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The Emotional Terrorism Of Social Security

GROUND ZERO PLUS 1261 DAY--New York, NY, Tuesday, February 22, 2005--Terrorism takes many nefarious forms. One of the most insidious of all is the threat that average Americans will or cannot properly manage their future financial security.

Part of the proposal for revamping Social Security is to turn the management of retirement funds over to the individuals who earn the money rather than have the government control deductions and dole out what many consider to be "meager" returns on the investment in the "golden years."

Opponents of such a plan promote that the average American can't rub two nickels together without losing or spending one of them, and, as a result, will stick their greedy fingers into their retirement cookie jar long before they should, robbing it of its power to cushion them financially when they need it the most.

Ultimately, a society of financially crippled elders who mismanaged their self-ruled retirement funds will create an even worse burden on the young people who, because of the moral fiber of a nation, will be required by a duty greater than the law, to help their failing grandparents, uncles, aunts and others who let the termites of Financial Terrorism shoot holes in their financial flack jackets.

Credit cards can be a prime example of Financial Terrorism

It's not an easy question to answer on many levels. Credit cards are one prime example. In North America, there are 1.2 billion credit and retail cards stuffed in the pockets of citizens who seek to purchase on time what they can't afford in cash.

The average American carries $8,550 in debt, and some 1.3 million file for bankruptcy each year, according to the American Consumer Credit Counseling group. The average credit card interest rate is 18.9%.

Boiled down, the average American can't save. In a startling report by Merrill Lynch about the wealth of the American Family conducted in 1995, after all assets and liabilities were added and subtracted, the net value of the average family was $1,000.

In a world of Terrorism, we think of some insurgent wearing a ski mask and shoving the barrel of a submachine gun in our face, forcing us to kneel as a sword is held over our heads threatening to decapitate us if we don't surrender to the will of our captives.

But financial debt is of the same ilk. The difference is that its terror is self-imposed. Through the Terrorism of "Financial Complacency" we ignore the Laws of Financial Vigilance and let the Termites of Poverty gnaw away at anything we earn as though we were invincible to the rags of the disenfranchised who have no funds, or so little, that society must fund the safety nets to keep the lower ledges of humanity from falling into recycling bins.

Financial debt can be like a Terrorist with a gun to our heads

There is much fear about the elimination of Social Security because the idea that the average American will abuse his or her earnings has incredible evidence of fact that it will happen. Odds are that when someone needs money for some reason, the private savings for "retirement" will become the eggs of the Golden Goose and that sticky fingers will grope into the nest and crush any hopes of even limited financial comfort in the future.

This is where Financial Vigilance needs to enter into the equation, and not just under the guidance of the adults.

A Family Financial Vigilance Plan needs to be set into place in all the 100 million homes in this nation, and a Pledge of Family Financial Vigilance needs to be taken with same passion as the General Pledge of Vigilance that seeks to protect our Emotional Security.

All members of the family--the youngest of children to the oldest--depend on some sense of financial balance for there to be maximum harmony in the home. That means all members of the household need to respect money and especially individual savings as well as the collective family savings programs.

In most businesses, two signatures are required on checks of a certain size, and, in case of major withdrawals, a committee usually approves such expenditures. It is reasonable for a Vigilant Family to establish certain ground rules on what is Family Savings and how it should be treated.

A Vigilant Family should establish ground rules for its security

If there comes into question a desire to reach into that savings pouch and extract funds, then the family should all be part of that decision in some manner established so that the children and parents are on equal voting footing, and, that the use of such funds be considered not only as to the impact of the present, but the indirect impact on the future of the children--i.e. their security.

Social Security is really a misnomer. It is Vigilant Security. In the past, we have allowed government to manage the financial cushion for society. That is no longer possible. The shift in managing one's income is now the duty of the family, not just the "head of household," for the entire family is affected by any decision involving the "security of the clan."

Therefore, it is our suggestion that each member of the family subscribe to the Financial Pledge of Vigilance. Here is a sample. Each family can draft their own, or use the one below as a guideline:


Click here for printable version for Financial Pledge Of Vigilance


We pledge to be aware of the Beast of Financial Terror who seeks to gnaw away at our financial security and do his best to make us slaves to debt so we live in a state of constant Fear, Intimidation and Complacency over our financial affairs.

To counter the Beast of Financial Terror, we vow to design and adhere to certain Principles of Financial Vigilance that will give us the Courage to overcome Financial Fear, the Conviction to stick to our Family Financial Vigilance Plan in the face of Financial Intimidation to spend our reserves, and to muster the Right Actions that benefit our Children's Children's Children to sustain our Financial Vigilance when the virus of Financial Complacency seeks to render us powerless and to cause leaks or drains or simply the abuse of our Financial Vigilance.

One of the ways we can achieve a Financial Vigilance Plan is to launch a Vigilance Savings Plan that seeks to increase our assets by at least One Percent of the amount we spend until we reach a minimum of saving Ten Percent of what we earn. We vow to try always to "Pay Ourselves First" by putting Ten Percent of what we earn immediately into some safe and secure Family Vigilance Savings Plan, and learning to live on the Ninety-Percent that is left.

Further, we agree to dedicate the funds of that Ten Percent Vigilance Savings to those areas of Family Security that benefit us all in respective ways, and that we will discuss and agree on any expenditures so that as a family we have unanimity regarding our Financial Security and the Vigilance necessary to assure it.

Signed By Financially Vigilant Family Members This Date: ________________

Loved One:____________________________________________
Grandparents: _________________________________________


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