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by Cliff McKenzie, editor, vigilancevoice.com


GROUND ZERO PLUS 1273 DAY--New York, NY, Tuesday, March 8, 2005-China's Beast of Political Terror is waking once more. This time it is growling at the idea its children have a right to leave the "nest," and, threatens to "kill them" if they do.

Political Vigilance can often twist itself into Political Tyranny backed by the forces of Terrorism. In the case of Chinese-Taiwan relations, Political Terrorism seems to have taken the upper hand.

China's political beast is like an angry parent reprimanding a feisty child (Taiwan)

In a statement released from Bejing, China's capital, the nations' leaders introduced a bill into its legislature pre-authorizing military action if Taiwan takes concrete steps toward formal independence.

Such action is not unlike a parent threatening to maim a child upon the age of maturity if the child threatens to leave the family and marry. Independence is a dirty word to China, one worth threatening war over.

Currently, Taiwan's official name is the Republic of China. Seeking independence from China formally, Taiwanese are proposing full independence and changing the legal name and status of the nation from its existing binding with China to a free and independent state called Taiwan.

Under the proposed legislation, the military would have the right to exercise "nonpeaceful means" to force Taiwan to remain within the Chinese nest. Essentially, the legislation pre-authorizes "war" to keep Taiwan a family member.

It is ironic in a way that the difference between the Chinese and American policies aren't too different. The war in Iraq was "pre-authorized" by Executive Order. Back when official "wars" were launched, Congress had to approve them. Since the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution that thrust America into the Vietnam War, the authorization to engage in military actions has become less a matter of legislation and more a matter of the whim of the President.

Some claim America preemptively attacked Iraq without the consent of the people as embodied in Congress and legislature. In today's world, there is an increasing thirst for leaders to subvert the idea of seeking approval for conflict and going directly to it. It follows an old principle that it is better to ask forgiveness than to seek permission.

Some claim America preemptively attacked Iraq without the consent of its people

Of course, there are incredible risks when the power of war is placed in the hands of the few, especially when all wars impact the lives of the many. Such risk means that those who control the weapons of war are akin to the same thinking and principles as those who will suffer once it is launched.

This is, however, rarely the case.

Few people are armed with geopolitical knowledge, and even fewer are concerned about the happenings of events far from their shores when they are struggling simply to pay the bills and keep tabs on the whereabouts of their own children and the course of their own lives.

This puts the idea of Political Terrorism at the top of the "let's do it" heap because few voices of the masses will rise above the din of the politicians in time to head off pre-emptive military actions such as America has witnessed following Vietnam.

Thus, it shouldn't be a surprise that the Chinese have taken a page from the Western World's leading military and economic power. When American states tried to secede from the union, a major war was launched. The American Civil War was not unlike what is happening between Taiwan and China.

Another example is Civil Rights. Southern states that defied national mandates put their franchises at risk. In response, federal troops marched in with weapons to force the states to surrender their "independence" no matter how "unethical" it was.

The Civil Rights battle was not unlike what is happening between Taiwan and China

Northern and Southern California have been at battle for years over splitting the state into two halves since the northern half of the 35 million-population state believes it pays far too much to support the southern half.

In the microcosm of the family, the same events occur.

A child who defies his or her parents: "I'm not doing that. You're not in charge of me! I'm going to run away!" is simply saying what Taiwan is saying: "Independence!"

The parents of the child, however, have a different view. "You do what you're told or else!"

China's pre-authorized right to use force against Taiwan can be likened to the parental belief that no one needs to be consulted to force a child to kowtow to the rules of the family.

Even after the legal franchise age of 18, and, in some cases even younger if a child can seek a court's approval for "emancipation" from parental control, parents seek to use draconian methods to force children to keep within the family fold.

Religious beliefs often dictate that a person would be a "traitor" if he or she married outside the "religion." Similarly, some families believe that mixed marriages violate some sovereignty of the family and use all types of effort to insure this doesn't happen.

As Parents of Vigilance, the key to not facing the confrontation of "solemnity " between a child and parents is that both sides have common mutual beneficial goals that make unity profitable for all. This means that parents need to communicate with children at deep personal and emotional levels at the earliest possible states of development so that a child wants to cleave rather than separate from the family unit.

To achieve this the family members need to be thinking not in selfish terms about their own particular wants and needs, but thrust themselves into the future and make decisions about what is right for future generations--the Children's Children's Children.

By thinking and acting today with one's children in behalf of future generations, the greed, selfishness and thirst to have it "my way" often melts in favor of what is right for the grandchildren and great grandchildren. When one looks into the future and makes decisions about the safety and security of family members a hundred years from now--three generations fold--a different set of decision factors appear.

In a family it is never to late (or to early to understand) communication is necessary

That's why adhering to the Principles of Vigilance today will stave off the conflicts with children in the future. If both parent and child are working toward the future of the child's children, and their children, and decisions are being made from that vista, odds are that a child will want to stay with the family unit that is looking out for his or her best interests rather than defy those suggestions and strike out alone.

Most children who defy parents subscribe to the belief: "My parents don't understand me." By using the Principles of Vigilance as spelled out in the Pledge of Vigilance below, children learn to see that understanding is about communication. A child who thinks his or her parents do not understand, simply are saying that he or she believes the parents do not communicate, for if they did, they would understand.

Right now, China is forcing Taiwan to "understand."

Odds are, war not peace will ensue.

In a family, it is never too late to start to understand.

Vigilance is about that.

Start today. Take the Pledge of Vigilance and avert future conflict.

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