develop their own "wolf management" plans so the U.S. government could extricate its control over state's rights.

Montana and Idaho polled governmental resources and got their state plans approved by the U.S. Wildlife Service. Wyoming took a more "American" position.

Montana and Wyoming got their state plans approved by the U.S. Wildlif Service

It refused to recognize the U.S. government's right to dictate what is good or not good for a state--at least, in regards to the wolves. As far as Wyoming is concerned, "the only good wolf is a dead one."

Wyoming residents claim that being "anti-wolf" and "anti-government" is like bread is butter or salsa to chips.

Wyoming struck back with a lawsuit, contesting the right of the U.S. government to lord over the states in the issue of wolf management. Their biggest argument is that the wolves were not "nurtured" back into security and safety such as the bald eagle, but rather "forced upon" the states by implanting them.

Wolf tag-collars put on in West Yellowstone

"It's like flying in citizens from Iran or Iraq and the U.S. government forcing the states to accept them a citizens of Wyoming with all the benefits due to a citizen. That's the black hand of government," said one farmer.

In a world of Terrorism, America's stated objective is to "free" the oppressed from the "tyranny and oppression" of regimes that "lord over" their freedom.

Wyoming looks at the U.S. government's wolf-role as that of a Federal Terrorist. "The U.S. has a gun to Wyoming's head and is forcing us to swallow a dictatorial ruling that does not benefit the citizens of this state," said one legislator. "We are making our stand. The wolf just happens to be in the middle of the political storm."

In Wyoming, all wolves are Osama bin Laden

Conservationists rally for the continued protection of the wolf while farmers whose livestock is constantly plundered by the growing packs of wolves see government eating the viscera out of their rights to protect their homes and land.

"We are simply acting as Homeland Security would if a pack of Terrorists was trying to hunt down and kill the people we loved. A wolf around sheep or cattle has one thing on its mind--kill and eat. We see our job as a matter of self-defense. The U.S. government has no role in telling us we have to stand by and let our livelihoods be threatened by wolf Terrorists," noted one Wyoming farmer.

So it goes in today's battle with Terrorism. There are those on both sides rooting for the victory of the other. Radical Islamics cheer the bombing of the World Trade Center and leap with joy as a bomb kills Americans, while on the other side of the coin each time a Terrorist is removed from threatening others, there are those who claim the world is just a little safer for all the children. In Wyoming, all wolves are Osama bin Laden.

And, the U.S. government has its own Saddam Husseins running it, trying to strangle state's rights.

Are the citizens of Wyoming Sentinels of State's Rights Vigilance? Or, are they Wolf Terrorists?

It all depends on whose sheep or cattle are being eaten, doesn't it?

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